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Griswold, Erwin N. (Erwin Nathaniel), 1904-1994


Found in 19 Collections and/or Records:

Additional records of the Friends of Framingham, 1938-1973

Collection Identifier: MC 343

Minutes, committee reports, correspondence, etc., of Friends of the Framingham, Inc., formed in support of Miriam Van Waters and the progressive changes she had implemented as superintendent of the Massachusetts Reformatory for Women at Framingham.

Andrew L. Kaufman research notes and materials for the biography of Bernjamin Cardozo

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 8654310

This collection consists of material collected and created by Andrew L. Kaufman as part of the research for his book, Cardozo (1998).

Austin Wakeman Scott papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601712

The bulk of the correspondence in this collection relates to Scott's activities as law teacher and legal scholar, and to his work as an authority in the fields of trusts and civil procedure. Other material relates to his service as clerk of the Ames Foundation (1920-1966); member of the board of the Harvard Cooperative Society (1940's and 1950's); and miscellaneous writings concerning the history of the Harvard Law School and his courses at the Rutgers U. School of Banking.

Eleanor T. and Sheldon Glueck papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601652
Overview: Collection consists of the papers of Eleanor T. and Sheldon Glueck relating chiefly to their research and writing on delinquency in adults and juveniles, and to their work for Basic Research into the Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency, a project of Harvard Law School which Sheldon Glueck directed from 1925 and with which Eleanor Glueck was associated from 1930-1972. Also includes material relating to professional organizations with which they were associated, studies...

Erwin N. (Erwin Nathaniel) Griswold papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS1347560

Material covers Griswold's professional career as teacher, scholar, and private consultant, also his public service. Among his papers one significant group pertains to his work as a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and of the Hague Conference on Private International Law. Other material relates to his legal writings, and to special trips he took to Africa and Russia.

Felix Frankfurter Visual Materials

Collection Identifier: LAW-AVM-228

Prints and photographs relating to the life and career of Felix Frankfurter.

Records of the Friends of Framingham, 1948-1957

Collection Identifier: B-18

Correspondence, clippings, etc., of Friends of Framingham, Inc., formed in support of Miriam Van Waters and the progressive changes she had implemented as superintendent of the Massachusetts Reformatory for Women at Framingham.

Dean’s Office correspondence files (Stanley F. Teele, Dean)

Collection Identifier: Arch AA 1.4
Scope and Contents:

The Dean's Office Correspondence Files contain letters exchanged between the Office of the Dean and correspondents during the deanship of Stanley F. Teele from 1955 to 1962. The Correspondence Files also include speeches delivered by Dean Teele.

Herbert B. (Herbert Brutus) Ehrmann papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601620
Overview: Papers chiefly relating to Ehrmann's involvement in the Sacco-Vanzetti case as junior counsel for the defense and his research and writings (1927-1969) on the case. Includes much correspondence (1915-1965) with Felix Frankfurter; letters (1920-1927) written by Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti to various persons; material pertaining to Ehrmann's participation with the Massachusetts Commissions on Capital Punishment and on Unemployment, the Massachusetts Judicial Council, the Massachusetts...

Herman LaRue Brown papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601613

Papers relating to Brown's work on behalf of civil liberties, legal services for the poor, and various political causes, his service as U.S. Assistant Attorney General, 1917-1919, and in other capacities for Massachusetts and the Federal Government during World War II, his education at Phillips Exeter Academy, Harvard College, and Harvard Law School, and his interest in alumni affairs.

James Angell MacLachlan papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601614

This collection includes materials relating chiefly to MacLachlan's activities as teacher, writer, and expert in bankruptcy law. The bulk of the collection (1932-1959) relates to his role as member of the National Bankruptcy Conference. It includes material relating to Harvard Law School matters, JAM's pre-World War II intervention activities, efforts for the Atlantic Union (1949-1959), cases in which he served as counsel, and personal affairs.

John MacArthur Maguire papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601671

Content of collection concerns Maguire's career as lawyer and professor of law at Harvard Law School, together with personal, biographical and genealogical material, papers relating to rules of evidence in Israel and New Jersey, and material relating to his student days and other associations with Colorado College, Colorado Springs.

Lon L. Fuller papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS601606

Collection includes correspondence (letters received and carbons of letters sent), "fan" mail, telegrams, memoranda, minutes of meetings, reports, research notes, lecture notes, examination papers, bibliographies, outlines, drafts, manuscripts of published and unpublished writings and speeches, news clippings, other printed items, "preliminary" editions of books, and association copies of books.

Marcia R. Harrison papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 9006178

The Papers of Marcia R. Harrison relate mainly to two distinct periods of her life. The first is her termination from the U.S. State Department in 1951, when she was determined a security risk by the Loyalty Security Board, and her unsuccessful appeal of this decision. The second is her 1983 termination from the Department of Health and Human Services and her subsequent unsuccesful lawsuit accusing the Department of age discrimination.

