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COLLECTION Identifier: 2006SC-1

Booksellers' catalogues published in the United States and Europe

Scope and Contents

Catalogues received from booksellers by the Houghton Library's administrative staff responsible for collection development.


  • Creation: 1922-2005

Language of Materials

In English, French, German, and other languages.

Conditions Governing Access

Collection is open for research.

A portion of this collection is not housed at the Houghton Library but is shelved offsite at the Harvard Depository. Retrieval requires advance notice. Readers should check with Houghton Public Services staff to determine what material is offsite and retrieval policies and times.


120 linear feet (126 boxes)


Arranged alphabetically by name (or keyword in name) of bookselling firm. See list of dealers alphabetically by place (where known) at the end of this finding aid.

Physical Location

Harvard Depository, b

Immediate Source of Acquisition

2006SC-1. Received from various sources, various dates.

General note

A portion of this collection is shelved offsite at the Harvard Depository. See access restrictions below for additional information.

Boxes 8-9, 18-22, 50, 70-71, 73, 75, 89, 91-92, and 110-113, the contents of which are not listed in this finding aid, are shelved at Houghton.

List of booksellers by place (where known)

List of booksellers by place (where known)

  1. Akron, OH: Bruce P. Ferrini.
  2. Alameda, CA: Tavistock Books.
  3. Albany, NY: Michael R. Linehan.
  4. Alford, MA: George Robert Minkoff.
  5. Alfred, ME: De Wolfe & Wood Rare Books.
  6. Alna, ME: Whitehurst.
  7. Ambler, PA: Robert F. Batchelder.
  8. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Antiquariat Antiqua.
  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Asher Rare Books.
  10. Amsterdam, Netherlands: John Benjamins Antiquariat.
  11. Amsterdam, Netherlands: De Kleine Vuurtoven.
  12. Amsterdam, Netherlands: de Slegte.
  13. Amsterdam, Netherlands: European Antiquarian Book Fair.
  14. Amsterdam, Netherlands: A. Gerits & Son.
  15. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Israel Rare Books.
  16. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Minotaurus Boekwinkel.
  17. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Dorine Proske-van Heerdt.
  18. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Robert Putnam.
  19. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Dieter Schierenberg.
  20. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Antiquariaat Schumacher.
  21. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Van Gendt.
  22. Anges, France: Octave Mirbeau.
  23. Ann Arbor, MI: Clements Library.
  24. Ann Arbor, MI: Hartfield Fine & Rare Books.
  25. Ann Arbor, MI: Roger Jackson & William E. Ashley.
  26. Ann Arbor, MI: Leaves of Grass Bookshop.
  27. Ann Arbor, MI: Garrett Scott.
  28. Annagasse, Austria: Antiquariat Locker.
  29. Antwerpen: Ceuleers & van de Velde.
  30. Ardsley, NY: Ro-Young.
  31. Ascutney, VT: Waite.
  32. Asheville, NC: The Captain's Bookshelf, Inc.
  33. Astoria, NY: The Athenaeum.
  34. Athens, Greece: Vergos, Petros.
  35. Atlanta, GA: Old New York Book Shop.
  36. Austin, TX: Macdonnell Rare Books.
