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Hubert Lyman Clark Papers, ca. 1870s-1960s

Collection Identifier: MCZ-ARC-2-244-307
Scope and Contents: This collection consists of Hubert Lyman Clark’s correspondence from/to his family members, his colleagues in the field of zoology, and his friends all around the world. His wife Frances often co-authored letters to family members and travel notebooks, as she occasionally accompanied him on expeditions. The collection includes Hubert’s extensive notes and drawings of echinoderm specimens that he found during his various expeditions to Australia, China, Japan, Bermuda, and Tobago. Other...

Philip Jackson Darlington, Jr. Papers

Collection Identifier: MCZ-ARC-313
Scope and Contents: This collection contains papers related to Philip Jackson Darlington, Jr.'s work at the United Fruit Company in Columbia between 1928 and 1929, including other related documents that were authored by other entomologists or scientists in ca. 1926-1931. Other papers in this collection document Darlington's research- and/or military-related trips, with a date range between the 1930s and the 1970s, to the Carribean Islands, Australia (such as the Harvard Australian Expedition,...

Farish Alston Jenkins, Jr. Papers, ca. 1967-2013

Collection Identifier: MCZ-ARC-284
Scope and Contents: This collection documents Farish A. Jenkins, Jr.’s field and laboratory research and teaching career as a vertebrate paleontologist and as a faculty member at Harvard University. It includes some of Jenkin’s important research, such as his work with respiratory physiology, bird flight, and vertebrate evolution. The bulk of the collection dates from the late 1970s to the 1990s.The course material in this collection contains handouts, drafts, lecture material, sketches, and notes....

Bernhard Kummel Papers, ca. 1941-1977

Collection Identifier: MCZ-ARC-234
Scope and Contents: Papers of Harvard geology professor and Museum of Comparative Zoology Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology Bernhard Kummel.The bulk of the collection consists of materials related to Kummel's publications. These are primarily photographs of fossil sites and specimens, maps, charts and diagrams. Some of them, mounted on photomount boards, were to be used as plates in Kummel's publications. Others were loose, in folders and envelopes of various sizes, or scattered in the boxes. ...