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Alfred Riocreux botanical watercolors

Collection Identifier: arn00007
Scope and Content: The Riocreux watercolors comprise 87 original watercolor paintings in [matting]. The watercolors have been detached from the binding. The paintings vary in size from 22 x 28 cm up to 29 x 36 cm. There are two plates numbered 73 but they are not duplicates. Sixty-one illustrations were reproduced in Auguste Loiseleur Deslongchamps’s Herbier Général de l'Amateur, Deuxiéme série, t.1 (Paris: Didot Jeune, 1839).

Calvin Sperling field notebooks

Collection Identifier: arn00011
Scope and Contents: This collection consists of three field notebooks from Sperling’s time as a graduate student at Harvard. The notes are for collections made in South America as well as in the United States and Canada.

Charles Edward Faxon papers

Collection Identifier: arn00003
Scope and content: The collection contains original artwork, published plates, and manuscript material. Artwork includes drawings and paintings of plants, animals, and scenery. Manuscript material consists of translations of portions of Julius Milde's 1869 “Botrychiorum Monographia.” Faxon's translations date from November 1876 and may have been made while he was in Europe.

Charles Edward Faxon watercolors

Collection Identifier: arn00015
Scope and Contents: This collection contains 39 unnumbered leaves of vascular plant watercolors. Some of the watercolors seem to be unfinished.

Chinese paintings of flowering plants [Another series]

Collection Identifier: arn00020
Scope and Contents: 11 Chinese paintings of flowering plants from approximately 1850. Gouache on pith paper, edged with silk ribbon and further applied to paper. Title derived from note in album. Sheets detached from album. Album stored in separate shared box.

Chinese paintings of flowering plants, hand-colored on rice paper

Collection Identifier: arn00019
Overview: 18 Chinese botanical illustrations featuring insects. Gouache on pith paper, probably made in Canton, circa 1850.

Elmer Drew Merrill papers

Collection Identifier: arn00001
Scope and Content: The collection contains letters pertaining to an attempt to get copies of Vols. 1 and 2 of the "Palau Tropical Biological Station Studies" in 1946, a manuscript for "An Index to Rafinesque's Published Technical Names for the Cellular Cryptogams" by E. D. Merrill, and a manuscript "A Partial List of the Present Locations of Authentically Named William Roxburgh's Phanerogams Many Being Isotypes or Perhaps Holotypes of his Indian and Malayan Species." Also included, bank statement and canceled...

Field data of the Sino-American botanical expedition

Collection Identifier: arn00008
Scope and content: The collection consists of field data for collecting numbers 1-2085 recorded on preprinted specimen labels. Specimens were collected between August 25 and October 9, 1980. The preprinted sheets include Thomas S. Elias in the list of collectors. He was replaced on the expedition by James L. Luteyn.

George Russell Shaw papers

Collection Identifier: arn00010
Scope and content: This collection contains field notes, illustrative material, research notes, reprints, clippings, photographs, and correspondence relating to Shaw’s work on the genus Pinus.Notebooks: three notebooks contain field notes from trips to Mexico in 1904 and 1905; one notebook contains notes on pines collected in the Philippines by George Patrick Ahern, David LeRoy Topping, and Elmer Drew Merrill; one notebook consists of notes on specimens consulted at Kew.Reprints: annotated copies of...

Henry Alfred Alford Nicholls diary

Collection Identifier: arn00005
Scope and Content: The collection consists of one volume of 169 pages, "a report-diary of excursions through Lesser Antilles from Tobago to Dominica on a survey of the prevalence of yaws, Dr. Nicholls' specialty. Includes comments on the customs, botany, zoology and history of the area..." Entries are from May 1, 1891 to June 18, 1891. [Description quoted from R.A. Howard note.]