  37. Austin, TX: Dorothy Sloan.
  38. Austin, TX: Vinson.
  39. Bader-Bader, Germany: Koerner GMBH.
  40. Baltimore, MD: Marilyn Braiterman.
  41. Baltimore, MD: Nineteenth Century Shop.
  42. Baltimore, MD: Royal Books.
  43. Bangor, ME: Zamboni.
  44. Barcelona, Spain: Moleiro Editor, S.A.
  45. Barcelona, Spain: Puvill.
  46. Barcelona, Spain: Studio, Libreria Ant.
  47. Barcelona, Spain: Tirant.
  48. Barcelona, Spain: Velazquez.
  49. Barcelonia, Spain: Delstre's.
  50. Basel, Switzerland: Erasmus.
  51. Basel, Switzerland: Moirandat Co.
  52. Basel, Switzerland: Dr. Karl Ruetz.
  53. Basel, Switzerland: Schneider.
  54. Battle Creek, MI: Julia Sweet Newman.
  55. Bay City, MI: Whitehead.
  56. Bedford, NH: R&R Enterprises.
  57. Bedford, NH: Stodolski, Gerard A.J.
  58. Bedford, NH: Winslow.
  59. Beek, Holland: Johan Souverein.
  60. Belfast, Ireland: P&B Rowan.
  61. Belgium: Chateau d'Argol.
  62. Belgium: Pierre-M. Gason.
  63. Berkeley, CA: Ian Jackson.
  64. Berkeley, CA: Lobldly Books.
  65. Berkeley, CA: Bernard M. Rosenthal.
  66. Berkeley, CA: Schoyer's Books.
  67. Berkeley, CA: Serendipity Books.
  68. Berkeley, CA: Turtle Island.
  69. Berkshire, UK: Christopher Edwards.
  70. Berlin, Germany: Antiquariat Knut Ahnert Berlin.
  71. Berlin, Germany: Bassenge.
  72. Berlin, Germany: Thomas Blocker.
  73. Berlin, Germany: Braecklein Wolfgang Antiquariat.
  74. Berlin, Germany: Frankfurter Bucherstube.
  75. Berlin, Germany: Greve & Hauff Jeschke.
  76. Berlin, Germany: Antiquariat Koch.
  77. Berlin, Germany: Antiquariat Michael Kuhn.
  78. Berlin, Germany: Liber Berlin.
  79. Berlin, Germany: Antiquariat Rainier F. Meyer.
  80. Berlin, Germany: Schomaker.
  81. Berlin, Germany: Seidel & Richter.
  82. Berlin, Germany: J.A. Stargardt.
  83. Berlin, Germany: Tinius.
  84. Berlin, Germany: Warnke.
  85. Berlin, Germany: Wasmuth.
  86. Berlin, Germany: Zeitschrift.
  87. Bern: Galerie Kornfeld.
  88. Bern, Switzerland: Thierstein.
  89. Bethesda, MD: Waverly.
  90. Beverly Hills, CA: Ira & Larry Goldberg.
  91. Beverly Hills, CA: Golden Legend Inc.
  92. Beverly Hills, CA: Profiles in History.
  93. Birkenweg, Denmark: Antiquariat Matthias Loidl.
  94. Bisbee, AZ: Pequeno Press.
  95. Blandford, MA: Robert F. Lucas.
  96. Bloomington, IN: Almagre Books.
  97. Bologna, Italy: Arnaldo Forni Editore.
  98. Bologna, Italy: Libreria Antiquaria Palmaverde.
  99. Bologna, Italy: Emma Seimoneta.
  100. Bologna, Italy: Vigarani.
  101. Bonn: Antiquariat Manfred Nosbusch.
  102. Bonn: Antiquariat Hagena & Schulte.
  103. Bonn-Bad Godesberg: Antiquariat Hagena & Schulte.
  104. Bordeaux, France: Nouvelle Annexe.
  105. Bordeaux, France: Tal, Librarie.
  106. Boston, MA: Ars Libri Ltd.
  107. Boston, MA: Thomas G. Boss Fine Books.
  108. Boston, MA: Boston Book Annex.
  109. Boston, MA: Boston Book Co.
  110. Boston, MA: Boston Int'l Antiquarian Book Fair.
  111. Boston, MA: Bromer Booksellers.
  112. Boston, MA: Buddenbooks.
  113. Boston, MA: Gordon Collection.
  114. Boston, MA: Ralph Kristiansen.
  115. Boston, MA: Lame Duck Books.
  116. Boston, MA: The New Museum Climate.
  117. Boston, MA: O'Neal.
  118. Boston, MA: Shambhala Publications.
  119. Boston, MA: Skinner.
  120. Boston, MA: Stern, Peter L.
  121. Boulder, CO: Four Rivers Books, Ltd.
