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Bills of sale

Subject Source: Unspecified ingested source

Found in 4 Collections and/or Records:

Bill of sale for Phillis, Lizzy, Jenny, Laura, Esther, and Leah, enslaved women and girls, 22 February 1833

Collection Identifier: A/P872

Bill of sale documenting the sale of six enslaved African American women and children in South Carolina in 1833.

Houghton Library collection on the North American slave trade

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: MS Am 1278

Documents concerning sale of enslaved people and other materials related to slavery in North America, particularly the United States.

Bill of sale for Mary, an enslaved woman, October 1838

Collection Identifier: A/K365

Bill of sale transferring ownership of Mary, a 17-year-old enslaved "Negro" woman, from Press G. Kennett to Reuben Mullens and Thomas Hauser in Pendleton County, Kentucky, in 1838.

Bill of sale for Thankfull, an enslaved woman, 1803 April 27

Collection Identifier: A/Y67

Bill of sale transferring ownership of Thankfull, an enslaved woman, from John Youle to Daniel Tooker, for $200, in 1803.