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Thaddeus William Harris papers

Collection Identifier: gra00030
Scope and Content: The Harris collection is divided into three series: Correspondence, Botanical Lectures, and Notebooks.Correspondence consists of about 20 letters to Harris which were bundled by subject, some with notes pertaining to subject -- general botanical, hemp, Lycopsis virginica and Myosotis arvensis, soybeans, squashes and entomology. Subject headings are not in Harris’s handwriting. There are also 6 letters which were found among Harris’s lecture notes and moved to this series....

Thomas Morong correspondence

Collection Identifier: gra00033
Scope and Content: The Morong correspondence consists of around 890 letters from 156 correspondents dated 1874 to 1888. The bulk of the letters are from the 1880s. Content is primarily botanical, with the exception of correspondence from three of Morong’s relatives living Chile. The correspondence was found partially grouped by nationality: American, European, Canadian, and English botanists. Letters have been arranged alphabetically by correspondent. ...

Thomas Nuttall diary reproduction

Item — drawer: P1.5Identifier: gra00066
Scope and Contents:

This is a reproduction of Thomas Nuttall’s diary made during his 1810-1811 explorations. The diary is dated April 12, 1810 to September 1810 and contains 124 pages. The copies were likely make by Jeannette E. Graustein during research for her book, Thomas Nuttall, naturalist: explorations in America, 1808-1841.

Thomas Potts James manuscripts and notes

Collection Identifier: gra00032
Scope and Content:

This collection falls into two main categories: materials pertaining to the article "Descriptions of Some New Species of North American Mosses" published in “Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences” in 1879 and miscellaneous notes.

Thomas Wentworth Higginson field notebooks

Collection Identifier: gra00031
Scope and Content:

The Higginson papers consist of four botanical notebooks and two letters found inserted in the notebooks.

Walter Deane papers

Collection Identifier: gra00073

The papers of Walter Deane. Comprised of correspondence, diaries, journals, manuscripts, and photographs related to Deane's botanical pursuits. Also contains Deane's large autograph collection of botanists.

Walter Henricks Hodge field notebooks

Collection Identifier: gra00070
Scope and content:

This collection consists of three bound notebooks containing a record of Hodge’s collections in Dominica. They were written by both Walter and Barbara Hodge and cover multiple collecting trips to Dominica taken between 1937 and 1940. Information is arranged in columns and includes collecting number, species identification and notes, a number representing locality, and occasional dates.

William Darlington collection of William Baldwin correspondence

Collection Identifier: gra00007
Scope and Content:

The collection contains letters to William Darlington from or pertaining to William Baldwin. There are 48 letters from Baldwin to Darlington dated 1803-1819, 45 of which are reproduced in “Reliquiae Baldwinianae.” There are three letters from John J. Lowry, in whose home Baldwin died, to Darlington, dated 1819-1844, and there are 10 letters from Baldwin’s widow, Hannah, to Darlington, dated 1819-1843.

William Henry Brewer California Geological Survey papers

Collection Identifier: gra00015
Scope and Content: The Brewer California Geological Survey papers comprise manuscripts, field notes, and notes, and are divided into three series by format: Field Notebooks, Bound Volumes, and Manuscripts. Field Notebooks contains 13 notebooks of field notes pertaining to collections made during the California Geological Survey; they are primarily in unidentified handwriting with page headings, plant names, and some descriptions in Brewer’s handwriting. Bound Materials contains copies of the 13 notebooks bound...

William Jameson manuscripts and correspondence

Collection Identifier: gra00034
Scope and Content: The Jameson collection consists approximately 220 letters to Jameson, dated 1827 to 1869, and manuscripts attributed to Jameson.Correspondence is in English and Spanish and falls into six groups: Isaac Anderson-Henry (43 letters, 1850-1867, bulk 1852-1856); José Manuel Estrada (39 letters, 1848-1869); Teodoro Maldonado (28 letters, 1862-1864, bulk 1863); family correspondence (20 letters, 1848-1869); correspondence with the Ecuadorean government (10 letters, 1835-1856); mixed...

William Oakes letters to James Watson Robbins

Collection Identifier: gra00001
Scope and Content:

The collection consists primarily of correspondence. There are about 50 letters from Oakes to James Watson Robbins, dated 1827-1847. There is also a letter written in shorthand to Oakes from an unidentified correspondent and a letter to Robbins from Charles Upham Shepard. Additional materials pertaining to Oakes and Robbins were apparently compiled by Walter Deane.

William Ruggles Gerard notes on plant names

Collection Identifier: gra00027
Scope and Content:

This collection consists of a sheaf of notes pertaining to Gerard’s study of plant name etymologies. A note on the cover and a letter found inside the front cover indicate it was sent by Gerard to Asa Gray on October 22, 1886. Notes are primarily handwritten; some proofs from an unpublished article are pasted in. The sheaf of notes is 59 pages. The collection also contains two letters from Gerard to Sereno Watson dated November 15 and November 19, 1889, found inserted at page 57.

William Whitman Bailey correspondence and biographical notes

Collection Identifier: gra00012
Scope and Content: Bailey’s letters to James Franklin Collins, Professor of Botany at Brown University, comprise the bulk of the collection and pertain to activities of the New England Botanical Club and the Botany Department at Brown. There are around 300 letters, many of which were written to Bailey by other botanists and forwarded by him to Collins.The remainders of the Bailey materials consist of notes on Bailey's life, an autobiographical sketch and six poems by Bailey, and a flyer for...