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Florence N. Andrews Neal pressed ferns collected on the island of Maui

Collection Identifier: Herbaria Special Collections Neal
Scope and Contents: This collection includes sixty-four pressed ferns that were collected on the island of Maui, Hawaii, by Florence N. Andrews Neal in 1875. The ferns were exhibited at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in 1876 and were awarded a bronze medal. The ferns are mounted on individual sheets and include typed labels with family, genus, and species names. The specimens were collected under her maiden name, Florence N. Andrews.In 1925 determinations were made by an unknown individual...

Francis Boott manuscript

Collection Identifier: gra00004
Scope and Content: This collection consists of an eight-page manuscript containing descriptions of the genus Vaccinium with annotations by Boott. The descriptions were copied by Boott from a manuscript at the British Museum. It is dated September 25, 1843, and is directed to Asa Gray.

Frank Conkling Seymour list of Martha’s Vineyard plants

Collection Identifier: gra00050
Scope and Content: This collection consists of a loose leaf notebook of approximately 150 typed pages, comprising an annotated list of Martha’s Vineyard and Block Island plants, and a letter to Seymour from Merritt Lyndon Fernald dated 1943 August 19.

Frederick Gillan Floyd autograph collection

Collection — drawer: P1.3Identifier: gra00021
Scope and Content:: This collection contains letters to Floyd and others from about 60 correspondents. Most correspondents are represented by only one letter. The correspondence is arranged alphabetically and mostly dates from the late 19th to early 20th centuries.

Frederick Pursh plant list

Collection Identifier: gra00042
Scope and Content: This collection consists of a manuscript plant list entitled "A list of plants observed at or in the vicinity of Permansion in the Island of Dominica." The manuscript is 24 pages stitched in two separate signatures. Each page is divided into three columns: Botanical Names, English or Provincial Names, and Places of Growth. Plants are listed alphabetically by Latin binomial.

Friedrich Wilhelm Klatt plant descriptions

Collection Identifier: gra00038
Scope and Content: The Klatt collection contains notebooks, loose notes, and manuscript material, primarily consisting of plant descriptions in Latin.

George Edward Davenport papers

Collection Identifier: gra00067
Scope and Content: The Davenport papers contain correspondence, manuscripts, herbarium sheets, photographs, etchings, a family tree, and paper ephemera. The bulk of the Davenport papers consists of correspondence dated 1872-1907, primarily pertaining to Davenport’s botanical interests.

George Golding Kennedy papers

Collection Identifier: gra00036
Scope and Content: The Kennedy papers contain correspondence, invitations, picture postcards, daybooks, field notes, manuscripts, photographs, sketches, visiting cards, receipts, certificates, circulars, reports, invoices, clippings, specimens, and printed ephemera related to Kennedy’s work as an amateur botanist.

George Peirce plant list

Collection Identifier: gra00041
Scope and Content: This collection consists of a small booklet containing a list of plants. Information is arranged in five columns and includes Latin plant names, two different numbers, and two abbreviations. Nineteen pages have been written on. A note by Reed Clark Rollins at the back of the booklet provides provenance. It is possible the list is an inventory of Peirce’s herbarium.

George Thurber and William Munro Gramineae papers

Collection Identifier: gra00054
Scope and Content: This collection consists of a bound volume of manuscript material by George Thurber and William Munro with annotations by Sereno Watson. Two letters from Munro to Thurber, dated 1858 and 1859, are taped in at the front of the volume; the Munro manuscript contains notes on Thurber's grasses (leaves 1-11), the Thurber manuscript contains notes on Gramineae of the U.S.-Mexican boundary survey (leaves 12-136). The collection also contains a bound copy of the contents of this volume with an added...