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COLLECTION Identifier: MCZ-ARC-2-244-307

Hubert Lyman Clark Papers, ca. 1870s-1960s

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of Hubert Lyman Clark’s correspondence from/to his family members, his colleagues in the field of zoology, and his friends all around the world. His wife Frances often co-authored letters to family members and travel notebooks, as she occasionally accompanied him on expeditions. The collection includes Hubert’s extensive notes and drawings of echinoderm specimens that he found during his various expeditions to Australia, China, Japan, Bermuda, and Tobago. Other materials are newspaper clippings, publications related to Clark’s career as a zoologist, and images of echinoderm specimens. It also contains some personal documents, such as a scrapbook with clippings, photographs, programs, recipes, and poems written by Clark.


  • ca. 1870s-1960s

Language of Materials

English, German, French, Spanish

Conditions Governing Access

Researchers interested in using the collection for scholarly and/or publication purposes must seek permission from the Special Collections Librarian of the Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology.

Conditions Governing Use

Researchers interested in viewing the collection must seek permission from the Special Collections Librarian of the Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology.


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Materials in ARC 307 are arranged chronologically. Secondary resources, such as books and serials, have been removed and cataloged separately.

Materials in ARC 2 are arranged as such: Series 1 is arranged alphabetically by author; Series 2 is arranged alphabetically by institution, city, or country; and Series 3 is arranged chronologically.

Letters to Hubert Lyman Clark in ARC 244 is arranged alphabetically by author. Clark’s letters to others are arranged chronologically by the date of the first letter for each recipient. The letters to each recipient are kept together.

Materials in bAg, bBr, and bMu, specifically letters by Hubert Lyman Clark, are arranged alphabetically by recipient. However, letters to Hubert Lyman Clark are arranged alphabetically by author.

ARC 307 Series 1: Correspondence Series 2: Manuscript Journals Series 3: Career Related Materials Series 4: Travel Materials Series 5: Miscellaneous items

ARC 2 Series 1: Letters to Hubert Lyman Clark arranged alphabetically by author Series 2: Letters to Hubert Lyman Clark arranged alphabetically by institution, city or country Series 3: Hubert Lyman Clark’s carbon copies of his own letters arranged chronologically Series 4: Manuscripts, notes, lists, and other items Series 5: Graphic materials

ARC 244 Series 1: Letters to Hubert Lyman Clark Series 2: Letters from Hubert Lyman Clark Series 3: Photographs of “Atlantis” echinoderms Series 4: Photographs Series 5: Watercolors, proofs, and plates Series 6: Notes, drawings, and photos from expeditions Series 7: Clippings, writings, and photographs

Other Collections (bAg, bBr, bMu) Series 1: Letters from Hubert Lyman Clark Series 2: Letters to Hubert Lyman Clark Series 3: Authored by Hubert Lyman Clark Series 4: Hubert Lyman Clark as subject

Elisabeth Deichmann Papers, 1926-1975 (bulk) -- Available at the Ernst Mayr Library (MCZ-ARC-079)

Boxes 1-5. Deichmann's correspondence, arranged alphabetically by surname of correspondent, with carbon copies of her own letters (or occasionally the originals or drafts) interfiled: Box 1. A-C -- Box 2. D-Hob -- Box 3. Hoc-M -- Box 4. N-Sny -- Box 5. So-Z.

Box 6. Papers relating to MCZ: Budget correspondence; letters regarding shipment of specimens; specimens received by MCZ; invoices of specimens sent from MCZ (1938-1958); notes on specimen preservation; supply invoices for MCZ (1931-1959); Marine Invertebrates Dept. entries for MCZ annual reports (ca. 1932-1959); notes on MCZ director's annual notes; MCZ memos and documents; inter-office memos and correspondence (1948-1970); papers pertaining to MCZ Library; Museum Council notes; inventories of source materials (ca. 1960s); papers related to courses in biology (ca. 1950); appointments and grants received; letters of appointments from Harvard president; Hopkins Marine Station appointments; International Congress of Zoology (1948 Paris and 1958 London); papers of Marine Biological Station, Kei Islands, S.W. Pacific Ocean; Committee on Museums papers (1948-1950); National Science Foundation proposals (1960-1963); papers of biological societies.