  122. Boulder, CO: Selvatica.
  123. Bradford, UK: Casper Pottle.
  124. Brattleboro, VT: Ken Leach.
  125. Braunschweig, Germany: Brandes.
  126. Bredevoort, Netherlands: Gemilang.
  127. Bremen: Antiquariat B.S. Kreuz GMBH.
  128. Bridgeport, WV: Signature House.
  129. Brighton, MA: Abigail Furey.
  130. Bristol, England: Ambra.
  131. Bristol, UK: Rachel Lee.
  132. Bristol, UK: Thoemmes.
  133. Brockton, MA: John William Pye.
  134. Brookline, MA: Robert H. Rubin Books.
  135. Brooklyn Heights, OH: Productive Arts.
  136. Brooklyn, NY: Vincent Laspina.
  137. Brooklyn, NY: MIPP International.
  138. Brussels: Romantic Agony.
  139. Brussels, Belgium: Themis.
  140. Bruxelles: A la Galerie Falmagne.
  141. Bruxelles, France: Minet Freres.
  142. Bruxelles, France: Eric Speeckaert.
  143. Bryn Mawr, PA: MacManus Co.
  144. Bucks, UK: Patrick King.
  145. Budapest: Konyvjegyzek.
  146. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Libreria del Caminante.
  147. Burlingame, CA: Historicana.
  148. Burlingame, CA: Ungar.
  149. Burlington, NC: Raynor's .
  150. Bussum, Netherlands: Notebaart Antiquarian Booksellers.
  151. Bussum, Netherlands: Jan Peet.
  152. Caen, France: Walden.
  153. Cambridge, England: Wood, Peter.
  154. Cambridge, MA: Bryn Mawr Book Store.
  155. Cambridge, MA: James & Devon Gray Booksellers.
  156. Cambridge, MA: Schoenhof's.
  157. Cambridge, MA: Wood, Charles.
  158. Cambridge, UK: Deighton, Bell.
  159. Cambridge, UK: Adam Mills.
  160. Cambridge, UK: John Robertshaw.
  161. Candia, NH: John LeBow.
  162. Cape Town, South Africa: Clarke's Bookshop.
  163. Carrboro, NC: Chapel Hill Rare Books.
  164. Carrboro, NC: Turlington.
  165. Cathedral City, CA: Brunswick Press.
  166. Centreville, VA: Humanus.
  167. Chapel Hill, NC: Daniel Hirsch.
  168. Chapel Hill, NC: Winship.
  169. Charlottesville, VA: Heartwood Books.
  170. Charlottesville, VA: L&T Respess Books.
  171. Chartres, France: Sourget.
  172. Chelmsford, MA: Cheryl Needle.
  173. Chestnut Hill, MA: Tisza.
  174. Chevy Chase, MD: William & Nina Matheson.
  175. Chicago, IL: Beasley Books.
  176. Chicago, IL: Brentano's Bookstores, Inc.
  177. Chicago, IL: Richard Cady.
  178. Chicago, IL: Les Enluminures.
  179. Chicago, IL: Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc.
  180. Chicago, IL: Kenyon Oppenheimer.
  181. Chicago, IL: Stern, Harry L.
  182. Cincinnati, OH: Cowan's Auctions, Inc.
  183. Claremont, CA: Charles A. Goldsmid.
  184. Cluny, France: George de Lucenay.
  185. Co. Galway, Ireland: The House of Figgis, Ltd.
  186. Cody, WY: Jordan Antiquarian Books.
  187. Cold Spring, NY: Antipodean Books, Maps & Prints.
  188. Columbia, SC: Stuart Bennett.
  189. Concord, MA: Joslin Hall Rare Books.
  190. Conway, MA: Southpaw Books.
  191. Copenhagen: Rosenkilde & Bagger.
  192. Copenhagen, Denmark: Arnold Busck.
  193. Cornwall, England: Stewart, Andrew.
  194. Cornwall, UK: Charles Cox.
  195. Corona, CA: Odyssey.
  196. Cos Cob, CT: Book Block.
  197. Culver City, CA: Krown & Spellman.
  198. Cumbria, England: Anne FitzSimons.
  199. Cumbria, England: McKay Books.
  200. Delhi, India: Sanjanya Books.
  201. Devon, UK: Lisa Cox.
  202. Devon, UK: Lace Books.
  203. Dickerson, MD: Quill & Brush.
