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COLLECTIONS: 1 - 10 of 6948

1090 Centre Street records

Collection Identifier: I D-3 .1090 Centre S

1934 Art and Industry Exhibition photograph collection

Collection Identifier: Vis:767 1934 A784
Overview: The 1934 Art and Industry Exhibition photograph collection contains photographs that were on display in New York City and Chicago in an exhibition sponsored by the National Alliance of Art and Industry.

A. Boycott drawings of interiors of London theaters,

Collection Identifier: MS Thr 434
Overview: A collection of drawings of the interiors of nineteenth-century London theaters.

A. C. Wheeler letters from others,

Collection Identifier: MS Thr 950
Overview: Approximately 150 letters to A.C. Wheeler, a theater critic for the New York World, who wrote under the name Nym Crinkle.

A. E. Coppard compositions,

Collection Identifier: MS Eng 1204, MS Eng 1204.1, MS Eng 1204.2
Overview: Autograph manuscripts of Craven arms, The quiet woman, and The wife of Ted Wickham by English author Alfred Edgar Coppard.

A. E. Housman letters to Witter Bynner,

Collection Identifier: MS Eng 1071
Overview: Letters from English poet A. E. Housman to American poet and translator Witter Bynner concerning their various publications.

A. James (Andrew James) Casner papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601624
Overview: Correspondence, notes, memoranda, and printed matter relating to Casner's activities in various professional organizations.

A. Lawrence Lowell papers concerning the Sacco and Vanzetti case,

Collection Identifier: MS Am 2383
Overview: Papers collected by Harvard University president A. Lawrence Lowell as a member of the 1927 advisory committee (the "Lowell Commission") for Massachusetts governor Alvan T. Fuller's clemency review of the sentences of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti.

A. Lawrence Lowell papers for the Commission on Second-Class Mail Matter,

Collection Identifier: MS Am 2940
Overview: Papers assembled by Harvard President A. Lawrence Lowell in his capacity as a member on the Commission on Second-Class Mail Matter.

A. Lincoln Filene papers

Collection Identifier: Mss:776 1921-1925 F481
Scope and Contents: Papers relating to certain non-business interests of Filene. Included are some materials on industrial relations and papers of the National Committee for a Department of Education, of which Filene was chairman.