Box 7. Miscellaneous papers: Correspondence in Danish (1926-1969); unidentified letters; Radcliffe College Sigma Xi correspondence; correspondence regarding ED's mother Christine Deichmann's art exhibits; original bird watercolor by Christine Deichmann, 1945; letters regarding books donated by ED; correspondence regarding retirement, including acknowledgement letters for engraved retirement tray gift (1962-1964); documents relating to publications (ca. 1960s); proofs and reviews of manuscripts; miscellaneous transparencies and photographs; handwritten account about Thomas Barbour; index cards; memberships; financial papers (1936-1971); names and contact information for ED's correspondents, etc.; miscellaneous publications; miscellaneous papers; papers regarding ED's death, including biographical notes.

Boxes 8-16. Manuscripts, notes, drawings, photographs, related correspondence, etc.:

Box 8. Ms., A new Dendrochirote Holothurian from the West Indies; ms. notes and drawings, Holothuria cadelli Bell, Apoda, New Zealand Holothurians; ms. and notes, List of Holothurians secured by the Swedish South African Expedition (Lund University); ms. notes from Amsterdam, 1934, Siboga Holothurians; ms. drawings, Holothurians, Ricketts, 1939; ms. drawings and notes, Holothurians from the Gulf of California ... (1937); ms. notes and drawings, Holothurians: Cucumaria, includes a few drawings by Hiroshi Ohshima; ms. notes, Tarsopterus; ms. notes and drawings, Actinopyga; partial translation of Andreas Sparrman reptile article; ms. notes, Miscellaneous; notebooks of ED's father Henrik Deichmann; ms. by Arthur Dendy and E. Hindle, Kolostoneura Becher (1907); ms. figures for Wootton's Californian Holothurians (1949); notebook, Murray Expedition.

Box 9. Notes and drawings, unless otherwise specified: East African Apoda; Holothuria, Indian and Pacific Oceans; Holothuria, Stockholm report; Snellius holothurians; holothurians: Scabrum; holothurians: Niasica; ms. and plates, Molpadia; holothurians: Molpadia; holothurians: Chiridotidae; ms. drawings for plates 1-22 of West African holothurians; mss., Key to the species of Pseudocnus from the Gulf of Guinea and W. coast of Africa, and, Key to the E. Atlantic species of Ypsilothuria E. Perrier; ms., drafts, drawings and photograph, Selenka's "Mulleria" Formosa re-discovered (co-author, Richard Boolootian); miscellaneous notes and "Floridana" photographs; miscellaneous notes.

Box 10. Ms., The shallow water alcyonarians of Puerto Rico; notes, Antarctic holothurians; notes and drawings, Key to species reported from the Antarctic and subarctic waters; "Atlantis" data notebook (26 Feb. 1938 - 15 May 1939); Encyclopedia Arctica mss. and related correspondence; mss. and notes, Bahamas holothurians, including works by Carol Fernandez; drawings, holothurians: Bahamas, Corpus Christi, Texas, etc.; mss., notes, drawings and correspondence, Brazilian shallow water holothurians (1965); notes and drawings, Three dendrochirote holothurians from Chile (1969); notes and drawings, Chinese holothurians; notes, Coelenterata: Dromalia alexandri H.B. Bigelow 1911; notes and drawings, Cucumaria georgiana (Lampert, 1886); notes and drawings, Cucumaria; notes and drawings, Cucumaria off California; Coelenterata notebook; notebook, Dendrochirota, Cucumaridae.