  204. Dorset, England: Words, Etc.
  205. Dorset, UK: Julian Nangle.
  206. Dracut, MA: Antiquarian Scientist.
  207. Dublin, Ireland: Carraig Books, Ltd.
  208. Dublin, Ireland: Lullaby Children's Books.
  209. E. Hampton, NY: Youngerman.
  210. E. Otis, MA: Lyman Books.
  211. East Lewes, Sussex, UK: Bow Windows.
  212. East Sussex, UK: Roderick Dew.
  213. Eastbourne, UK: Liz Seeber.
  214. Edinburgh, Scotland: Peter Bell.
  215. Edinburgh, Scotland: Foulis.
  216. Edinburgh, Scotland: Alan Rankin.
  217. Edinburgh, Scotland: David H.J. Schenck.
  218. Edinburgh, Scotland: Nick Sherington.
  219. Edinburgh, Scotland: Updike, John.
  220. Edmonds, WA: Hinck & Wall.
  221. Eichstatt, Deutschland: Antiquariat Armin Jedlitschka.
  222. El Ceritto, CA: Hackenberg Booksellers.
  223. Elmhurst, IL: Wilder.
  224. Eslo'v: Antikvariat Crafoord.
  225. Essex, England: Young.
  226. Essex, UK: Clifton Books.
  227. Essex, UK: John Drury.
  228. Eugene, OR: Windows.
  229. Euless, TX: Stevenson.
  230. Eureka, CA: P. Scott Brown.
  231. Eutin, DE: Erlemann.
  232. Evanston IL: Jeff Hirsch Books.
  233. Evanston, IL: Hamill & Barker.
  234. Exeter, NH: Colophon Book Shop.
  235. Exeter, NH: Landscape Books.
  236. Fairfax, VA: Harold M. Burstein & Co.
  237. Falls Village, CT: Edward R. Hamilton.
  238. Firenze, Italy: Centro Di.
  239. Firenze, Italy: Luigi Gonnelli & Figli.
  240. Firenze, Italy: Leo S. Olschki.
  241. Firenze, Italy: Paolo Pampaloni.
  242. Forest Hills, NY: Safka & Bareis Autographs.
  243. Forest Knolls, CA: Skyline Books.
  244. Freedom, NH: Freedom Bookshop.
  245. Galena, IL: Main Street Books.
  246. Galway, Ireland: Kenny's Bookshops.
  247. Gardouch, France: Hughes de Latude.
  248. Gardouch, France: Hugues de Latude.
  249. Geneva, NY: Calhoun's Books.
  250. Geneve, Switzerland: Livres Anciens Heino Meyer.
  251. Geneve, Switzerland: Librairie Quentin.
  252. Geneve, Switzerland: W. Skorianetz.
  253. Geneve, Switzerland: Societe des Nations.
  254. Germany: Niemeyer Antiquariat.
  255. Getzville, NY: Roy W. Clare.
  256. Geyserville, CA: Sun Moon Bear Rare Bks.
  257. Glen Rock, PA: The Family Album.
  258. Glendale, CA: Weber.
  259. Gloucester, MA: Greenbaum.
  260. Gloucestershire, England: Ximenes.
  261. Goldbach, Germany: Keip Antiquarian.
  262. Graz, Austria: Adeva.
  263. Graz, AZ: Wolfgang Friebes.
  264. Great Barrington, MA: Farshaw's Bookshop.
  265. Greencastle, PA: Buckingham Books.
  266. Greenfield, MA: Steve Finer Rare Books.
  267. Greensboro, NC: Alice Robbins.
  268. Groningen: P. Noordhoff.
  269. Haarlem: De Erven.
  270. Haarlem: Helmut Rodner.
  271. Haddonfield, NJ: Between the Covers.
  272. Haddonfield, NJ: R.L. Fucci.
  273. Hadley, MA: Waiting for Godot.
  274. Hamburg, Germany: F. Dorling.
  275. Hamburg, Germany: Dr. Jorn Gunther.
  276. Hamburg, Germany: Hamburger Antiquariat.
  277. Hamburg, Germany: Knigge.
  278. Hamburg, Germany: Antiquariat Susanne Koppel.
  279. Hamburg, Germany: Autographen Naturforscher.
  280. Hamburg, Germany: Quod Libet.
  281. Hamburg, Germany: Jorgen Stammerjohann.
  282. Hamburg, Germany: Tepper.
  283. Hamden, CT: McBlain Books.
  284. Hamilton, NY: J.A. Penza at the Archive.
  285. Hampshire, UK: Bristow & Garland.
  286. Hartsdale, NY: Herb Levart Art Books.
