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Children's Hospital Boston Vascular Biology Program collected publicity related to M. Judah Folkman

Collection Identifier: H MS c541
Content Description: Collection consists of an alphabetical vertical file of publicity and associated correspondence related to the professional activities of M. Judah Folkman collected and maintained by the Vascular Biology Program of Children's Hospital Boston (called Boston Children's Hospital since 2013). Some correspondence with journalists is by Wendy Foss or Jenny Grillo on Folkman's behalf. Records are in English with occasional items in Dutch, Italian, German, Japanese, and Portuguese. Two files contain...

Christiana Morgan papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c70

The Christiana Morgan papers, 1925-1974, document the life of Christiana Drummond Morgan, a lay (non-credentialed) analyst at the Harvard Psychological Unit, who co-authored the Thematic Apperception Test with Henry Murray. Diaries, writings, and correspondence describe her work and relationship with Murray.

Clarence J. Blake papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c607

Consists of correspondence to and from Blake, notebooks relating to the work done with Alexander Graham Bell, and biographical materials relating to Clarence John Blake and the Blake family, including drafted chapters of a biography of Blake and excerpts from Blake’s speeches, writings, and letters.

Clarence James Gamble papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c23
Overview: The Clarence James Gamble Papers, 1920-1970s, are the product of Gamble's activities in the development and testing of contraceptive methods, changing attitudes of the medical and health professions, legislative reform and education of the public, governmental involvement on local and national levels, and demographic studies in developing countries after the post-World War II population explosion. The collection includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, conference papers,...

Clark Wright Heath papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c398

The Clark W. Heath papers, 1928-1955 (inclusive), are a product of Heath’s research and professional activities throughout the period of his service at Harvard Medical School as Instructor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School’s Thorndike Memorial Laboratory at Boston City Hospital as Research Resident, and Harvard University as Principal Investigator of the University’s Grant Study.

Clemens E. Benda papers

Collection Identifier: B MS c97

Contains early records of the Massachusetts School for the Feeble-Minded, patient records from Benda's private psychiatric practice in Arlington, Mass. and Boston, Mass., correspondence and records from his time as Director of Research at the Fernald School, papers documenting his early studies and clinical work in Berlin before immigrating to the U.S., as well as records produced by research, lecturing, consulting, and other professional activities.

Collected correspondence of James Edward Wright

Collection — Folder: 1-9Identifier: H MS c601
Scope and Contents:

Consists primarily of letters from former classmates, possibly of Harvard University, to James Edward Wright (1839-1914) of Montpelier, Vermont, replying to his requests for biographical notes on alumni for a class publication, along with other collected correspondence.

Collected correspondence regarding the Howe Laboratory of Ophthalmology

Collection — Folder: 1Identifier: H MS c603
Scope and Contents:

Consists of correspondence regarding a possible transfer of funds from Howe Eye Hospital of New York to the Howe Laboratory of Ophthalmology at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. Letters are chiefly from law firm Ropes, Gray, Boyden, & Perkins to Elizabeth M. Howe, along with correspondence with Harvard Medical School Dean David Linn Edsall and Bowdoin College President Kenneth Charles Morton Sills.

Collected pamphlets of Harriett M. Bartlett

Collection — Box: 01Identifier: H MS c655
Scope and Contents:

Consists of 153 pamphlets and several accompanying letters collected by the medical social worker Harriett M. Bartlett. Pamphlets are created and/or published by government or non-profit organizations in the United States or Massachusetts. Topics include infectious diseases (including sexually transmitted infections); the cost of medical care; health insurance; care for people with disabilities; psychiatry; public welfare; maternal and infant care; and other topics.

Letter from Sir Astley Cooper to Reverend Dr. Burney, circa 1812

Item — Box: Small Manuscript Collections 01Identifier: H MS c495
Content Description:

Undated letter, probably circa 1812, from Sir Astley Cooper addressed to The Reverend Dr. Burney of Greenwich [England], probably Charles Burney Jr (1757-1817), declining an invitation to dinner. Accompanied by a handwritten transcription of the letter created by Gerald Shklar.

Cyrus H. Fiske papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c387
Overview: The Cyrus H. Fiske papers, 1908-1971 (inclusive), 1921-1957 (bulk), are a product of Fiske’s research and personal and professional activities throughout the period of his service at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, as Assistant in Biological Chemistry, Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry, and Professor of Biological Chemistry, and at Western Reserve University Medical School, Cleveland, Ohio, as Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Assistant Professor of...

D. DeForrest Douglass papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c531

The papers consist of correspondence and financial documentation reflecting the family life and professional work of Darwin DeForrest Douglass, an artificial limb designer and maker.

