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1090 Centre Street records

Collection Identifier: I D-3 .1090 Centre S

Alfred J. Fordham, (1911-2000) Papers: Guide.

Collection Identifier: IV A-1 AF
Overview: Fordham’s father was the superintendent of the R and J Farquhar Company, a leading nursery and importer of rare plants that were introduced by Charles Sargent and E. H. Wilson. Following the advice of his father and E.H. Wilson, Al Fordham came directly to the Arnold Arboretum as a student trainee in 1929. He would continue his association with the Arboretum until his retirement in 1977, rising to the position of chief propagator. Known unofficially as “The Propagator’s Propagator,” Fordham...

Alfred Rehder (1863-1949) papers, 1898-1949.

Collection Identifier: II A-2
Abstract: Alfred Rehder first came to the Arboretum in 1898 while on assignment for Moller’s Deutsche Gartner-Zeitungand where he held the position of Associate Editor. Intending only to stay in America for half a year he was persuaded to join the Arboretum’s staff and he remained at the Arboretum until, and beyond, his retirement in 1940. He was appointed Curator of the Arboretum’s Herbarium in 1918, became editor of the Journal of the Arnold...

American Horticultural Society International Commission for the Nomenclature of Cultivated Plants (ICNCP) Records, 1954-1977: Guide.

Collection Identifier: VI-AHS
Overview: The collection includes the correspondences of members of the International Commission for the Nomenclature of Cultivated Plants (ICNCP). The bulk of the collection contains correspondences and documents that pertain to the registration of national and international cultivar names.

Annual Reports

Collection Identifier: I A-2
Scope and Contents: This collection contains Reports of the Director of the Arnold Arboretum to the President of the University dating back to 1873 and the Annual Reports of the Director of the Arnold Arboretum beginning in 1878. Also included are Treasurer's Statements dated 1881-1929 and correspondence dated 1977-1984 regarding annual reports. The archives continues to collect these reports, and further accruals are expected.

Arnold Arboretum and Boston Parks Commission Records: Guide.

Collection Identifier: IV A-1 JHA
Overview: This collection was transferred from John Alexander in 2015. John Alexander has been a plant propagator at Arnold Arboretum since 1976 and has acted on the board of the Living Collections Committee of the Arboretum. The focus of the collection is on Alexander’s correspondence with various parties to answer their questions about specific plants and trees and their propagation or to fill order requests for cuttings and seeds. The collection includes annual reports and notes relating to weather...

Arnold Arboretum Photograph Collection. Donald Wyman Images; Series D, E, F, G, 1936-1938

Collection Identifier: X A-3 DW
Overview: Donald Wyman was the Arnold Arboretum Horticulturist. These photographs depict individual plants as well as events and places at the Arboretum, and views of other locations.

Arnold Arboretum Plant Accession Records. Early Record Books: Guide.

Collection Identifier: IV C-1.1
Overview: The Arnold Arboretum’s plant-records system is the oldest continuously maintained system of its kind in North America. From the time of its founding, the Arboretum has had a record system that includes a standardized accession number assigned to every plant on the grounds for use in tracking its name and origin. Today accession records are maintained on BG-BASE™ a database linked to a mapping program that shows the location of each plant on a series of maps.

Arnold Arboretum. Records of Landscape-based Education Curriculum "Landscape Explorers: Uncovering the Power of Place."

Collection Identifier: I G-2
Overview: The collection includes the published work Landscape Explorers: Uncovering the Power of Place, Teachers Guide and Field Journal, printouts of web pages from the Arnold Arboretum and the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site describing the program. Copies of articles and reviews about the program, and the original artwork for the project by Andrea Eberbach. Of special interest are the over 50 prints, transparencies and negatives of the Arboretum landscape, Bussey Mansion, and Bussey...

Arnold Arboretum. Records of the Original Design of the Living Collections: A Finding Aid.

Collection Identifier: IV A-4 FLO
Overview: This collection contains records assembled by the Arboretum staff to document the relationship between Charles Sprague Sargent, the Arboretum's first director, and Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of landscape architecture, and their work on the original design and arrangement of the Arboretum. Included are correspondence, biographical material, newclippings, and documents relating to the Arboretum's design and to some of Olmsted's other work. Of special value are photographs of the road...