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Adela Breton correspondence

Collection Identifier: 976-63

This collection consists of correspondence written by Adela C. Breton, British subject, to Ella Lewis of Philadelphia during the first World War as she traveled about America, Canada, Britain, and finally the West Indies and South America.

Alexander Marshack papers

Collection Identifier: 2005.16.1

The Alexander Marshack Papers include correspondence, notes and publications written by Alexander Marshack during his career of researching Paleolithic peoples.

Alfred Marston Tozzer collection of negatives

Collection Identifier: 2004.24 (G)

This collection consists of glass plate and nitrate negatives of photographs taken by Alfred M. Tozzer during a Peabody Museum-sponsored ethnographic and linguistic expedition to the Yucatan to study the Lacandon Indians. It also includes the exploration of Tikal, Holmul, and Nakum in Guatemala for mapping purposes. The photographs capture indigenous people, artifacts, architecture, and landscapes.

Alfred Marston Tozzer papers

Collection Identifier: 997-5
Scope and Contents: The Alfred Marston Tozzer papers are organized into three major records groups: A. the Professional papers, B. Personal papers, and C. Margaret Castle Tozzer papers. The material reveals the close connections between Alfred Marston Tozzer’s personal and professional lives and documents his extensive contacts in the academic community and the Boston society in which he lived. Margaret's papers document both her husband's professional work and her family's contributions to Boston's art and...

Alfred Marston Tozzer professional papers and research notes

Collection Identifier: 41-10

The Tozzer Papers pertain to Alfred Tozzer's professional life and include correspondence, writings, notes and periodical clippings used for Tozzer's research, Tozzer's Harvard University anthropology examination papers, and bound notebooks of Tozzer's handwritten notes.

Augustus Ledyard Smith field notes and diaries

Collection Identifier: 2007.15

This collection consists of A. Ledyard Smith's personal and official field notes and diaries, most of which are related to his work at Uaxactun in Guatemala from ca. 1927 to 1937. Also included are Smith's diaries from the Motagua Valley Project (1940) and Guatemala Highlands Project (1945).

Awatovi Expedition records

Collection Identifier: 995-11, 35-126, 36-131, 38-120,39-97

The collection documents the Peabody Museum Expedition to Awatovi (northeastern Arizona) from 1935-39, and includes historical material, financial records, field notes, diaries, photographs, drawings, correspondence, and field and artifact cards.

Biostatistics Lab data and correspondence

Collection Identifier: 2017.1.36

Bradley Phillips papers

Collection Identifier: 974-17
Scope and Contents:

The Bradley H. Phillips papers consist of one manuscript notebook and two photo albums. The notes represent both the documentary ("Ancient Hawai'i)and experiential research ("Modern Hawai'i)"Phillips undertook during his trip.

Carl E. Guthe papers

Collection Identifier: 977-61

The records pertain to Guthe's work on the Maya lunar count and also include one card file dating from 1932, of addresses of individuals interested in American archaeology and ethnology.

Carnegie Institution of Washington (CIW) Department of Archaeology records

Collection Identifier: 58-34-65-18-973-23-985-20
Scope and Contents:

The Records contain field records: notes, journals and diaries, maps, plans, elevations, drawings, specimen catalogues; and, subsequent analyses including manuscripts, charts, and site reconstructions.

Caroline Bond Day papers

Collection Identifier: 993-21;994-22
Overview: The papers reflect Caroline Bond Day's interest in sociological and anthropological research of cross-cultural families, culminating in her publication, A study of some Negro-white families in the United States. The papers contain significant information relating to family life, housing, occupations, salaries, religious affiliations, education, special interests, and political activities. The...

C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky Tepe Yahya expedition records

Collection Identifier: 2015.6
Scope and Contents: The Tepe Yahya expedition papers largely consist of field records and publication materials from C. C. Lamberg-Karlovsky’s excavations in Tepe Yahya in Southeastern Iran. The expedition took place between 1968 and 1975, although the papers include additional materials from both before and after the excavations. He and his team recorded all items found on small finds cards, including drawings. He also...

Central American Expedition records

Collection Identifier: 92-49; 93-27; 95-42; 00-36; 01-40; 2022.1.3

This record set consists of documentation of some of the earliest Peabody Museum expeditions to Central America and includes administrative papers, correspondence, financial data, manuscripts, reports, ephemera, photographs, memoranda and field notes.

Central European Expedition records

Collection Identifier: 34-93

The records contain lists of excavation sites and materials, field reports, photographs, catalogues, correspondence and inventories pertaining to the joint Harvard University Peabody Museum and University of Pennsylvania excavations in central Europe during 1929-1931.

Champollion, Andre Chéronnet Collection

Collection Identifier: 998-17, PA-IN60-62-1, 60-62-2, 31-53
Scope and Contents: The archival records in this accession consist of two artist notebooks, one journal from a trip Champollion made around the world in 1904, one sketch book, and one folder of loose notes. The notebooks and sketchbook appear to relate to the same trip detailed in the journal. The journal is the second volume, and outlines Champollion's travels through Japan, China,...

Charles P. Bowditch papers

Collection Identifier: 41-7; 2001.7

The Bowditch Papers contain administrative and field correspondence and site notes, the bulk of which relate to the Peabody Museum Central American Expeditions.

Charles Wayland Towne papers

Collection Identifier: 970-22, 2001.7

These papers relate to Towne's unpublished biography of George Peabody and include some Peabody family papers given to Towne for the preparation of his book.

Chicama Valley Archaeological Project records

Collection — Multiple ContainersIdentifier: 2023.4.1

The collection consists of materials related to the Chicama Valley Archaeological Project co-directed by Banks Leonard and Glenn Russell in Peru in the late 1980s and 1990s. Documents include site forms, maps, research proposals, reports, project notes, and papers and publications about excavations in the lower Chicama Valley.

Chichen Itza Expedition records

Collection Identifier: 47-52

Records of the Peabody Museum’s Central America work at Chichen Itza, including investigation of the Sacred Cenote.

Coclé Expedition records

Collection Identifier: 33-42

The collection contains field specimen cards, grave excavation records, pottery cards, photo cards of the excavations, expedition records and field plans.

David I. Bushnell, Jr. collection records

Collection Identifier: 41-72
Scope and Contents:

The papers primarily consist of Bushnell and the Bushnell estate's correspondence with dealers, artists, museum professionals and other collectors; Bushnell's fieldnotes from his work with the Choctaw and archaeological expeditions; and, manuscript drafts and notes for his many publications.

Duchess of Mecklenburg collection records

Collection Identifier: 40-77-40/14326.1

Earnest A. Hooton papers

Collection Identifier: 995-1

The Earnest A. Hooton papers include correspondence and manuscripts relating to Hooton's research activities as curator at the Peabody Museum and member of the Department of Anthropology.

Edward Herbert Thompson collection of negatives

Collection Identifier: 2004.24 (A)

This collection contains negatives of photographs taken by E. H. Thompson during his explorations of the Yucatán Peninsula (1889-1908), Minnesota (1902), and Utah (1931). Many of the photographs are of Mayan artifacts (wooden, ceramic, and stone), Mayan ruins, ancient and contemporary architecture, engravings, and landscapes.