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COLLECTION Identifier: MC 1139

Joseph R. Stanton Pro-Life Collection, 1821-2019 (inclusive), 1962-1997 (bulk)

Life Issues [Life Issues Institute radio program], 74-145, May-June 1993. Digital

Scope and Contents

Tim Burke's Family (May 24); New England Journal of Medicine Letter (May 25); The Shooting of Dr. [David?] Dunn (May 26); The A.C.O.G. Changes Definition (May 27); Norplant (May 28); Cancer Pain (May 31); Fetal Transplants Unconvincing (June 1); Abortifacient History (June 2); Conception Physiology (June 3); Conception Physiology (June 4).

Life Issues [Life Issues Institute radio program], 74-193, September-October 1994. Digital

Scope and Contents

How to Get Involved (September 26); Diane Bellis (September 27); Religious Cleansing (September 28); Terminal Care Not Costly (September 29); Abortorium Rehabed (September 30); The Metzenbaum Bill (October 3); Norplant Removed (October 4); Adopt a Black Baby (October 5); U.N. and the rights of the Child (October 6); How Many Fetuses? (October 7).