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COLLECTIONS: 7151 - 7160 of 7846

Thomas Buford Meteyard prints

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: Typ 970.00.5684
Overview: Woodcuts and linoleum cut by the American artist Thomas Buford Meteyard.

Thomas Bulfinch documents for a reparation claim

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection — Volume: 1Identifier: MS Am 601
Overview: Documents concern the seizure in 1775, of goods from an apothecary shop owned by Dr. Thomas Bulfinch, at the order of General William Howe for the use of the British General Hospital.

Thomas Chandler Haliburton letters to Richard Bentley,

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: MS Can 78
Overview: Letters from Nova Scotian writer Thomas Chandler Haliburton to English publisher Richard Bentley to

Thomas Chatterton Bristol forgeries

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: MS Eng 1279
Overview: The "Bristol forgeries" of English poet Thomas Chatterton.

Thomas Coffin Amory papers

Collection Identifier: Mss:766 1797-1802 A524
Overview: Thomas Coffin Amory, merchant and store owner, was born in 1767 in Boston, Massachusetts, to Thomas and Elizabeth (Coffin) Amory. The Thomas Coffin Amory papers consist of a letter book, and copies of correspondence removed from a letter book, from Amory to other merchants, ship captains, agents, and associates, most likely in the hand of a clerk, dated 1797 to 1802. Letters relate to foreign trade, import, and consignment of assorted commodities and goods like New England rum, molasses,...

Thomas Crawford letters to Charles Brooks,

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: MS Am 2040
Overview: Letters from the American sculptor Thomas Crawford to Charles Brooks.

Thomas De Quincey compositions

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: MS Eng 974
Overview: Compositions by English essayist and critic Thomas De Quincey.

Thomas De Quincey papers

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: MS Eng 1009
Overview: Primarily correspondence and compositions of the English author Thomas De Quincey.

Thomas E. Oliver business records

Collection Identifier: Mss:251 1809-1865 O48
Scope and Contents: Records relating to the fishing business, coastwise shipping, and a general store. The material on fishing includes fish books, schooners' outfits, shares books, and unbound papers. On coastwise shipping there are unbound papers for a number of vessels, schooners' outfits, coasting books, and waste books. The general store, Newcastle, N.H., is represented by blotters, day book, and stock books.

Thomas Fayerweather incoming letters

Collection Identifier: Mss:766 1750-1768 F283
Overview: Thomas Fayerweather (1724-1805) was a Boston merchant engaged in coastwise and international shipping in the West Indies, Europe, England, and Nova Scotia, as well as whaling and mining ventures, and farming. The Thomas Fayerweather incoming letters, dated 1750-1784, relate to trade of goods like molasses and sugar, and social matters, from correspondents including James Porter, William Blair Townsend, William Spooner, and Henry Atkins.