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Administrative correspondence of the Gray Herbarium and Harvard University Herbaria

Collection Identifier: gra00079
Scope and Contents: The collection consists of Gray Herbarium correspondence from the 1890s to present day but the bulk of the letters are from 1890-1955. Most of the letters are addressed to staff members of the Gray Herbarium and were transferred to the archives from office files. Some letters were gifts to the Gray Herbarium that were interfiled into the collection. The letters are from amateur and professional botanists, collectors, prospective students, suppliers, Harvard administration,...

Albert Hanford Moore correspondence

Collection Identifier: gra00040
Scope and Content: The Moore correspondence consists of 128 letters from 102 botanists, dated 1896-1916, with the bulk dated 1906-1912. Almost one third are from botanists outside of the United States. The letters may have been selected as sample autograph letters, since no botanist is represented by more than three letters. Much of the correspondence consists of letters of acknowledgement for a list of Bermuda plants sent by Moore around 1906. The letters are arranged alphabetically; original order has been...

Alexander Forbes Labrador survey photographs

Collection Identifier: gra00024
Scope and Content:

The Forbes photographs collection contains photographs, correspondence, and notes. There are around 500 aerial photographs shot with a Fairchild survey camera during the 1931 expedition. These are accompanied by a letter from Forbes and a detailed list of the photos.

Alice A. Gray collection of Asa Gray papers and artifacts

Collection Identifier: gra00060
Scope and Content:

The collection consists of Asa Gray scrapbooks and clippings compiled by Alice Gray. The collection also contains artifacts that belonged to Asa Gray.

Alice Eastwood Lupine papers

Collection Identifier: gra00018
Scope and Content:

The Eastwood papers consist of one key and one list, likely from 1938-1946, the period during which Eastwood was publishing on lupine classification.

Alvah Augustus Eaton papers

Collection Identifier: gra00019
Scope and Content:

The Eaton Papers consist of field notes, correspondence, and notes pertaining to Eaton’s botanical work. Sixteen notebooks dated from about 1895-1906 contain field notes and other botanical notes; five of these notebooks pertain to Eaton’s field trips to Florida. Correspondence consists of four letters dated 1899-1905. Notes are handwritten and undated.

Antonio Targioni-Tozzetti botanical manuscript

Collection Identifier: gra00053
Scope and Content:

The Targioni-Tozzetti Papers consists of four printed pages attributed to Targioni-Tozzetti. It is likely that this sheet was originally part of a bound work. A handwritten note on the first page reads, "Belonged to Targioni-Tozzetti" and pages are all marked "S. Targioni-Tozzetti." Each page contains six columns of Latin plant names, arranged alphabetically by genus and species, with an emphasis on horticultural plants.

Arthur Stanley Pease botanical correspondence

Collection Identifier: gra00009
Scope and Content:

The Pease correspondence consist of about 775 letters to Pease sent between 1895 and 1947, primarily pertaining to Pease’s work as an amateur botanist.

Asa Gray correspondence files of the Gray Herbarium

Collection Identifier: gra00078
Scope and Contents: This collection, approximately 1820-1904, includes the personal correspondence of Asa Gray and Sereno Watson, official correspondence of other Herbarium staff, and a small amount of correspondence of noted botanists who were not affiliated with Harvard. Gray correspondence contains letters from several of the most distinguished European and American scientists of the 19th century, including George Bentham, Charles Darwin, Joseph Henry, Joseph Dalton Hooker, William Jackson...

Asa Gray papers

Collection Identifier: gra00026
Scope and Contents: The Asa Gray papers date from 1830-1953 (bulk 1830-1888) and document his career in botany. The collection primarily contains correspondence, travel journals, manuscripts, drafts of published works, notes for lectures, certificates, and original artwork. This collection is divided into 6 series which are largely a reflection of how the materials were stored over the years. The series are: biographical materials, correspondence, botanical manuscripts, publications, writings, and...

Benjamin Lincoln Robinson papers

Collection Identifier: gra00046
Scope and Content:

The Robinson papers contain notes, collecting lists, unpublished manuscript material, correspondence, and certificates pertaining to Robinson’s education, botanical work, and membership in scientific societies. Materials are arranged by format and subject.

Biographical and autograph collections

Collection Identifier: gra00072
Scope and Contents: This collection is comprised of four collections of autographs and biographies of botanists. The materials are circa the 19th century.The collections are Mary A. Day’s biographies, Materials about the Jane Gray autograph collection, Miscellaneous autograph collection, and Jane Gray’s and Isabella James’s biographies of botanists. The collections contain correspondence, manuscripts, newspaper clippings, and note fragments.Mary A. Day’s biographies include approximately...

Botany Libraries daguerreotypes and ambrotypes

Collection Identifier: gra00089
Scope and Contents: This collection is comprised of eleven daguerreotypes and three ambrotypes, circa 1840-1865. Most of the images are portraits of well-known botanists including Aimé Jacques Alexandre Bonpland, Edwin Faxon, Asa Gray, William Henry Harvey, Adrien Henri Laurent de Jussieu, François André Michaux, Thomas Nuttall, Charles Wilkins Short, John Torrey, Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, and Sereno Watson. One daguerreotype depicts a Wedgwood medallion of Carl Linnaeus and another features C. A. Weatherby’s...

