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Addams, Jane, 1860-1935



  • Existence: 1860 - 1935

Found in 47 Collections and/or Records:

Additional papers of John Graham Brooks, 1845-1938

Collection Identifier: 84-M38

Addenda to the papers (MC 185) of John Graham Brooks, Unitarian minister, writer, and founder of the National Consumers' League.

Additional papers of the Hamilton family, 1850-1994

Collection Identifier: 83-M175--94-M77: T-158

Addenda to the papers (MC 278) of the Hamilton family of Indiana including correspondence, daybooks, financial records and photographs.

Papers of Corinne Marie Tuckerman Allen, 1896-1927

Collection Identifier: A-5

Correspondence, articles, etc., of Corinne Marie Tuckerman Allen, social welfare and education reformer.

Papers of Louise Marion Bosworth, 1890-1946

Collection Identifier: 85-M71: T-485: M-132

Correspondence, diaries, photographs, etc., of Louise Marion Bosworth, Wellesley student and settlement house worker.

Grandmother, Mother, and Me, undated

Collection Identifier: A/B934: M-133, reel E10

Mimeographed memoir by Bulkley, describing the lives of her grandmother and mother, and her life in St. Louis and encounters with settlement workers, including Roger Baldwin, and social reformers; this copy annotated by Baldwin.

Catharine Waugh McCulloch papers in the Mary Earhart Dillon collection, 1869-1945

Collection Identifier: A-68, Series VI: M-133, reels E13-25

Correspondence, speeches, articles, etc., of Catharine Waugh McCulloch, suffragist and lawyer.

Papers of the Curtis family, 1766-2000 (inclusive), 1863-1978 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 1028

Photographs, correspondence, and clippings of the Curtis family from Boston, Massachusetts.

Additional papers of Ethel Sturges Dummer, 1857-1998

Collection Identifier: MC 854

Addenda to the papers (A-127) of Ethel Sturges Dummer, including correspondence, family papers, and writings.

Papers of Elizabeth Glendower Evans, 1859-1944 (inclusive), 1882-1944 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: A-21: M-84: M-59

Diaries, correspondence, writings, speeches, notes, photographs, clippings, etc., of social reformer Elizabeth Glendower Evans.

Papers of Margaret Foley, 1847-1968 (inclusive), 1909-1929 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 404

Correspondence, photographs, clippings, speeches, etc., of suffragist Margaret Foley.

Papers of the Hamilton family, 1818-1974

Collection Identifier: MC 278: M-24

Correspondence, photographs, writings, etc., of the Hamilton family of Indiana, including physician Alice Hamilton and classicist Edith Hamilton.

Papers of Harriet Burton Laidlaw, 1851-1958

Collection Identifier: A-63

Correspondence, diary, articles, speeches, etc., of H. B. (Harriet Burton) Laidlaw, teacher and writer.

Alma Lutz collection of documents by and about abolitionists and women's rights activists, 1775-1943

Collection Identifier: A-110: M-133: M-59: Mf-3

Correspondence of Alma Lutz, author and suffragist, and others involved in the abolitionist and suffrage movements.

Manley Ottmer Hudson papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601668
Overview: This collection includes material relating to Hudson's career, his activities in the negotiations of the Paris Peace Conference, 1918-1919, and with projects and problems of the League of Nations, including his efforts in urging the U.S. to join the League, his involvement with the American Committee in Geneva of the League of Nations Association, his positions as a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration and judge of the Permanent Court of International Justice, his participation in...

Papers of Catharine Waugh McCulloch, 1877-1983

Collection Identifier: MC 378: M-133, reels E29-34

Correspondence, speeches, articles, etc., of Catharine Waugh McCulloch, suffragist and lawyer.

Papers of Leonora O'Reilly, 1861-1928

Collection Identifier: A-39

Correspondence, diaries, notebooks, speeches, articles, pamphlets, leaflets, and clippings of Leonora O'Reilly, documenting her work in the labor, suffrage, and peace movements.

Additional papers of Helen Brewster Owens, 1882-1958

Collection Identifier: MC 858

Correspondence and memoir re: suffrage campaign in Kansas, writings re: women in science and mathematics by suffragist and mathematician Helen Brewster Owens and others.

