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COLLECTION Identifier: Vt-41

Videotape collection of Hildegard E. Peplau, 1968-2000

The One-to-One Nurse/Patient Relationship. 1968. Digital

Scope and Contents Educational film in which Peplau discusses the role of psychiatric nurses as counselors and the phases of the counseling relationship. Peplau demonstrates the process in dramatized scenario.

"An Hour with Hildegard Peplau, Theorist." September, 1983. Digital

Scope and Contents Unedited footage of an informal interview with Peplau and Ruth Bell of Villanova University, recorded for Bell's nursing doctoral students. Peplau discusses her book, Interpersonal Relations in Nursing, her theories in the broader context of nursing theories, the importance of formalized education for nurses, and other topics.

"Historic Perspectives on Nursing," University of Washington. February 20, 1985. Digital

Scope and Contents Peplau discusses the American Nursing Association's definition of nursing and its contract with society, the history of nursing, struggle for recognition of nursing as an academic discipline and profession, and the importance of specialization.

"Distinguished Scholars Lecture," McLean Hospital, Massachusetts. 1986. Digital

Scope and Contents Peplau discusses the history of psychiatric nursing training at McLean and mental health facilities generally, and gives guidelines for future directions in psychiatric nursing.

"Dr. Hildegard Peplau, Rutgers College of Nursing." April 3, 1995. Tape 1. Digital

Scope and Contents For a seminar of doctoral students in nursing, Peplau discusses the establishment of the nursing program at Rutgers, the visibility of nurses, the history of education in nursing, and the field as a profession. Questions follow.

"Interview with Lee Spray, Ohio." November 4, 1995. Digital

Scope and Contents Peplau discusses early nursing programs, accreditation for psychiatric nursing, changes in theories within the field, lecturing, and her interpersonal approach to psychiatric nursing.