Box 11. Notes, drawings, photographs and correspondence, "Discovery"/"Terra Nova," British Antarctic expedition; notes, Eunicea; ms., Ophiuroida; drafts and notes, The shallow water corals of Puerto Rico, and, Key to the West Indian shallow water stony corals; drafts and notes, Stony corals; echinoderm list and related papers, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; identifications and other papers, Gorgonacea, Bimini, Bahama Islands: American Museum of Natural History specimens; plates and drawings from Report on the holothurians, collected by the Harvard-Havana Expeditions, 1938 and 1939, with a revision of the Molpadonia of the Atlantic Ocean (Havana, 1940); Herovard's list of N.W. African holothurians to about 21 degrees N; papers pertaining to Holothurian fauna of South Africa; corrections to J.S. Domantay's paper, Some holothurians from Florida in the collection of the Allan Hancocl Foundation (1958).

Box 12. Notes, holothurians from Strait of Magellan, etc.; notes, holothurians in Stockholm, Sweden; ms., notes and drawings, The holothurians of California; drawings, Holothurians from the Gulf of California (1937); notes and drawings, holothurians, genus Thyone Oken; ms. and notes, Molpadonia: Koehler and Vaney's list from the Indian Ocean; Mortensen's list of Holothuria development (1921); notes, Nematoda.

Box 13. Typescript (4 copies), notes and drawings, The shallow water echinoderms of Puerto Rico; notes, Identification of Puerto Rican Gorgonians, and, Identification of Argosy holothurians.

Box 14. Notes and drawings, Paelopatides, Pseudostichopus, Bathyplotes; notes and drawings, Key to the Muricea from the Pacific region (A.E. Verrill); ms. and notes, The Palinuridae of the MCZ (co-author, James M. Moulton); notes, Palinuridae; notes, Panulirs; notes, Paragorgia; notes, Peniagone; ms. and drawings, Revision of the Phyllophoridae; notes, Phyllophorus and Pendactyla; notes, Pillsbury Expedition, Bermuda: Cucumaria and Auricularia; notes, Plexaura and Plexaurella; notes, Antarctic Psolus; notes and drawings, Psolidium.

Box 15. Notes, Stichopus; ms. and notes, Synallactes and Synallactinae; ms. and notes, Synaptidae; notes and drawings, Texas holothurians; ms. and specimen lists (including Crustacea collected at Trinidad, Tobago and Barbados by ED, July-Sept. 1937), Report of trip to Trinidad and Tobago, 1937; notes and drawings, Turgida from Florida; photographs, Luidia, echinoderms; plates, ED and F.M. Bayer's The lemon-colored plexaurids from the West Indies and Brazil (1959); photographs and negatives, holothurians and echinoderms; photographs, New South Wales, 1946.

Box 16. Notes, identifications: Cucumaria, Bathyplotes, Synallactinae and many others; notes, Heliometra, Comatulida; notes, bibliography, Mediterranean holothurians; ms. and notes, Phyllophoridae; notes, Poterion, Leptosynapta, Boston harbor marine animals, 1939; notes and drawings, Moebi, Cineraseus, Holothuria Albiventer, Holothuria Conica, isopods; notes, Holothuria; notes and drawings, Pentacta, Dendrochirota, Cucumaria; notes and drawings, Cucumaria, Psolidium, Hancock holothurians; notes and drawings, Cucumaria, Thyoneprolus, Psolidium; typescript, Ophiuroidea; ms. and notes, Key to the North Atlantic species of Pennatula; specimen photographs enclosed with 1950s ED-Elena Caso correspondence; miscellaneous mss., notes and drawings; notes on article by S.G. Heding and A. Panning; mss. by Abraham Fleminger (Zooplankton), Emery Swan (Parastichopus), and Clyde Manwell and C.M. Ann Baker (Sibling species of sea cucumber).

Selected correspondents have been assigned subject headings; many other correspondents are also represented in the collection.

Letter to Hubert Lyman Clark, 1922 June 30 -- Available at the Ernst Mayr Library (Archives bMu 1148a.10.1)

1 ms. letter.

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This collection was processed by Natalia Gutiérrez-Jones between February-May 2017. The finding aid was written by Gutiérrez-Jones in 2017 and edited by Rona Razon between January and February 2019.

Hubert Lyman Clark Papers, ca. 1870s-1960s
Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University
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