D. Mark Hegsted papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c54

The D. Mark Hegsted Papers, 1952 to 1999, consist of correspondence, committee files and reports, manuscripts, and meeting minutes generated as a product of the professional career of David Mark Hegsted, a nutritional scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, from 1942 to 1980. The bulk of the collection is Hegsted's correspondence with national and international institutions and individuals on topics of human nutrition and diet.

David D. Rutstein papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c315
Overview: Consists of records created by David D. Rutstein (1909-1986) during the course of his career as Chief of the Cardiac Bureau of the New York State Department of Health, Albany (1940-1942), Deputy Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health (1943-1946), and Professor of Preventive Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Boston (1947-1969). The collection also includes records of Rutstein’s activities as a researcher, academic, medical school administrator, and contributing member of...

David Dickinson Potter papers

Collection — Multiple ContainersIdentifier: H MS c542
Overview: The David Dickinson Potter papers, 1859-2014 (inclusive), 1958-2014 (bulk) consist of papers, as well as some electronic media, film, slides, photographs, and photographic negatives, produced as a result of Potter’s professional activities as a neurobiologist and teacher in the Harvard Medical School Department of Neurobiology, and from his work as a mentor and advocate for underrepresented students at Harvard Medical School. The collection also includes records from Potter’s work...

David G. Nathan papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c386

The David G. Nathan papers, 1949-2007 (inclusive), 1980-2007 (bulk), are a product of Nathan's professional appointments at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Children's Hospital Boston, and Harvard Medical School, his involvement in professional societies and committees, and his research and publishing activities.

David H. Hubel papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c253
Overview: The David H. Hubel Papers, 1953-2005 (inclusive), 1966-1991 (bulk) record the research, publications, teaching, and professional activities of David H. Hubel, John Franklin Enders University Professor of Neurobiology, Emeritus, Harvard University, and Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine (1981). The bulk of the collection falls between 1966-1991, and contains raw research data, primarily photographs and negatives, notes, some protocols and illustrations and writings resulting from...

David Steinmuller correspondence with Joseph E. Murray

Collection — Box: Small Manuscript Collections 01Identifier: H MS c578
Scope and Contents:

Consists of correspondence between David Steinmuller and Joseph E. Murray dated between 1996 and 1998. The letters are about Steinmuller's review article on skin and organ transplantation (allografts, or grafts from same-species donors). Includes a reprint of Steinmuller's article, The Enigma of Skin Allograft Rejection, from Transplantation Reviews, Vol. 12, No 1 (January), 1998, pp. 42-57.

Dennis L. Kasper papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c404
Overview: The Dennis L. Kasper papers, 1971-2013, are the product of Kasper’s professional, research, and publishing activities throughout his career. The papers are arranged in six series: I. Correspondence files, 1976-2012, undated; II. Research records, 1971-2012, undated; III. Professional activities records, 1977-2013, undated; IV. Administrative records, 1973-2010, undated; V. Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine records, 1991-2011; and VI. Writings and...

Dwight E. Harken papers

Collection Identifier: B MS c118

The Dwight E. Harken papers, 1911-1993 (inclusive), 1940-1975 (bulk), are the product of Harken’s activities as a surgeon, researcher, administrator, lecturer, consultant, and contributing member of national organizations, as conducted throughout his professional appointments, including Clinical Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Chief of Thoracic Surgery at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston.

E. Tessa Hedley-Whyte papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c320
Overview: E. Tessa Hedley-Whyte (1937-) is an anatomic pathologist, neuropathologist, Harvard Medical School professor (1991-), and researcher for organizations such as the Alzheimer Disease Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. Her papers (1956-2006) are the product of her teaching activities and research and clinical interests in brain tumors, pituitary tumors, neurodegenerative disorders, and immunohistochemistry, and include lectures and writings, professional correspondence...

Edris Rice-Wray papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c537

The collection consists of records created by Edris Rice-Wray in the course of her career as a specialist in family planning and reproductive medicine working in Mexico City, Mexico. Records include correspondence, manuscripts, and patient data.

Edward Bibring papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c283
Overview: The Edward Bibring Papers, 1929-1960 (inclusive), 1941-1958 (bulk), are the product of Bibring's personal and professional activities. Bibring’s correspondence, research and writings on psychoanalysis, and records documenting his work as both a practicing psychoanalyst and as a lecturer at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and Boston University, comprise the bulk of the collection. The records in this collection date primarily after Bibring’s emigration from London to the...

Edward Delos Churchill papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c62

The Edward Delos Churchill Papers, 1840-1973, includes correspondence, confidential war reports, and personal papers resulting from Churchill's tenure as John Homans Professor at Harvard Medical School and as Chief of Surgical Services at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Mass.

Edward H. Kass papers

Collection Identifier: H MS c168

The Edward H. Kass papers, 1908-1990, are the result of the teaching, research and professional activities of Edward Harold Kass, William Ellery Channing Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Channing Laboratory at Boston City Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital, and a specialist in infectious diseases.