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Official register of Harvard University, 1900-2008

Collection Identifier: HU 75.25
Overview: The Official Register of Harvard University is a set of publications that has been published annually by Harvard since 1900. While specific titles included within the register have varied over time, much of the content has remained consistent, including annual reports of the president and treasurer, course catalogs, announcements of departments and divisions, student handbooks, and directories.

Records of the President of Harvard University, Abbott Lawrence Lowell

Series Identifier: UAI 5.160.x
Overview: Abbott Lawrence Lowell was President of Harvard University from 1909 to 1933.   These records document almost every aspect of Lowell's administration during that period.

Records of the President of Harvard University, Abbott Lawrence Lowell, 1909-1933: folder lists

Series Identifier: UAI 5.160
Overview: These folder lists are not the primary access tool for this record group.  Please consult the index for a fuller description.

Records of the President of Harvard University, Charles W. Eliot,

Collection Identifier: UAI 5.150
Overview: Charles William Eliot (1834-1926) was President of Harvard University from March 12, 1869 to May 19, 1909. He transformed Harvard from a regional institution to a world-class university. The Records consist of official records produced by his administration. The largest part of these papers, consisting of correspondence and writings, document important aspects of Eliot’s administration and shed light on his leadership and accomplishments.

Records of the President of Harvard University, James Bryant Conant, 1933-1955

Collection Identifier: UAI 5.168.XX
Overview: These records document the actions, speeches, and writings of James Bryant Conant as President of Harvard University. In documenting the presidency, these records document events in the administration of Harvard University and its involvement with world events for the years 1933-1953.

Records of the President of Harvard University,Nathan Marsh Pusey, 1953-1971

Record Group Identifier: UAI 5.169.xx
Overview: Nathan Marsh Pusey served as President of Harvard University from 1953-1971. These records document all aspects of Harvard during those years.

Records of the Psycho-Acoustic Laboratory, 1940-1972

Collection Identifier: UAV 713.9025 through UAV 713.9269.5
Overview: The Psycho-Acoustic Laboratory was established in 1940 to conduct research on speech, hearing, and communications during World War II. It continued to operate after the War and in 1962 it was renamed the Laboratory of Psychophysics. These records document the activities of the laboratory.

Records of Harvard lotteries

Collection Identifier: UAN 1
Overview: The records of the Harvard lotteries are comprised of materials created in the process of administering the Harvard College lotteries sanctioned by Massachusetts General Court Acts of July 2, 1772, June 14, 1794, and March 14, 1806 to raise money for dormitory-building projects. The collection consists of five series containing lottery tickets, newspaper and broadside lottery announcements, accounting records, and administrative lists used to manage the lottery drawings. Most of the documents...

Harvard University. Records of the Arnold Arboretum legal case and the Bailey Plan for the reorganization of the botanical departments at Harvard University

Collection Identifier: UAI 20.946.10
Overview: The Arnold Arboretum was established between the trustees under the will of James Arnold and the President and Fellows of Harvard College on March 29, 1872. Subsequent gifts enlarged the endowment of the Arboretum and its living collection of trees and wood plants, as well as its library and herbarium. In 1945, a major reorganization of botany collections and departments (known as the Bailey Plan) at Harvard, including the removal of the Arboretum’s library and herbarium from Jamaica Plain in...

Records of the Faculty relating to disorders

Collection Identifier: UAIII 15.21.6
Overview: Disorderly conduct by students was a problem for Harvard administrators from the College's earliest days. The College Laws, first compiled in 1642 and revised regularly, attempted to define appropriate student conduct by setting limits on student privileges and detailing prohibited behavior (known as "disorders"). Vandalism, truancy, drunkenness, swearing, gambling, and loud noise were common disorders throughout the 17th and 18th centuries at the College, but larger displays of student unrest...