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Cambridge Tenants' Union records

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 9460588

Contains materials related to the creation of Cambridge Tenants' Union and the organization's involvement in promoting rent control and other housing issues in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Papers Relating to Admission to the Bar in the U.S. and Canada

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601643

Papers of staff member, Alfred Z. Reed, relating to Admission to the Bar in the U.S. and Canada, Harvard Law School Library.

Cecil F. Poole papers

Collection Identifier: LAW-MMC-300
Content Description:

The Cecil F. Poole papers contain a wide swath of personal and professional material from Poole’s earliest career in the U.S. Army Air Corps and the Price Administration to his appointment as Judge for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The entire collection spans from 1935 until Poole’s death in 1997 and primarily consists of correspondence, memoranda, case files, personnel files, newspaper and magazine clippings, speeches, photographs, date books and personal ephemera.

Charles Benjamin Barnes diaries

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601635

This collection contains the diaries of Charles Benjamin Barnes (1868-1956), attorney, lecturer and civic leader. Entries are detailed, describing Barnes' law practice, club membership, and social engagements.

Charles Claflin Davis papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS8872753

This collection chronicles Davis's work with Russian refugees and orphans displaced by the Russian Revolution. Davis was director of the American Red Cross' South Eastern Base from 1920-1922. During this period he worked in Constantinople and Symrna Turkey, as well as Lemnos, Greece.

Charles Culp Burlingham papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601600

Papers relating to Charles C. Burlingham's personal and professional affairs, cultural affairs in New York City, efforts on behalf of civic and judicial reform, alumni activities with Harvard College and Columbia University Law School, espousal of civil liberties causes, and work on behalf of the Episcopal Church.

Charles Doe Docket Books

File Identifier: HOLLIS11749659

The materials in this collection primarily consist of annotated docket books used by Charles Doe, justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court from 1859-1874 and chief justice from 1876 until his death in 1896.

Charles E. (Charles Edward) Wyzanski papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601704

Chiefly personal and professional correspondence together with legal briefs, memos, and other types of legal documents. Correspondence concerns Wyzanski's professional and personal life, national matters, and Harvard affairs.

Charles Fried papers

Collection Identifier: LAW-MMC-292
Scope and Contents: The Charles Fried papers primarily represent Fried's work as a professor at Harvard Law School from 1961-1992, and his service as the United States Solicitor General under President Ronald Reagan from 1985-1989. The bulk of the collection dates from the 1980s, but spans from 1951 through 1993. The majority of the collection contains professional documents, though there are some notable personal and scholarly materials, particularly opinion editorials. The collection also includes course...

Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. papers Digital

Collection Identifier: LAW-MMC-401

Assorted material that document Charles Ogletree, Jr.’s career as a Harvard Law School professor, author, and legal theorist from 1970-2005.

Please see the following document for access to the collection's digital content:
Master document (provides access to digital content)

Charles R. Nesson Papers

Collection Identifier: LAW-MMC-283
Overview: Assorted material created by Charles R. Nesson related to his work as a professor at Harvard Law School from 1966-2013, as well as his professional and personal activities outside of Harvard. The collection includes court transcripts, case files, including material related to United States v. Daniel Ellsberg (the Pentagon Papers trial), personal and professional correspondence, classroom material, photographs, and audiovisual material. In addition to this finding aid, an ...

Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge records

Collection Identifier: 002272564

Records of the trial between the proprietors of the Charles River Bridge and the proprietors of the Warren Bridge, heard before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, 1828. In this famous case, the plaintiff claimed that the Warren Bridge charter impaired the obligation of the state’s earlier contract, and was therefore unconstitutional.

Charles Sumner papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 2072291

Includes letters from Sumner to Charles C. Convers and Horace Gray, a letter from Francis Lieber, a page of manuscript mounted beneath a portrait of Sumner, and 19 letters to Mittermaier (photocopies).

Charles Warren papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS601716
Overview: The Papers of Charles Warren reflect Warren's professional work in several legal cases as well as a researcher, writer, and lecturer. Included are materials relating to Warren's work as special master in the cases of New Mexico v. Texas (State boundary dispute), Utah v. United States (re: navigability of Colorado, Green, and San Juan rivers), and Texas v. New Mexico (re: irrigation rights on the Rio Grande); research notes on the history of the Supreme Court, and on other aspects of American...

Chester T. Lane briefs

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 9343291

This collection is made up of nine volumes entitled U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: Briefs in cases involving statutes administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Clarence Clyde Ferguson papers

Collection Identifier: LAW-MMC-139

Papers include background material for Ferguson's Seminar on Human Rights; material relating to his mission to Biafra, his ambassadorship to Uganda; material relating to Overseas Development Council, U.N. Assembly.

Clarence Clyde Ferguson photographs

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 8872391

The bulk of the photographs date from the period 1969 to 1983, beginning from the time Ferguson was appointed Special Coordinator of Relief to the Civilian Victims of the Nigerian Civil War. There are several miscellaneous items (11-6), including an example of African (Nigerian?) embroidery.

David Charny papers

Collection Identifier: LAW-MMC-277

Papers relating to David Charny's teaching and research, primarily as a faculty member of Harvard Law School (1984-2000).

David Farquhar Cavers Papers

Collection Identifier: LAW-MMC-217
Content Description:

Professional papers created and assembled by David Farquhar Cavers from 1932-1988, documenting his work at both the Duke and Harvard Law Schools. The collection includes correspondence, teaching files, subject files, and material related to his work for Walter E. Meyer Research Institute.

David L. Shapiro materials for Legal Methods Course

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 3492699

Copies of materials used in the 1988 academic year for the Legal Methods program, a first year requirement at the Harvard Law School.

David N. (David Nathan) Smith materials relating to the Government of Liberia's Concessions Policy

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 595163

Reports, memos, briefs and correspondence relating to the government of Liberia's Concessions Policy.

David Schwartz papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601713

This collection includes materials relating to alien property control in the U.S., and in Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Luxemburg, and Netherlands, before, during and after World War II, with some material on controls during and after World War I.

David Westfall papers

Collection Identifier: LAW-MMC-275

This collection documents the professional career of David Westfall while a professor at the Harvard Law School. The collection consists almost entirely of his teaching and research materials, including syllabi and course material, exams, research notes, articles, and case reports.

Dodge and Dodge (Firm) records

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 2383087

Contains the case files of the Boston maritime law firm of Dodge and Dodge. Cases relate mainly to suits filed to recover for damages caused by collisions of ships at sea or in harbor. Issues of law focus on rules of shipping, especially the Rules of 1864 (Rev. Stats. of the U.S. Sec. 4233, Rule 16) and the 1885 Revised International Rules and Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea (Article 14).

Donald T. Bliss collection on William T. Coleman

Collection Identifier: LAW-MMC-309
Content Description: Assorted material collected and assembled by Donald T. Bliss, related to the life and career of William Thaddeus Coleman, Jr. The collection consists primarily of secondary sources (articles, magazine, clippings, etc.) along with some primary source material, including correspondence and copies of Coleman's writings. Topically, the collection includes material related to Coleman's work as Secretary of Transportation during the Ford administration, his work on the 1982 Bob Jones University v....