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Arnold Arboretum Plant Accession Records. Early Record Books: Guide.

Collection Identifier: IV C-1.1

The Arnold Arboretum’s plant-records system is the oldest continuously maintained system of its kind in North America. From the time of its founding, the Arboretum has had a record system that includes a standardized accession number assigned to every plant on the grounds for use in tracking its name and origin. Today accession records are maintained on BG-BASE™ a database linked to a mapping program that shows the location of each plant on a series of maps.

Records of the Association for the Arnold Arboretum

Collection Identifier: HUD 3159.5000

The Association for the Arnold Arboretum, Inc. was a nonprofit Massachusetts corporation founded to aid in the protection, preservation, support, and advancement of the Arnold Arboretum. The Association was organized in July 1953 in response to the controversial "Bailey Plan," which would have removed resources from Jamaica Plain to Cambridge. The records document the history, activities, and interests of this group.

Exhibits collection, 1954-2006.

Collection Identifier: IG-9.2

This collection was created by integrating several smaller collections dealing with exhibits at the Arnold Arboretum. Materials are varied and include photographs, negatives, articles, correspondence, notes, exhibit publicity, invoices, and videotapes. Some notable exhibits are Flowering Trees, Flora from Shakespeare, Bridge of Trees, and Museum in the Garden. The collection spans 1954-2006.

National Park Service cooperative agreement: Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation records, 1991-2001.

Collection Identifier: I A-7
Abstract: In 1991 the Arnold Arboretum signed a cooperative agreement with the National Park Service (NPS) with the purpose of setting up a structure to collaborate on a range of programs and services in the area of historic landscape preservation. One of the goals of the original collaboration was to establish the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation as a joint venture of the NPS and the Arnold Arboretum. After extensive planning and research, the administrative complications of joining a...

Office of the Horticulturist records, 1938-1996.

Collection Identifier: IV A-3.0
Overview: This collection represents the work of the horticulturists who served from 1938 to 1998. The bulk of the material is from Donald Wyman, who served as the Arnold Arboretum horticulturist from 1935-1970, and Gary Koller, who served as the Arnold Arboretum horticulturist from 1976-1996. There is also some material from Gordon P. DeWolf, Jr. (Arnold Arboretum Horticulturist from1970-1976) and Robert S. Hebb (assistant horticulturist from 1970-1974). These papers reflect years of dedication to...

Plant Sale and Giveaway records, 1973, 1978 – .

Collection Identifier: I H-2 PSG

The collection consists of materials related to the planning and execution of the Arboretum Plant Sale and Giveaway during the thirty-four years of its existence. Materials include correspondence, meeting notes, financial records, and plant descriptions, as well as final drafts of the catalogs produced for each sale. The collection ranges from 1973-2009, with materials from 1998-2000 being particularly replete.


Collection Identifier: VII C
Scope and Contents: This collection contains records of the Arnold Arboretum Centennial celebration between 1970-1973. These records were solicited and assembled as an archival collection in 1973 by Sheila Connor, the Arboretum research archivist. Subsequent additions were made and further preservation work completed in April of 2000. There are 5 boxes of memoranda and notes between Arboretum staff members and individuals from other organizations involved with Centennial...


Collection Identifier: V C-1
Scope and Contents: The collection includes published guides, books, articles, and maps that provide basic information about the Arnold Arboretum to visitors and the local community. The earliest guides in the collection have a copyright date of 1900 and dates continue to the present. Many of the guides and maps are included in successive editions of the same publication. Study of the guides reveal changes in the landscape and its interpretation. The guides are currently housed in three boxes...

Records, 1995-1996

Collection Identifier: VI LMP
Scope and Contents:

These records include copies of the original deed and correspondence from the park's creation. Also included is some contemporary correspondence regarding the park. In addition, there are recent color photographs of the park taken by Gary Koler, an Arnold Arboretum horticulturalist, and a folder with a small amount of biographical material on James Russell Lowell.

Records of Post Office Square,

Collection Identifier: VI POS
Scope and Contents: The bulk of the materials consist of photographs relating to the Park at Post Office Square project, including photographs of the loaned trees in situ at the Arnold Arboretum, photographs of the trees being moved, and photographs of the trees being transplanted at Post Office Square. In addition there is a folder of correspondence, a PR kit, news clippings, and maps of the plantings. Correspondents include:Cook, Robert; Del...

Records of the Visiting Committee,

Collection Identifier: I E-2
Scope and Contents: The Records of the Arnold Arboretum Visiting Committee includes membership lists, meeting notes and agendas, reports with the Visiting Committee's recommendations, and correspondence between the director of the Arnold Arboretum and various members. The earliest available records for the Arnold Arboretum's Visiting Committee are from 1909. Also included are Arnold Arboretum publications, photos, and public relations materials included in the folders that are given to the Committee members at...

Science in the Pleasure Ground, exhibit, 1990- .

Collection Identifier: I G-9.1
Scope and Contents: The collection of exhibit materials includes correspondence from 1990-1996, design proposals and specifications, contracts and invoices, video and audio recordings included in the exhibit, extra trees and buildings for the model and negatives and slides of art work used. Material in Box 1 Folder 0.5 covers the period of 1991-1993 when arboretum staff were working with Richard Rabinowitz, American History Workshop, to produce a permanent...

Website records, 1995-2008.

Collection Identifier: IG-5
Overview: The Arnold Arboretum website has undergone numerous revisions since its creation, including initiatives to add other projects to the website. This collection contains statistics, reports, and e-mails about Arnold Arboretum websites, as well as many printouts of actual webpages as they appeared at different times. Information includes discussions on web design, statistics on site traffic and searches, and business information from technology contractors. The collection ranges from 1995 to...