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Official register of Harvard University, 1900-2008

Collection Identifier: HU 75.25
Overview: The Official Register of Harvard University is a set of publications that has been published annually by Harvard since 1900. While specific titles included within the register have varied over time, much of the content has remained consistent, including annual reports of the president and treasurer, course catalogs, announcements of departments and divisions, student handbooks, and directories.

Records of the Psycho-Acoustic Laboratory, 1940-1972

Collection Identifier: UAV 713.9025 through UAV 713.9269.5
Overview: The Psycho-Acoustic Laboratory was established in 1940 to conduct research on speech, hearing, and communications during World War II. It continued to operate after the War and in 1962 it was renamed the Laboratory of Psychophysics. These records document the activities of the laboratory.

Records of Harvard lotteries

Collection Identifier: UAN 1
Overview: The records of the Harvard lotteries are comprised of materials created in the process of administering the Harvard College lotteries sanctioned by Massachusetts General Court Acts of July 2, 1772, June 14, 1794, and March 14, 1806 to raise money for dormitory-building projects. The collection consists of five series containing lottery tickets, newspaper and broadside lottery announcements, accounting records, and administrative lists used to manage the lottery drawings. Most of the documents...

Harvard University. Records of the Arnold Arboretum legal case and the Bailey Plan for the reorganization of the botanical departments at Harvard University

Collection Identifier: UAI 20.946.10
Overview: The Arnold Arboretum was established between the trustees under the will of James Arnold and the President and Fellows of Harvard College on March 29, 1872. Subsequent gifts enlarged the endowment of the Arboretum and its living collection of trees and wood plants, as well as its library and herbarium. In 1945, a major reorganization of botany collections and departments (known as the Bailey Plan) at Harvard, including the removal of the Arboretum’s library and herbarium from Jamaica Plain in...

Records of the Faculty relating to disorders

Collection Identifier: UAIII 15.21.6
Overview: Disorderly conduct by students was a problem for Harvard administrators from the College's earliest days. The College Laws, first compiled in 1642 and revised regularly, attempted to define appropriate student conduct by setting limits on student privileges and detailing prohibited behavior (known as "disorders"). Vandalism, truancy, drunkenness, swearing, gambling, and loud noise were common disorders throughout the 17th and 18th centuries at the College, but larger displays of student unrest...

Records pertaining to the Apparatus of the Rumford Professorship and Lectureship on the Application of Science to the Useful Arts

Collection Identifier: UAI 15.1037
Overview: The records document the use of the Rumford apparatus, a collection of scientific instruments and working models used for the promotion of the practical sciences by Daniel Treadwell, Joseph Lovering, and Eben Norton Horsford at Harvard in the 1830s and 1850s. The financial ledger, catalogue, and lists of articles in this collection illustrate the wide range of instruments comprising the apparatus, provide a glimpse into the scientific instruction and knowledge given to students at Harvard,...

Records related to Selective Service registration at Harvard University

Collection Identifier: UAI 20.940.xx
Overview: The United States began drafting men for military service with the passage of the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 (also known as the Burke-Wadsworth Act) on September 16, 1940. This collection documents Harvard University’s participation in the registration of men under the Selective Training and Service Act on October 16, 1940 and June 30, 1942. Records include registration day placards, check lists for chief registrars, blank volunteer cards, lists of Harvard University registrar...

Records relating to the Air Raid Precautions Organization at Harvard University

Collection Identifier: UAI 20.941.10
Overview: Civil defense at Harvard University during World War II began even before American entrance into the conflict, when the Harvard Corporation created a Committee on Civilian Defense to survey the defense needs of the University, including the protection of the College's treasures and records in October 1941. One of the first steps initiated by the Committee on Civilian Defense was the establishment of an Air Raid Precautions School at Harvard, to teach faculty, students, and staff the basics of...

Records relating to the Fellowship controversy

Collection Identifier: UAI 20.718
Overview: This collection contains six documents related to the Harvard Fellowship controversy from between 1716 and 1723 that expanded from internal disagreements about the role of Tutors in College governance into a political battle between the Corporation, Board of Overseers, and the Massachusetts General Court. The documents in this collection are in College Tutor Nicholas Sever's hand and include manuscript copies of Sever and Tutor William Welsteed's 1721 and 1722 petitions to the Harvard Board of...

Records relating to the installation of Nathan Marsh Pusey as the Twenty-Fourth President of Harvard University

Collection Identifier: UAI 20.953.10
Overview: Nathan Marsh Pusey (1907-2001) served as the twenty-fourth president of Harvard University from 1953 to 1971. Formally elected by the Harvard Corporation on June 1, 1953, Pusey was invested with the “powers and privileges” of his office at an installation ceremony on October 13, 1953 in the Faculty Room in University Hall. This collection documents the installation of Nathan M. Pusey as Harvard president on October 13, 1953. Records include a reel-to-reel audio recording and a disc recording of...