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United States War Production Board records

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS5991942

This collection consists of official records of the New England Regional Branch of the War Production Board. Much of the correspondence involves William A. Rossiter, who was the Chief Consultant of the Regional Priorities Department in Boston, Massachusetts. There is also a large amount of material relating to specific materials that were under regulated production during World War II.

United States Wickersham Commission records

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601621

Records of a commission chaired by former U.S. Attorney General George Wickersham, also known as the National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement. Bulk of the material relates to prohibiton and narcotic law enforcement and the cost of administration of criminal justice.

W. Barton (Walter Barton) Leach papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601669

Contents of this collection relate to Leach's teaching career, professional activities, service in the Air Force during World War II, and involvement in national defense matters. Includes material relating to his role as consultant to the Air Force, 1946-1966, his work with Harvard University's Defense Policy Seminar, which he founded, and drafts of an incomplete autobiography.

Walter B. Howe papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 5999887

Material created by Walter B. Howe between 1921 - 1933 that reflects his work in various areas of international law. During this period, Howe worked in Haiti and Santa Domingo, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Cuba. He was also involved in litigation involving the Firestone Tire Rubber Company's holdings in Liberia.

Warren Abner Seavey papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS601660

Professional correspondence with colleagues, alumni, publishers, and professional groups; examination papers from Seavey's courses; index of case citations and synopses used in his agency casebook; papers relating to cases in which Seavey was retained as counsel or consultant, notably, Dunfey Realty Company, Inc., vs. Enwright (1957); and other papers, some relating to Harvard Law School.

William Alexander Gaston briefs

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 9375301

Court documents, briefs, and manuscripts pertaining to various cases in Massachusetts Superior and Supreme Judicial Courts.

William Cushing Wait day books

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 2368214

The Day Books are chronologically arranged and contain summarized information about the cases adjudicated. The cases cover a number of issues including divorce, murder, debt, assault and battery, theft, and various torts.

William H. Taylor case files

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 9007636

Attorney Byron Scott's case files relating to his defense of William Henry Taylor in hearings before the International Organization Employees Loyalty Board

William Hastie papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601657

The papers of William Henry Hastie relate to his professional career, mainly starting with 1937, until his death in 1976; to his interest in and championship of civic causes; and to his efforts in behalf of anti-discrimination. There are small groups of drafts of speeches and of biographical material, the latter relating to his various appointments, and to academic and civic honors.

William Hastie photographs

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 8873260

The collection consists almost exclusively of black and white photographs. There are also a few letters and notes identifying many of the images in the collection. The photos span the years 1905 to 1994, with the bulk of them dating from the period starting with Hastie's appointment as Civilian Aide to Secretary of War Harold Stimson in 1940, through his tenure on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and ending with his death in 1976.

William Henry Coolidge briefs

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 9344895

This is a collection of briefs in cases argued by Coolidge and others in the state and federal courts of New England. The cases frequently relate to railroads.

William Maxwell Evarts papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 601615

The William M. Evarts papers relate to Evarts' professional concerns. They deal mainly with transportation, especially railroads, land claims, problems which arose in the South in the post-Civil War period, and cases argued by Evarts for the U. S. Government.

William McKee Koons papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS 007695926

William McKee Koons was a lawyer in Knox County, Ohio from 1874 until the 1930s. Koons's papers include business correspondence and legal documents related to a variety of cases from bankruptcy to divorce and land disputes. The collection also contains correspondence and documents from the office of Samuel Israel, another Knox County attorney.

Wood Detective Agency records

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS004386789

The collection comprises correspondence, clippings, case notes, photographs and notes relating to cases that the Agency investigated, as well as brief accounts of famous historical crimes and criminals and some photos and materials dating from the founder's career as a member of the Boston Police Force. This collection includes graphic images of crime scenes including images of murder victims.

Zechariah Chafee papers

Collection Identifier: HOLLIS601667

This collection includes materials relating to Chafee's activities as law teacher, legal scholar, historian, and defender of civil liberties. Includes research material for drafts of the Federal Interpleader Act of 1936.