Botany Libraries photograph collection

Collection Identifier: gra00083
Scope and Contents:

This collection contains images of botanists and their families, field excursions, portraits of botanical meetings, and the history of the Harvard University Herbaria and Botanic Garden. The collection contains a wide range of photographic processes as well as negatives, lithographs, engravings, and some photomechanical reproductions.

Calques des dessins de la flore du Mexique, de Mocino et Sessé, qui ont servi de types d'especès dans le Systema ou le Prodromus

Collection Identifier: Fol. 2 D4
Scope and Contents: José Mariano Moziño (1757-1820?) sought refuge in Montpellier for political reasons and brought with him around 300 original drawings by the Mexican painter, Atanasio Echeverría y Godoy. The drawings were entrusted to de Candolle in Geneva, who worked on the descriptions of the plants. Before de Candolle could make much progress, Moziño wanted to reclaim the drawings and move on. Not wanting to lose the knowledge to science, de Candolle appealed to the ladies of Geneva to copy them. More...

Carlos Muñoz Pizarro manuscripts

Collection Identifier: gra00063
Scope and Content:

This collection consists of a typed manuscript and a bundle of loose notes.

Charles Edward Faxon watercolors of ferns

Collection Identifier: gra00003
Scope and Contents:

The collection is comprised of 9 color illustrations; 32 cm. Prepared for but not used in D.C. Eaton's Ferns of North America (1879-1880).

Charles Fay Wheeler Carex papers

Collection Identifier: gra00057
Scope and Content: The Wheeler papers consist primarily of documents pertaining to the genus Carex. There are two parts to the collection: 1) Two folders of papers consisting of notes, lists of Carex collections, and correspondence dated 1897 to 1906, from Liberty Hyde Bailey, Frederick Vernon Coville, William Conklin Cusick, Georg Kükenthal, Samuel B. Parish, and Carl Otto Rosendahl. 2) A card file of Carex species, arranged alphabetically; with a few cards for Cyperus, Eleocharis, Rhynchospora, Scirpus, and...

Charles Herman Tozier glass lantern slides.

Collection Identifier: gra00061
Scope and Content:

The Tozier collection consists of 576 glass lantern slides. The slides are mostly labeled and are primarily color images of living plants. A few slides indicate the locality of the plant. There are also a few black-and-white images, line drawings, and dead plant matter.

Charles Wright papers

Collection Identifier: gra00058
Scope and Content: The Wright papers consist primarily of papers pertaining to collections he made while on the U.S. Commission in Santo Domingo.The North Pacific papers include Wright's journal of the expedition and descriptive notes on plants collected in Madeira, St. Jago, Cape of Good Hope, Sydney, Hong Kong, Loo Choo and Bonin Islands, Japan, Bering Straits, and California. There are also notes on plants collected by Wright in Nicaragua. Notes appear to be plant identification records; some...

Clemenz Heinrich Wehdemann drawings of plants collected at Cape Town

Collection Identifier: gra00074
Scope and Contents: The collection is comprised of 52 original botanical illustrations of plants collected in Cape Town, South Africa in 1817. The artist is Clemenz Heinrich Wehdemann. Includes a letter dated 22 March 1820 from J. May[?], informing Professor [William Dandridge] Peck that plants were being shipped to Boston, Mass.Also contains a "List of seeds and bulbs" collected by Wehdemann, in his own hand. Numbered drawings correspond to this list. Includes 7 drawings not listed in the seed and...

Dandridge-Thorndike annotated Manasseh Cutler article

Collection Identifier: gra00065
Scope and Content: This collection consists of an extensively annotated printed copy of Manasseh Cutler's "Account.” The handwritten title page bears the name “Dandridge” in ink in the upper right corner and the title “Dom. M - Cutleri Flora Massachusettensis.” Lines have been drawn through Dandridge and the name “I Thorndike [2nd]” written underneath in pencil. A note, “Species 364” is written in pencil below the title.A handwritten index to plant names precedes the article. A list of errata is...

David LeRoy Topping notebook

Collection Identifier: gra00055
Scope and Content: This collection consists of one bound notebook containing correspondence, collecting lists and plant identification records, a diary, clippings, and pressed plant material. A letter from Elmer Drew Merrill to Charles Alfred Weatherby dated 1940 November 1 is inserted at the beginning of the notebook. Collecting lists and clippings are inserted and pasted into the notebook, pages 1-99. The diary is of a trip to Kina Balu, British North Borneo (now Sabah, Federated States of Malaysia), made...

Drawings for the United States Naval Expedition to Japan and United States North Pacific Exploring Expedition

Collection Identifier: gra00080
Scope and Contents: The collection consists of 64 black and white drawings created by Isaac Sprague depicting new species of Japanese plants. Asa Gray hired Sprague to create the drawings with the intention of publishing them; however, they were never published. Most of the drawings measure 28 x 37 cm with the exception of two drawings that measure 38 x 55 cm.Asa Gray identified 29 of the drawings by scientific name in pencil on the front. He also wrote “paid” in pencil on the reverse of some...

Edith Henry Scamman papers

Collection Identifier: gra00048
Scope and content: This collection contains correspondence; diaries; notebooks; loose notes; blank and typed specimen labels; card files; color slides; black-and-white and color photographs and one tintype (print); manuscript material; and additional paper ephemera pertaining to Scamman’s family, botanical interests, and work for the Gray Herbarium. The collection also includes materials related to Scamman's death, including funeral arrangements, letters of sympathy, and papers regarding the disposition of her...