Papers of Harriet Ford Griswold, 1957-1979

Collection Identifier: 79-M136--79-M205

Correspondence, clippings, photographs, etc., of Harriet Ford Griswold, civic worker, children's librarian, author, and lecturer.

Roscoe Pound papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601599

Includes material pertaining to Pound's participation in the Boston and Cleveland crime surveys (1920's), as a member of the National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement or Wickersham Commission (1929-1931), as a member of the American Bar Association and with various Masonic chapters, and as advisor to the Ministry of Justice in Nanking, China (1940's). Also two typed, bound journals recounting camping trips in West Virginia and to Civil War battlefields (1898, 1912-1917).

Sheldon Glueck papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS601626
Overview: Includes papers relating to Glueck's literary interests as well as material on Glueck's career in criminology and administration of criminal justice, especially the Harvard Law School Survey of Crime and Criminal Justice in Boston, 1926-1933, war crimes and criminals, Glueck's work on the Model Penal Code of the American Law Institute, membership on two advisory committees on Federal rules of criminal procedure (1941-1942, 1960-1966), and his study (1926-1938) of the Belgian Ministry of...

Papers of Miriam Van Waters, 1861-1971

Collection Identifier: A-71: MP-3: T-35

Correspondence, diaries, case studies, reports, and photographs of penologist Miriam Van Waters.

William Hastie papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601657

The papers of William Henry Hastie relate to his professional career, mainly starting with 1937, until his death in 1976; to his interest in and championship of civic causes; and to his efforts in behalf of anti-discrimination. There are small groups of drafts of speeches and of biographical material, the latter relating to his various appointments, and to academic and civic honors.


Lawyers 5
Civil rights. 3
Criminologists. 3
Law teachers. 3
Prison reformers 3
∨ more
Correctional institutions--Massachusetts--Framingham 2
Crime. 2
Criminals--Rehabilitation 2
Diaries. 2
Female offenders--Massachusetts 2
Juvenile delinquency. 2
Law teachers 2
Law teachers. 2
Prison administration 2
Prisons 2
Reformatories--Law and legislation--Massachusetts 2
Women prisoners--Rehabilitation 2
Abortion 1
African American women 1
African Americans --Segregation. 1
Alcoholics--Rehabilitation 1
Americans for Democratic Action. 1
Anarchism -United States. 1
Anti-communist movements --United States. 1
Arbitration, Industrial. 1
Bankruptcy - United States 1
Botanists. 1
Botany - Nebraska. 1
Cambridge (Mass.)--Social life and customs 1
Capital punishment 1
Civil rights. 1
Cleveland Crime Survey. 1
Communism --United States. 1
Correctional institutions 1
Corrections--Study and teaching 1
Courts --United States. 1
Criminal behavior, Prediction of Female juvenile delinquents. 1
Criminal justice, Administration of 1
Criminal justice, Administration of Prisons. 1
Criminal law. 1
Criminal procedure. 1
Diaries 1
Discrimination. 1
Evidence (Law) - Study and teaching 1
Family records 1
Harvard Law School Crime Survey. 1
International law. 1
Judges 1
Judges --United States. 1
Jurisprudence - Study and teaching. 1
Jurisprudence. 1
Justice, Administration of 1
Justice, Administration of - China. 1
Justice, Administration of - United States. 1
Juvenile delinquency 1
Juvenile detention homes--California 1
Law - Study and teaching 1
Law - Study and teaching 1
Law - Study and teaching. 1
Law --United States. 1
Law -Philosophy. 1
Law -Study and teaching. 1
Law and ethics. 1
Law schools - United States. 1
Law schools. 1
Law--United States 1
Law-Study and teaching. 1
Legal positivism. 1
Lesbianism 1
Liberia. 1
Massachusetts -Social policy. 1
Massachusetts. Commission on Capital Punishmnent. 1
Massachusetts. Commission on Unemployment. 1
Massachusetts. Defenders Committee. 1
Massachusetts. Judicial Council. 1
Menstruation 1
Minutes 1
People with disabilities--Services for 1
Prison periodicals 1
Prisoners 1
Reformatories for women--Massachusetts. Social work with juvenile delinquents 1
Reformatories. 1
Rehabilitation 1
Religion--Societies, etc. 1
Reports 1
Sacco-Vanzetti Trial, Dedham, Mass., 1921. 1
Scholars for Nixon. 1
Social work education 1
Social work with criminals 1
South Africa. 1
Soviet Union. 1
Speeches 1
Trials -Massachusetts. 1
Trusts and trustees-Study and teaching. 1
United States -History -1933-1945. 1
United States -History -1933-1945. 1
United States. Supreme Court -History -20th century. 1
United States. Wickersham Commission. 1
Vocational rehabilitation 1
Voluntary Defenders. 1
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