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Records of the Cambridge Scientific Club, 1842-2015, bulk dates 1846-1945.

Collection Identifier: HUD 3257
Overview: The Cambridge Scientific Club was founded on November 14, 1842 as a small informal dining club consisting chiefly of members of the Harvard University faculty who met to exchange ideas on a wide variety of topics including religion, music, the natural sciences, political economy, the law, ancient history, and the fine arts. The records document the Club's founding, organization, and administrative activities.

Records of the Camp Fire for Eastern Massachusetts Council, 1902-2001 (inclusive), 1920-1973 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 593; Phon-50
Overview: Records of Camp Fire for Eastern Massachusetts Council, founded as Greater Boston Council of Camp Fire Girls in 1919 to provide girls with club activities and camping opportunities.

Records of the Central Committee on Friendship Dinners, 1927-1950

Collection Identifier: B-1
Overview: Records and history of the Central Committee on Friendship Dinners, treasurer's reports and secretary's reports, and material re the recipients of the American Woman's Association Awards and scholarships.

Records of the Cercle Français de l'Université Harvard, 1873 and 1888-1952

Collection Identifier: HUD 3272
Overview: The first organization at Harvard University to use the name "Cercle Français" was established in November 1873 to encourage the study of French language and literature. This club was in existence until 1875. A second Cercle Français was founded by Adolphe Cohn, professor of French at Harvard, in 1886 as a debating club under the name Conférence Française. The group soon changed its focus to begin producing French plays, an annual tradition that continued at least into the 1940s. The records...

Records of the Child Care Center Parents Association of New York, 1947-1954

Collection Identifier: B-21
Overview: Minutes, correspondence, statements, programs, etc., of the Child Care Center Parents Association of New York, which campaigned in the state of New York for funds to maintain and expand child care centers for children of working mothers.

Records of the Choate Club, 1955-1967

Collection Identifier: HUD 3277.4500
Overview: The Choate Club was founded at the Harvard Law School in 1887 as a chapter of the Phi Delta Phi, a law-school fraternity. In its later years, the Club appears to have been a secret society composed of Law School students and professors, with a focus on social and intellectual stimulation outside of study of the law. The Records of the Choate Club document the history, activities, and interests of the Club. The Club should not be confused with the Law School's Choate Law Club, associated with...

Records of the Circolo Italiano dell'Universitá Harvard, 1910, 1926-1950, and undated

Collection Identifier: HUD 3285
Overview: The Circolo Italiano dell’Universitá Harvard was founded in 1903 as the Italian Club. While membership was originally confined to those studying the Italian language,the Circolo gradually extended its sphere of interest and opened to all members of the University interested in Italian and the culture of Italy, and Italians in America. The records document the history, activities, and interests of the Circolo.

Records of the College Club, 1890-1969

Collection Identifier: MC 209
Overview: Minutes, committee records, annual meeting reports, etc., of the College Club, established in 1890 to provide a place for social meetings of college women in Boston.

Records of the College Equal Suffrage League in the Woman's Rights Collection, 1904-1920

Collection Identifier: WRC 112v-113v; M-133, reel D4
Overview: Essay, booklist, printed material, etc., of the College Equal Suffrage League, which worked on behalf of a constitutional amendment granting women the vote. These records are part of the Woman's Rights Collection.