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Angela Davis speech: Kenyon College, November 1, 1990. Digital

Item Identifier: MC 940, Vt-314.21.
Scope and Contents: Speech on the persistence of racism in academia. Davis discusses her experience at Brandeis University, creating an inclusive curriculum, affirmative action, internalized racism, racial and ethnic linguistic terms, Black Studies programs, elitism, classicism, teaching in prisons, and the cocaine drug epidemic. Includes audience question and answer session.

Angela Davis speech: Bates College, January 16, 1991. Digital

Item Identifier: MC 940, Vt-314.23.
Scope and Contents: Speech on gender, race, and class and how these concepts relate to the Gulf War. Davis discusses the United States military; a demonstration against the Gulf War in San Francisco, California; United States imperialism; apartheid in South Africa; British imperialism, Kuwait and Iraq; people of color and working class people in the military; Colin Powell; criminalization; the Vietnam War; the importance of building a multiracial and multicultural activist movement; people of color in...

A Conversation with Amiri Baraka and Angela Davis, November 21, 1997. Digital

Item Identifier: MC 940, Vt-314.49.
Scope and Contents: Video starts in the middle of a poetry performances. Performances are followed by moderated conversation between Angela Davis and writer Amiri Baraka. They discuss activist movements, imperialism, capitalism, activist strategies. Includes audience question and answer session. See #105.2 for additional event materials.

Angela Davis interviews artist Ice Cube, ca.1991. Digital

Item Identifier: MC 940, Vt-314.27.
Scope and Contents: Discussion topics include generational differences between African Americans, sexist language in hip hop, reclaiming racial slurs, Ice Cube's album "Death Certificate," hip hop culture, black women in activism, racial stereotypes, musical influences, depiction of African Americans in media, drug epidemic, police violence, African American leaders, apartheid in South Africa, and other issues affecting the African American community.

Issues and Answers, Show 35: The Prison Industrial Complex featuring Angela Davis, April 5, 1999. Digital

Item Identifier: MC 940, Vt-314.55.
Scope and Contents: Episode of KTOP 10 Oakland Government Access television program on the Prison Industrial Complex featuring Angela Davis. Davis discusses mass incarceration, Critical Resistance, private prisons, local prison abolition events, the criminalization of non-violent acts, the imprisonment of immigrants, and the defunding of educational and welfare programs. Includes commercials.

Angela Davis speech: Ithaca College, African American History Month, 1993. Digital

Item Identifier: MC 940, Vt-314.32.
Scope and Contents: Davis discusses women in the civil rights movement and Black Power Movement (Rosa Parks, Ella Baker, Ruby Doris Robinson, Lorraine Hansberry, Elizabeth Martinez, Maria Varela); her memory of the 1963 16th Street Baptist Church explosion in Birmingham, Alabama; connections between social issues; media depictions of the relationship between African Americans and Koreans; violence against women; unemployment; creating new forms of activism; "women of color" as a political expression. Includes...

Angela Davis speech: 10th Annual National Women's Studies Conference, June 1987. Digital

Item Identifier: MC 940, T-547.6.
Scope and Contents: 1st Plenary Session of conference at Spelman College. Moderated by Julie Wade. Includes addresses by Johnnetta Cole, C. Delores Tucker, Byllye Avery, and Angela Davis. Davis discusses the history of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs; solidarity among dispossessed people; African Americans in the women's movement; unemployment; and racist, sexist, and homophobic violence.

Interview with Angela Davis on Sunday Morning Live, August 16, 1987. Digital

Item Identifier: MC 940, T-547.7.
Scope and Contents: Phone interview with Angela Davis by Kenny McReynolds on Sunday Morning Live radio show. Discusses participation in the 24th Convention for the Communist Party of the United States of America, economic roots of racism, the politics of Ronald Reagan, the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, and communism. Includes listener questions..

Critical Resistance meeting led by Angela Davis, "Critical Resistance HR 1, #1," May 25, 2000. Digital

Item Identifier: MC 940, T-547.58.
Scope and Contents: Group discusses visit to Calipatria State Prison, how to educate the public about prison conditions, prisoner rights, and the California Department of Corrections.

Critical Resistance meeting led by Angela Davis, "Critical Resistance HR 1, #2," May 25, 2000. Digital

Item Identifier: MC 940, T-547.59.
Scope and Contents: Continuation of Critical Resistance meeting. Group discusses prison reformers working with prison workers, political education for prisoners, and how to best advocate for prison reforms.