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Subject Source: Unspecified ingested source

Found in 100 Collections and/or Records:

Records of Fernside, 1878-1998

Collection Identifier: MC 673

These records document the activities, events, and management of Fernside, a vacation house in Princeton, Massachusetts, which provided affordable summer holidays for working women from Boston between 1890 and 1989. Included are correspondence, brochures, games and other entertainments, financial records, photographs, and clippings.

Records of the Fishermen's Wives of Gloucester, 1950-2009 (inclusive), 1977-2004 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 595, CD-51, T-359, VT-165

Records of the Fishermen's Wives of Gloucester (Association), activists for the New England fishing industry, fishermen, and their families.

Cookbooks of the Rice family, 1890-1932

Collection Identifier: MC 1009

Handwritten cookbooks compiled by Sarah L. Rice Hawes and her sister, Emma J. Rice of Barre, Massachusetts.

Papers of Jean Wade Rindlaub, ca.1848-1991 (inclusive), 1930-1981 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 693; T-398; DVD-80

Speeches, articles, market research, recipes, writings, proofs, and published advertisements created by Jean Wade Rindlaub, pioneering woman copywriter and advertising executive who specialized in selling products to women consumers.

Recipe book of Josephine Rose Lee Saltonstall, 1871-1918

Collection Identifier: A/S1789

Handwritten recipe book of Josephine Rose Lee Saltonstall, with some items added by her daughter and others.

Recipe collection of Olga Gruenberger Schiffer, 1935?-1983

Collection Identifier: MC 1012

Manuscript cookbook and collected recipes of Olga Gruenberger Schiffer, co-founder of the Window Shop and manager of the Window Shop restaurant.

Recipe collection of Marion King Schlefer, 1793-1826

Collection Identifier: A/S339

Food and medicinal recipes from the Clarkson-Masters-King family collected by Marion King Schlefer.

Cookbooks of Denise Khaitman Schorr, 1945-1971

Collection Identifier: MC 1014

Denise Khaitman Schorr's manuscript cookbooks and collected recipes.

Cookbook of Godie C. Servies, undated

Collection Identifier: A/S4916

Cookbook of Godie C. Servies, containing recipes for cakes, pies, cookies, candy, fudge, and pickles.

Papers of Hannah Lindsey Sharp, 1864-1874

Collection Identifier: A/S5318

Arithmetic lesson book, recipes, home remedies, and correspondence of Hannah Lindsey Sharp, a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Cookbook by Winifred Stenholm, 1937-1966

Collection Identifier: MC 1008

Cookbook compiled by Winnie Stenholm containing handwritten recipes, typed recipes, and recipes clipped from newspapers and magazines.

Papers of Pin Pin T'an, 1937-2020 (inclusive), 1940-1990 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 1052; T-582

Memoirs, recipes, correspondence, and naturalization papers of Pin Pin T'an, a Chinese woman who came to the United States in the 1930s.

Cookbook of Alice Townsend, 1826

Collection Identifier: A/T7476

Handwritten cookbook of Alice Townsend, containing recipes, housekeeping advice, and home remedies.

Cookbook of Helen Simpson Truex, 1893

Collection Identifier: A/T8661

Manuscript cookbook kept by Helen Simpson Truex, who lived in Freehold, New Jersey.

Papers of Minnie Stimpson Turner, 1882-1936

Collection Identifier: MC 1006

Recipe books, diaries, and other papers of cooking instructor and Boston School of Cookery co-founder, Minnie Stimpson Turner.

Papers of Elizabeth W. (Elizabeth Woodward) Tyler, ca.1846-2019 (inclusive), 1932-1945 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 965

Artwork (including drawings, paper dolls, watercolors, and silhouettes), diaries, scrapbook, correspondence, genealogical material (including family trees and photographs of ancestors), photographs, and electronic records of interior decorator Elizabeth Woodward Tyler.

Recipe book of the Viaux family, 1814-1850

Collection Identifier: A/V623

Recipe book of the Viaux family, containing recipes for various foods and medicines.

Recipe book of Mrs. E.B. Ward, 1861

Collection Identifier: A/W2572

Handwritten cookbook of Mrs. E.B. Ward of Maryland.

Cookbook of Mary Ishimoto Watanabe, 1979-1994

Collection Identifier: A/W324

Handwritten cookbook containing recipes and notes by Mary Ishimoto Watanabe. Cookbook includes mostly recipes for American food and some for Japanese food; recipes clipped from newspapers and magazines; and recipes provided by food manufacturers.

Cookbook of Sarah L. Weld, 1835-1870

Collection Identifier: A/W4446

Handwritten cookbook kept by Sarah L. Weld of Cambridge, Massachusetts, containing recipes and housekeeping advice.

Cookbook of Albertena Christie Westervelt, 1940, undated

Collection Identifier: A/W5275

Cookbook created by Albertena Christie Westervelt.

Notebooks of Gertrude Buckingham Whittemore, 1900, undated

Collection Identifier: A/W624

Notebooks from housekeeping courses taken by Gertrude Buckingham Whittemore.

Cookbook of William B. Wiggins, undated

Collection Identifier: A/W6559

Book of receipts collected by William B. Wiggins.

Papers of Lucy Kathleen Brown Wigham, 1890-1923

Collection Identifier: MC 1013

Cookbook of Lucy Kathleen Brown Wigham and correspondence between Wigham and her husband, John Cuthbert Wigham.

Cookbook of Peggy Woods, undated

Collection Identifier: A/W8967

Collection consists of a cookbook, perhaps compiled by Peggy Woods, containing recipes clipped from newspapers as well as some handwritten recipes.