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Additional papers of Eve Merriam, ca.1930-1992

Collection Identifier: MC 650

Correspondence, draft and published writings, royalty statements, journals, notebooks, publicity materials, etc., of Eve Merriam, poet, playwright, director, lyricist, and feminist.

Advertising and trade card collection of the Schlesinger Library, 1872-1974

Collection Identifier: B/A2445

Advertisements and trade cards depicting women or targeting female consumers.

Audio collection of June Jordan, 1970-2000

Collection Identifier: T-331; Phon-38; CD-13

The audio collection of June Jordan, poet, author, activist, and professor.

Charles Dibdin songs, theatricals, and other papers

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: 65T-68

Sheet music of opera and pantomime excerpts, in vocal scores.

Chiefly published in London, printed for the author, and by G. Walker, J. Hannam, Preston, Preston & Sons, Longman Lukey & Co., Mr. Asperne's, H. Andrews, Thomas Hailes Lacy, J. Bell, S.A. and P. Thompson, Longman and Broderip, John Johnston, M.P. Corri & Co., R. Bremner, and Cramer, Beale & Co.

Clara Swigart De Windt collection of American sheet music

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: 2015T-60
Summary: American sheet music, probably from the larger collection of Mrs. Heyliger de Windt; chiefly for voice and piano, some for piano solo. Box 1. Popular music (early 1800s to 1870) chiefly published in Boston by Graupner; two books written and published by Gottlieb Graupner in Boston: 1st and 2nd "improved and enlarged" edition of Rudiments of the art of playing on the Piano Forte. Box 2. Music with lyrics by: Mrs. Hemans ; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ; Oliver Wendell...

Papers of Shirley Graham Du Bois, 1865-1998 (inclusive), 1905-1975 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 476

Papers of Shirley Graham Du Bois, African American writer, playwright, composer, biographer, teacher, civil rights and left-wing activist.

Evert Jansen Wendell and Raymond S. Wilkins collection of American sheet music by title

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: 2015T-52

Sheet music published in America, chiefly from (but not limited to) the Raymond S. Wilkins and Evert Jansen Wendell collections; for voice and piano, some for piano solo.

Evert Jansen Wendell collection of sheet music with lyrics by Felicia Dorothea Hemans

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: 2015T-188

American sheet music, scant few published in London; chiefly for voice and piano, some for piano solo, with lyrics by English poet Felicia Dorothea Hemans.

Fred Ho manuscript scores, performance programs, and other material, 1991-2011.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 142

Manuscript scores and related materials of American composer and social activist Fred Wei-han Ho.

Papers of Victoria Glaser, 1900-2004

Collection Identifier: MC 977; T-410

Musical compositions, concert programs, writings, correspondence, teaching materials, and audiotapes of composer and music teacher Victoria Glaser.

Halim El-Dabh ballet scores

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: MS Thr 1973

Contains full musical score and parts for two ballets by Halim El-Dabh's, Lucifer and A Look at Lightening, both commissioned and choreographed by Martha Graham.

Harvard Theatre Collection of sheet music newspaper supplements

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: 2015T-58

Music supplements from newspapers in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis and San Francisco; chiefly for voice and piano.

Harvard Theatre Collection of Ukrainian sheet music

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: 2015T-187

Ukrainian sheet music, in popular and folk idioms; chiefly for voice and piano, some for chorus, some instrumental.

Music published in New York, Jersey City (N.J.), L'viv (Poland, then Ukraine), Ternopilʹ (Ukraine), Kharkiv (Ukraine), Kiev (Ukraine), Warsaw (Poland), and Riga (Latvia); primary publishers include Smolensky (New York) and Torban (L'viv).

Some texts by Taras Shevchenko.

Igor Stravinsky's Firebird excerpts from printed score, undated

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: 2004MT-138

Includes manuscript annotations.

Jeanne Beauvais scores, correspondence, and other material, 1927-1988.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 127

The collection includes autographed letters, photographs and theatrical ephemera associated with her career. The bulk of the collection consists of print and manuscript scores by composers Virgil Thomson, Ned Rorem, Leonard Bernstein, Theodore Chanler and others; many of these are personally inscribed.

Nadia Boulanger scores by her students, 1925-1972.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 125

This collection contains musical scores submitted by the students of French composer Nadia Boulanger while attending the American Conservatory at Fontainebleau, France.

Otto Gombosi Papers, 1925-1955.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 136

Music and text transcriptions, notes, and drafts documenting thirty years of research in historical musicology.

Papers of Dorothy Rodgers, 1922-1987

Collection Identifier: 87-M118--87-M195; Vt-36; T-207

Correspondence, photographs, notes, etc., Dorothy Rodgers, writer and inventor.

Papers of Florence Heath Burtt, 1899-1903

Collection Identifier: SC 183

Scrapbook and musical scores of Florence Heath Burtt, member of the Radcliffe College Class of 1903.

Papers of June Jordan, 1936-2002 (inclusive), 1954-2002 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 513

The papers of June Jordan, poet, author, outspoken activist, champion of equal rights for African Americans and women, and professor.

Papers of Mabel Wheeler Daniels, 1884-1971

Collection Identifier: MC 266

Correspondence, musical scores, notebook, photographs, etc., of Mabel W. Daniels, composer.

Papers of Matilda White Riley, 1844-2019 (inclusive), 1929-2004 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 961

Correspondence, speeches, writings, and photographs of Matilda White Riley, sociologist and gerontologist.

Papers of Sarah Phelps Stokes Halkett, 1916-1940

Collection Identifier: 77-M24

Photographs, manuscripts, drawings, etc., of Sarah Phelps Stokes Halkett, author and illustrator.

Papers of the Tuttle family, 1895-1975 (inclusive), 1900-1953 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 314

Diaries, correspondence, writings, and photographs of the Tuttle family, Baptist missionaries, from Massachusetts.

Raymond S. Wilkins collection of international sheet music

FOUND IN: Houghton Library
Collection Identifier: 2015T-186
General Note:

Comprises popular and classical selections.

Sheet music published abroad, chiefly in Paris, also London, Bucharest, Budapest, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Leipzig, Vienna, Naples, Madrid, Havana, Casablanca, Rio de Janeiro, and Constantinople; chiefly for voice and piano, some for piano solo.