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A. Tillman Merritt Papers, 1932-1972

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 172
Scope and Contents:

The collection consists of research and teaching materials, chiefly transcriptions, generated by Merritt during his long career. N.B. Scrapbooks and gradebooks of A.T. Merritt were sent to Harvard University Archives.

Albert J. "Budd" Johnson manuscript scores and other material.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 117

Manuscript scores and related materials of composer and tenor saxophonist Albert J. "Budd" Johnson.

Arthur Freedman Collection, 1976-2000.

Collection Identifier: C 37346 - C 37816

The Arthur Freedman Collection at the Loeb Music Library contains audio recordings of primarily Boston-area rock and punk bands, most of which were recorded live between the late 1970s and the mid-1980s. The collection richly documents this era of Boston rock history, and contains many unique recordings unavailable elsewhere.

Aziz El-Shawan Manuscript Score Collection

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 155

Manuscript scores by the twentieth-century Egyptian composer

Classic Crates Collection

Collection Identifier: RECCO Spec Coll 101
Content Description: Classic Crates is a collection of classic vinyl records and related documentation that is built around the idea of HipHop "standards." Selection of titles for the collection is based on the assessment of some of Hiphop’s major producers and deejays (DJs), under the leadership of Hiphop Archive Fellow (2013) and producer 9th Wonder. Classic Crates refers to the range of recordings and musical genres that can be called the Hiphop Standards Book, in that they represent the definitive...

Collection of Ethiopian Music

Collection Identifier: AWM Spec Coll 93

Recordings of Ethiopian music collected by ethnomusicologist and Harvard University Professor of Music, Kay Kaufman Shelemay. Included are recordings made in Ethiopia and New York by Prof. Shelemay as well as recordings from the Radio Voice of the Gospel in Addis Ababa. Also included are accompanying materials such as logbooks and interview notes.

Cuban Rap and Rock in the 1990s: The Deborah Pacini Hernandez and Reebee Garofalo Collection

Collection Identifier: AWM Spec Coll 105
Scope and Contents: The Deborah Pacini Hernandez and Reebee Garofalo Collection of Cuban Rap and Rock in the 1990s contains interviews and live musical performances of a variety of musicians and producers prominent in the Cuban and Cuban American (e.g., Miami) rock, rap, and to a lesser extent fusion/world music scenes throughout the 1990s. The footage was collected during the anthropological fieldwork of scholars Deborah Pacini Hernandez and Reebee Garofalo. The collection contains audio, audiovisual,...

Duke Ellington recordings collection

Collection Identifier: RECCO 34000-35036, 10-35037-35330, C 35331-35469

Recordings of Duke Ellington, American pianist, band leader, and composer, collected by Joseph Jeffers Dodge, jazz aficionado, artist, museum director, and Harvard University Class of 1940.

Fred Ho manuscript scores, performance programs, and other material, 1991-2011.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 142

Manuscript scores and related materials of American composer and social activist Fred Wei-han Ho.

Greta and Leo Milius manuscript score collection, approximately 1932-approximately 1950

Item Identifier: Ms. Coll. 189
Content Description:

Approximately 2 linear feet (approximately 400 printed and manuscript scores, 1 book in 2 Paige-type boxes).

Harold Fielding, Ltd. contracts and correspondence for productions of Frank Loesser's Hans Andersen, 1974-1978.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 129

This collection consists of contracts, memorandums, and letters relating to Harold Fielding's stage production of Frank Loesser's musical Hans Anderson which opened in London on December 17, 1974.

Henry L. Woodward, III scores and papers

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 114

Manuscript scores and related materials of the American composer, teacher, scholar, and organist Henry L. Woodward, III.

Howard Fischer collection of Charles Mingus correspondence and legal documents, 1959, 1965-1967.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 109

Correspondence and other documents of the American jazz double bass player, pianist, composer, and bandleader, Charles Mingus.

