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Herbert Benson Papers, 1960-2003.

Collection Identifier: H MS c238
Overview: The Herbert Benson Papers, 1960-2003, document Benson's career as a cardiologist and behavioral medicine specialist atBoston City Hospital's Thorndike Memorial Laboratory, Beth Israel Hospital, New England Deaconess Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and the Mind/Body Medical Institute, and as Mind/Body Medical Institute Associate Professor of Medicine atHarvard Medical School.

Linda Benson collection of T. S. Eliot papers,

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: MS Am 2706
Overview: Correspondence, compositions and clippings by or about American-born, British naturalized poet, critic, essayist and playwright T. S. Eliot, collected and annotated by his secretary at Faber and Faber, Linda Melton Benson.

George Benson Weston autograph collection

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: MS Am 1652
Overview: Autograph collection containing papers of various European musicians, poets and aristocrats.

Herbert Pope papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601651
Overview: The Herbert Pope Papers document Pope's career as a Chicago attorney and an author. The legal documents in the collection involve a wide range of legal cases including corporate and tax law cases.

Herbert Machiz records concerning the Artists' Theatre, New York

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: MS Thr 318
Overview: Correspondence and papers of American theatre director Herbert Machiz and producer John Bernard Myers concerning the Artists' Theatre in New York.

Vetter, Herbert. Papers, 1896-2006.

Collection Identifier: bMS 715
Overview: Papers of Unitarian minister Herbert Vetter, relating to his work on the Harvard University Ingersoll Lectures. The papers include biographical material on the lecturers and research on the immortality and the history of the lectures. The papers span 1896-2006.

Herbert B. Ehrmann papers,

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: MS Thr 436
Overview: Correspondence, scripts, and scrapbooks relating to the American dramatist and author Herbert Ehrmann.

Herbert B. (Herbert Brutus) Ehrmann papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601620
Overview: Papers chiefly relating to Ehrmann's involvement in the Sacco-Vanzetti case as junior counsel for the defense and his research and writings (1927-1969) on the case. Includes much correspondence (1915-1965) with Felix Frankfurter; letters (1920-1927) written by Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti to various persons; material pertaining to Ehrmann's participation with the Massachusetts Commissions on Capital Punishment and on Unemployment, the Massachusetts Judicial Council, the Massachusetts...

John Howard Benson papers concerning The first writing book,

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: MS Typ 897
Overview: Holograph manuscripts, notes, and proofs concerning American artist John Benson's The first writing book: an English translation and facsimile text of Arrighi's Operina, the first manual of the chancery hand.

Herbert Steiner correspondence with Richard and Hilda von Mises

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: MS Ger 197
Overview: Letters to Austrian mathematicians Richard and Hilda von Mises from Austrian writer Herbert Steiner concerning professional life and Austrian colleagues.