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Edward Echtman papers

Collection Identifier: Mss:9 1935-1963 E18
Content Description: The Edward Echtman papers consist of correspondence, documents, speeches, pamphlets, and printed material related to in industrialization and growth of Israel, primarily after World War II. Echtman was interested economic development and trade between Israel and the international community. Many of the papers are in foreign languages including Hebrew, German, Polish, Yiddish, and French.

Edward Denny & Co. records

Collection Identifier: Mss:446 1866-1869 D398
Overview: The Edward Denny & Co. collection contains a daybook, 1866-1869, of Edward Denny and Company, a wool factory in Barre Plains, Massachusetts. George Mixter was interested in this business. Kimball & Co. were selling agents.

Edward C. Bursk papers

Collection Identifier: Arch GA 10
Overview: The Edward C. Bursk papers spans the years 1942 to 1974 and document Professor Bursk's time as a faculty member at Harvard Business School and his work as editor of the Harvard Business Review.

Edward W. Morehouse papers

Collection Identifier: Mss:750 1928-1932 M838
Overview: Typewritten research notes drawn from interviews and from decisions of the Massachusetts Public Utilities Commission. The notes are arranged by topics, by company or agency name, and by a numerical system used by Morehouse.

Edward Marrett account books

Collection Identifier: Mss:451 1750-1780 M358
Scope and Contents: Collection consists of four account books of Edward Marrett related to his tailoring business, general store, wharf and lumber trade, and activities as a Cambridge town selectman, dated 1750-1780. Volume one is a daybook with entries from 1750 to 1751; included is a typed twentieth century manuscript regarding the provenance of the collection and a brief biography of Edward Marrett. Volume two contains accounts of goods and supplies he purchased from 1767 to 1773. Volume three is a daybook with...

Edward Slead ledger

Collection Identifier: Mss:481 1797-1827 H432
Scope and Contents: Ledger kept by furniture maker Edward Slead, of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, from 1797 to 1827, recording payments, via cash or barter, for pieces he constructed and mended, including desks, dining tables, book cases, and cases of drawers. Slead also created coffins. He often accepted various types of lumber as payment-in-kind. There are additionally records of general store sales, and credits for farm labor and weaving and spinning by Elizabeth Mosher, among others.

Edward Wigglesworth business records

Collection Identifier: Mss:766 1758-1765 W676
Overview: Edward Wigglesworth was a commission merchant in partnership with William Blair Townsend in Boston before his appointment as the second Hollis Chair of Divinity at Harvard College in 1765. The Edward Wigglesworth business records, dated 1758-1773, consist of two daybooks and a ledger containing general store and commission sales and expenses related to the business of Townsend & Wigglesworth.

E.C. Allen business records

Collection Identifier: Mss:680 1871-1896 A425
Scope and Contents: Ledger accounts for agents, cash books, letter books, records of subscriptions and mailings, and unbound papers. There are extensive files of copyright entries and of advertising circulars. Also included are papers relating to Allen's other business interests, particularly the Kennebec Steamboat Company. The collection is an important resource for a study of the beginnings of both the mail order business and mass advertising. There is very little material on the editorial side of the business.

Edward Kitchin Wolcott account book

Collection Identifier: Mss:770 1774-1796 W849
Scope and Contents: Account book maintained by merchant Edward Kitchin Wolcott of Oxford and Brookline, Massachusetts, from 1774 to 1796. The first part of the volume contains daybook entries recording sale of and payment for commodities like linen, sugar, tea, and molasses, in Oxford, from 1774 to 1775. He also charged for transporting merchandise from Boston. Entries from 1777 to 1796 relate to transactions after Edward Wolcott relocated to Brookline. He recorded charges for services such as stabling horses and...

Edward Blanchard letter book

Collection Identifier: Mss:766 1786-1794 B639
Scope and Contents: Letter book consisting of copies of letters sent between July 21, 1786 and September 4, 1794 from Edward Blanchard to more than one hundred ship captains and merchants. The letters discuss details of financial arrangements pertaining to the movement and sale of goods including chocolate, flour, salt, fish, cod and whale oil, pork, canvas, duck, rum, bar iron, rice, tobacco, beef, and candles in more than thirty ports in the United States, British Canada, the West Indies, England, and Spain. A...