  287. Hastings, UK: Anthony Sillem.
  288. Havertown, PA: Tamerlane Books.
  289. Healdsburg, CA: Pratum Book Company.
  290. Heidelberg: Rolf Schwing.
  291. Heidelberg, Germany: Wiemann.
  292. Hertz, England: H.M. Fletcher.
  293. Hewlett, NY: Empire.
  294. Hildesheim: Georg Olms.
  295. Hollis, NH: LaBarre Galleries.
  296. Hollywood, CA: Sylvester & Orphanos.
  297. Hyattsville, MD: Daedalus Books.
  298. Idyllwild, CA: Biblioctopus.
  299. Ithaca, NY: Worldwide Books.
  300. Jaffrey, NH: David R. Godine.
  301. Jenkintwon, PA: Palinurus Antiquarian Books.
  302. Jersey City, NJ: Stuart Lutz.
  303. Johannesburg, S.A.: Thorold.
  304. Johannesburg, South Africa: Brenthurst Press.
  305. Kansas City, NE: Glenn Books.
  306. Kaufman, TX: Lone Star Autographs.
  307. Kaufman, TX: UACC.
  308. Kelkheim: Schmidt & Gunther.
  309. Kent, OH: Shakespeare Newsletter.
  310. Kent, UK: Scott Brindel Antiquarian Books.
  311. Kent, UK: Keith Hogg.
  312. Kent, UK: Anthony Neville.
  313. Kew Gardens, NY: Emil Offenbacher.
  314. Knoxville, TN: R.R. Allen.
  315. Kobenharn, Denmark: Kaabers Antikrariat.
  316. Kobenhaun: Museumsbygningen.
  317. Kobenhavn: Branners Bibliofile Antikvariat.
  318. Kobenhavn: Peter Grosell's Antikvariat.
  319. Kobnhavn: Lynge & Son.
  320. Koln: Deutscher Antiquare.
  321. Koln: Jurgen Dinter.
  322. Koln, Germany: Ad Libros.
  323. Koln, Germany: International Auctioneers.
  324. Koln, Germany: Kolner Antiquariatsmesse.
  325. Koln, Germany: Konrad Meuschel.
  326. Koln, Germany: Antiquariat Martin Santorius.
  327. Koln, Germany: Venator & Hanstein.
  328. Koln, Germany: Verband Deutscher.
  329. Konigstein, Germany: Reiss & Auvermann.
  330. Konigstein, Germany: Reiss & Sohn.
  331. Kraichgaw: Franz Siegle.
  332. Kyoto, Japan: Shibunkaku.
  333. Kyoto, Japan: Yanagi.
  334. La Jolla, CA: Laurence McGilverny.
  335. Lamovaalweg, Netherlands: B.M. Israel B.V.
  336. Lanesboro, MA: Savoy Books.
  337. Lanesboro, MA: Second Life Books.
  338. Lanham, MI: Scarecrow Press.
  339. Larchmont, NY: F.A. Bernett.
  340. Las Vegas, NV: Simple & Direct .
  341. Lausanne, Switzerland: Suzannet, Comte Alainde.
  342. L'ege Cap Ferret, France: La Presquile.
  343. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill.
  344. Leiden, Netherlands: Het Oosters Antiquarium.
  345. Leiden, Netherlands: Het Oosters Antiquarium.
  346. Leiden, Netherlands: Smitskamp Oriental Antiquarian.
  347. Leighton Buzzard, England: Wheldon & Wesley.
  348. Leipzig, Germany: Leipziger Antiquariatsmesse.
  349. Leipzig, Germany: List & Francke.
  350. Lewiston, NY: Mellen.
  351. Lille, France: Libraire Godon.
  352. Lisboa: Alberto Alexandre Girard.
  353. Lisboa: Julieta Goncalves.
  354. Lisboa: Silva's.
  355. L'Isle sur la Sorgue, France: Librairie Nomade.
  356. Little Rock, AR: Garry Hendershott.
  357. Lloyd Harbor, NY: Lubrano Music Antiquariat.
  358. London, England: H. Baron.
  359. London, England: David Batterham.
  360. London, England: Bell, Book & Radmall.
  361. London, England: Breman.
  362. London, England: Julian Browning.
  363. London, England: Oliver Clark.
  364. London, England: Collinge & Clark.
  365. London, England: R.H. Cortie.
  366. London, England: Dalian Books.
  367. London, England: Marc Antoine Du Ry.