Papers of Adelaide Schulkind Frank, 1925-1972

Collection Identifier: MC 200

Correspondence, bulletins, etc., of Adelaide Schulkind Frank, executive secretary of the League for Mutual Aid.

Papers of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1846-1961

Collection Identifier: 177; Mf-1

Papers of writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

Papers of Edith Hamilton, 1895-1970

Collection Identifier: D-12

Correspondence and photographs of classicist Edith Hamilton.

Papers of Elizabeth Morgan Cooper, 1909-1967

Collection Identifier: MC 277

Correspondence, published articles, drafts of unpublished text books, lecture notes, etc., of Elizabeth Morgan Cooper, mathematician and educator.

Papers of Elizabeth Tilton, 1914-1949

Collection Identifier: A-52

Diaries, drafts of autobiographical and family history books, correspondence, etc., of Elizabeth Tilton, temperance crusader, feminist, and writer.

Papers of Ella Jane Seass Stewart in the Mary Earhart Dillon Collection, 1895-1939

Collection Identifier: A-68, Series XII; M-133, reel E27-28

Papers of Chicago lecturer and suffragist Ella Jane Seass Stewart.

Papers of Emma Guffey Miller, 1833-1975 (inclusive), 1884-1972 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: A-36

Correspondence of Emma Guffey Miller, Democratic Party leader.

Papers of Ethel Sturges Dummer, 1689-1962

Collection Identifier: A-127: M-55

Correspondence, writings, photographs, etc., of Ethel Sturges Dummer, Chicago social welfare leader, philanthropist, and author.


Diaries 13
Speeches 12
Authors 10
Voyages and travels 9
Family records 8
∨ more
Women--Suffrage 8
Women--Suffrage--United States 8
Social workers 6
Women's rights 6
Women--Legal status, laws, etc. 6
Friendship 5
Mothers and daughters 5
Peace 5
Women--Employment 5
Women--Social conditions 5
Labor unions 4
Woman's journal (Boston, Mass. : 1870) 4
Women--Suffrage--Massachusetts 4
Articles 3
Artists 3
Child labor 3
College students 3
Courtship 3
Disarmament 3
Drawings 3
Educators 3
Europe--Description and travel 3
Judges 3
Lecturers 3
Manuscripts for publication 3
Minutes 3
Peace--Societies, etc. 3
Photographs 3
Prohibition 3
Sermons 3
Social settlements 3
Temperance 3
Unitarianism 3
United States--Politics and government--20th century 3
Women and peace 3
Women social reformers 3
Women--Education 3
Women--Employment--United States 3
Women--Societies and clubs 3
Working class women 3
Anti-feminism 2
Audiotapes 2
Birth control 2
Boston (Mass.)--Social life and customs 2
Capital punishment 2
Chicago (Ill.)--Politics and government 2
Child care 2
Child welfare--Massachusetts 2
Clergy--United States 2
Equal rights amendments 2
Equal rights amendments--United States 2
Feminists 2
Finance, Personal 2
Germany--Description and travel 2
International cooperation 2
Juvenile delinquency 2
Lawyers 2
Lectures 2
Lesbians--United States 2
Marriage 2
Massachusetts--Politics and government 2
Memoirs 2
Pacifists 2
Photographic prints 2
Poems 2
Prison reformers 2
Reports 2
Scientists--United States 2
Scripts 2
Sex instruction 2
Social settlements--Massachusetts--Boston 2
Social work with immigrants--Massachusetts--Boston 2
Social workers--United States 2
Socialism 2
Spiritualism 2
Strikes and lockouts 2
Temperance--United States 2
Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Protest movements 2
Wages--Women 2
Washington (D.C.)--Social life and customs--20th century 2
Women artists 2
Women in science--United States 2
Women lawyers 2
Women mathematicians 2
Women physicians 2
Women scientists--United States 2
Women travelers 2
Women--History 2
Women--Suffrage--Caricatures and cartoons 2
Women--Suffrage--Illinois 2
Women--Suffrage--New York (State) 2
Women--Suffrage--Ohio 2
Women--Suffrage--Songs and music 2
Working class 2
Working class--Massachusetts 2
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