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COLLECTION Identifier: Vt-4

Videotape collection of the National Abortion Rights Action League, 1977-1992

"Common Ground," [1977?] Digital

Scope and Contents Talk show with guests Mildred Jefferson, assistant clinical professor of surgery at Boston University and president of the National Right-to-Life Committee, and Susan Hill, psychiatric social worker and executive director of the National Women's Health Organization. Topics include conferences in Houston and Mexico City, illegal abortion, government funding, and counseling in clinics. (Cut off before end of show.)

"Rape and Incest," a segment on "Everywoman." Produced by Shirley Robson; WDVM-TV, Washington, D.C., January 16, 1979. Copyright: The Evening News Association. Digital

Scope and Contents Narrated presentation focusing mainly on federal funding of abortion for victims of rape and incest. Includes excerpts of interviews with specialists on rape and post-trauma treatment, legislators, legal experts, and victims of rape and incest. Footage of President Carter speaking briefly at a press conference on July 12, 1977.

"Abortion: The Divisive Issue." Video Free America [San Francisco], [ca.1980]. Digital

Scope and Contents Excerpts of speeches on both sides of the issue, and footage of October 1978 National Abortion Federation meeting in San Francisco.

"Panorama" and "Crossfire" re: abortion, 1985. Digital

Scope and Contents 1) Debates between pro-choice (Nanette Falkenberg and Judy Goldsmith, president of NOW) and right-to-life (John Lofton of Washington Times and Jack Willke of National Right to Life Committee) representatives following abortion clinic bombings. "Panorama," WTTG-TV, January 3, 1985. 2) Hosts Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden discuss abortion clinic bombings with Nanette Falkenberg of NARAL and Joseph Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League. Brief interview with woman whose boyfriend bombed an abortion...