  368. London, England: Peter Ellis.
  369. London, England: Faber and Faber.
  370. London, England: Simon Finch.
  371. London, England: Simon Finch.
  372. London, England: Richard M. Ford Ltd.,.
  373. London, England: W. Forster.
  374. London, England: Robert Frew Ltd.
  375. London, England: Nicholas Goodyer.
  376. London, England: Librairie Urbain Grandier.
  377. London, England: Paul Grinke.
  378. London, England: Hazlitt, Gooden & Fox.
  379. London, England: Robert Heron.
  380. London, England: Hesketh & Ward.
  381. London, England: Judith Hodgson.
  382. London, England: Andrew Hunter.
  383. London, England: C.R. Johnson.
  384. London, England: E. Joseph Booksellers.
  385. London, England: Kaiser Books.
  386. London, England: Lefeuvre Contemporary Art.
  387. London, England: Ian McKelvie.
  388. London, England: Christopher Mendez.
  389. London, England: Winifred A. Myers Ltd.
  390. London, England: Peter Nahum.
  391. London, England: Paul Orssich.
  392. London, England: Hugh Pagan Ltd.
  393. London, England: Parikian.
  394. London, England: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd.
  395. London, England: Phillips Auctioneers.
  396. London, England: Nigel Phillips.
  397. London, England: Pickering & Chatto.
  398. London, England: William Poole.
  399. London, England: John Prince Antiquarian Books.
  400. London, England: Primrose Hill Press Ltd.
  401. London, England: The Print Room.
  402. London, England: Quevedo .
  403. London, England: Sims Reed Ltd.
  404. London, England: Riley-Smith.
  405. London, England: J.F.T. Rodgers.
  406. London, England: Rogers Turner Books.
  407. London, England: Bertram Rota.
  408. London, England: Marc Antoine du Ry.
  409. London, England: Susanne Schultz-Falster.
  410. London, England: Peter Selley.
  411. London, England: Sevin Seydi Rare Books.
  412. London, England: Bernard Shapero.
  413. London, England: Michael Silverman.
  414. London, England: Sokol.
  415. London, England: Sotheran's.
  416. London, England: Sutherland.
  417. London, England: Temple, Robert.
  418. London, England: Thomson.
  419. London, England: Turner.
  420. London, England: Tusculum.
  421. London, England: Ulysses.
  422. London, England: Unsworth.
  423. London, England: Von Baeyer.
  424. London, England: Watson.
  425. London, England: Williams.
  426. London, England: Wolseley.
  427. Loomis, CA: Chloe's Books.
  428. Los Angeles, CA: Butterfield & Butterfield.
  429. Los Angeles, CA: William Dailey.
  430. Los Angeles, CA: Dawson's Book Shop.
  431. Los Angeles, CA: Bennett Gilbert.
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  482. Moulins, France: Librairie Devaux.
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  487. Munich, Germany: Wolfle.
  488. Munich, Germany: Zissha.
  489. Munster, Germany: Geisenheyner.
  490. Munster, Germany: Stenderhoff.
  491. Naarden, Netherlands: Van Bekhoven.
  492. Nanterre, France: Hotel des Ventes Poincave.
  493. Narberth, PA: McKittrick Books.
  494. Near Hereford, England: J. Geoffrey Aspin.
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Booksellers' catalogues published in the United States and Europe, 1922-2005: Guide.
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