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Briggs Motor Sales



uring the 1920s, George Briggs, Sr., owned a car dealership located at 10 Water Street in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Upon his death in 1926, his son, George Briggs, Jr., inherited the business and continued it under the name of Briggs Auto Sales. In addition to selling both new and used cars, both men maintained an automobile repair service as well as two service stations. On August 31, 1932, George Briggs, Jr., Russell Davis and Sherman L. Whipple, Jr. incorporated this endeavor under the name Briggs Motor Sales, Inc. The corporation’s original purpose was to manage, purchase, sell or deal in automobiles, boats, airplanes and motors. During the years of active business, Briggs Auto Sales and Briggs Motors Sale, Inc. traded in Dodge, Plymouth, Nash, Austin, Ajax and Packard automobiles. In the mid-1930s, the corporation leased a Gulf gasoline station on Main Street in Hyannis, Massachusetts. This arrangement ended in 1939. Briggs Motor Sales, Inc. dissolved in 1941. However, George Briggs Jr., continued to sell used cars from time to time until his death in the 1976.

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Briggs Motor Sales records

Collection Identifier: Mss:5341925-1969 B856

Records of an automobile agency in Plymouth, Mass., operated by George R. Briggs, selling Dodge, Nash, Packard, Ajax, and Austin automobiles at various times.