Howard Fischer correspondence and other material regarding Harrison Smith's copyright claims of Jelly Roll Morton songs, 1949-1969.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 108

Correspondence and other papers of jazz concert promoter Harrison Smith, his lawyer, Howard Fischer, and music publishers. Harrison Smith claimed to own copyright to several of American jazz composer and pianist Jelly Roll Morton’s songs. The papers deal with Smith’s claims of copyright infringement.

Irving Drutman letters from colleagues, 1943-1987.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 118

Letters to the American journalist, editor, and songwriter, Irving Drutman, from his colleagues, including Lillian Hellman, Ira Gershwin, Virgil Thomson, and Aaron Copland.

James Rubin Collection of Indian Classical Music

Collection Identifier: AWM Spec Coll 94
Overview: Sound recordings made in India and America between 1957 and 1989. The collection consists mostly of Carnatic music with some programs of Hindustani music. These are primarily live concert recordings with a few programs recorded from All India Radio. Most of the recordings were made during the annual concert season in Chennai in December. Several were also made at the Tyāgarāja Arādhana Festival that takes place each January in the town of Tiruvayāṟu. The collection also includes copies of...

Jayasinhji Jhala Collection of Dhrangadhra Music at Harvard University: Original Ethnographic Recordings, 1979-1981

Collection Identifier: AWM Spec Coll 106
Scope and Contents: This collection contains recordings and documentation mostly covering the music of the Gujarat province, particularly showcasing poetic recitations by female singers of Zenana courtly traditions. Of particular importance are the singers Alla Rakhi Bai Langha and Hemu Bai Mir, who are featured along with a handful of additional female singers. Much of the music comes from the dance tradition, bava anjha, and sung tradition, marasiya, which...

Jeanne Beauvais scores, correspondence, and other material, 1927-1988.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 127

The collection includes autographed letters, photographs and theatrical ephemera associated with her career. The bulk of the collection consists of print and manuscript scores by composers Virgil Thomson, Ned Rorem, Leonard Bernstein, Theodore Chanler and others; many of these are personally inscribed.

Joyce Mekeel manuscript scores, recordings, and other material, 1961-1996.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 104

Manuscript scores and related materials of the American composer and harpsichordist Joyce Mekeel.

Kalmyk traditional music collection, 1990-2002.

Collection Identifier: AWM Spec Coll 102

This collection contains original ethnographic field recordings by Ghilyana Dordzhieva in audio and video formats. The call number range for audio cassettes is AWM SC 12096 - 12141, and for DAT cassettes is AWM DAT 300 - 312. The call number range for video is AWM V 11670 - AWM V 11675.

Laura Boulton Collection of Byzantine and Orthodox Musics

Collection Identifier: AWM Spec Coll 92

Recordings collected by ethnomusicologist Laura Boulton between 1951 and 1969 primarily in Greece, Yugoslavia, Ethiopia, and various other countries. It consists primarily of Byzantine and other Orthodox Eastern church music and services from the liturgical cycles; it also contains folk and classical music, some of a religious nature, and miscellaneous commercial recordings and books.

Lou Church and Jack Fields contracts for Blue Note (Philadelphia) performances by jazz musicians, and other materials, 1949, 1955-1957.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 119

This collection consists of contracts between various jazz artists and club owners or producers supplying the terms of agreement for the artists' performance engagements. Artists represented include Cannonball Adderley, Louis Armstong, The Australian Jazz Quintet, Count Basie, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, The Modern Jazz Quartet and several others.

Lou Harrison music manuscripts, sketches, poetry, and drawings, 1945-1991.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 132

Contains working musical manuscripts, drafts, sketches, and fragments, as well as poetry, drawings, and correspondence.

Lowell H. Lybarger Collection of Pakistani Music Materials

Collection Identifier: AWM Spec Coll 101

This collection represents original field recordings and other collected materials (including television dubs and commercial videos) by Lowell Lybarger. Most of the materials were recorded or collected in Pakistan and to a lesser extent in India, the United States, and Canada.

Luigi Ricci collection of scores, 1865-1969

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 179
Scope and Contents:

The collection consists of printed scores: vocal exercises, opera and other large-scale vocal genres, instrumental music and songs. Many are annotated, some heavily, by Ricci and others.