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COLLECTION Identifier: B-28: MP-1: Vt-131

Records of the Saturday Morning Club, 1871-1983


Bylaws, minutes, financial records, etc., of the Saturday Morning Club, established to promote "culture and social intercourse" for young women in Boston, Massachusetts.


  • Creation: 1871-1983


Language of Materials

Materials in English.

Access Restrictions:

Access. Collection is open for research. An appointment is necessary to use any audiovisual material.

Conditions Governing Use

Copyright. Copyright in the papers created by the Saturday Morning Club is held by the Saturday Morning Club. Copyright in other papers in the collection may be held by their authors, or the authors' heirs or assigns.

Copying. Records may be copied in accordance with the library's usual procedures.


5.76 linear feet ((8 file boxes, 5 half file boxes, 1 folio+ box) plus 1 oversize volumes, 1 motion picture)

The records of the Saturday Morning Club include histories; minutes of the recording secretary (those for 1892-1896 are missing), executive committee, and other committees; records of the treasurer and corresponding secretary; constitutions and by-laws; lists of members, officers, lecturers, and topics for discussion; announcements of meetings and parties; autograph books; correspondence; announcements and financial records of theatrical productions; papers by members; and graphs. The index which follows the inventory is a guide to correspondents, authors of papers, and those lecturers for whom there are entries in the card catalog.


The Saturday Morning Club was founded by Julia Ward Howe in 1871 for her youngest daughter, Maud, and Maud's friends. The Club, whose purpose was "to promote culture and social intercourse", met on Saturday mornings from November through April, alternating between guest lectures and Club discussions of the previous week's topic. Lecturers included Lucy Stone, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Abba Woolson, Annie and James Fields, professors from Harvard University, and many others. Beginning in 1874 the Club produced plays and sponsored parties with various themes (for example, Mother Goose, Ancestors, Shakespearean Revels). Presentation of original papers by Club members eventually became the predominant function of the Club. Many papers are autobiographical, biographical, or anecdotal, though scholarly topics are covered as well.


The collection is arranged in eight series:

  1. I. General records
  2. II. Recording secretary's records
  3. III. Corresponding secretary's records
  4. IV. Treasurer's records
  5. V. Executive Committee records
  6. VI. Committee records
  7. VIII. Activity records
  8. VIII. Papers by members

Physical Location

Collection stored off site: researchers must request access 36 hours before use.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Accession numbers: 1127, 1524, 1554, 1555, 1573, 1603, 1624, 1687,70-22, 70-38, 70-46, 71-35, 71-74, 72-43, 72-77, 73-69, 73-84, 74-140, 75-108, 75-231, 76-382

The papers of the Saturday Morning Club were deposited in the Schlesinger Library by the Club beginning in 1967.

Related Material:

There is related material at the Schlesinger Library; see Saturday Morning Club Additional records, 1865-1983 (77-M8--84-M126) and Saturday Morning Club Additional records, 1971-1996 (85-M212--96-M166).


The following items have been removed from the collection and catalogued separately:

  1. Brown, Abbie Farwell. Fresh Posies, 1908.
  2. Elliott, Maud Howe. This Was My Newport, 1944.
  3. Johnson, Corrine. I Want a Garden, 1940.
  4. Lee and Shepard, In the Kitchen, 1875.
  5. The Story of the Saturday Morning Club of Boston, 1932.


  1. Series I. Box 1: I-1 to I-11
  2. Series I. Box 2: I-12 to I-13, I-18 to I-23.
  3. Series I. Box 3: I-14v to I-17v.
  4. Series II. Box 1: II-1 to II-18
  5. Series II. Box 2: II-19 to II-33
  6. Series II. Box 3: II-34 to II-40
  7. Series III. Box 1: III-1v to III-9
  8. Series IV. Box 1: IV-1 to IV-10v
  9. Series V. Box 1: V-1v to V-5v.
  10. Series VI. Box 1: VI-1v to VI-4
  11. Series VII. Box 1: VII-1 to VII-21
  12. Series VII. Folio+ Box 2: VII-1vo, VII-3vo
  13. Series VIII. Box 1: VIII-1 to VIII-12
  14. Series VII. Box 2: VII-13 to VII-19


  1. Albright, Caroline Ayer VIII-19
  2. Allen, Annie E. I-20
  3. Allen, Eleanor Whitney V-4
  4. Allen, Maud Francis II-15
  5. Bailey, Helen Harwood VIII-6, VIII-7, VIII-13
  6. Baldwin, Maria II-10v (February 20, 1904)
  7. Bird, Margaret Follin VIII-7, VIII-9, VIII-11, VIII-17
  8. Bolster, Elizabeth Monroe VIII-15
  9. Bowie, Theodosia Chapman VIII-15, VIII-17
  10. Boynton, Grace M. VIII-7
  11. Brandeis, Louis II-5v (March 3, 1883)
  12. Briggs, Elsie Prentiss VIII-17
  13. Brooks, John Graham II-6v (March 3, 1888), II-8v (January 9, 1897)
  14. Brooks, Phillips II-3v (February 28, 1875)
  15. Brown, Abbie Farwell I-8, III-9, VII-17
  16. Brown, Louise I-20, VII-13, VII-17
  17. Buck, Sally Betts VIII-6, VIII-7, VIII-11, VIII-13, VIII-15
  18. Buell, Frances Dwight III-9, VIII-4, VIII-7
  19. Buell, Grace Callender III-9
  20. Bush, Jazel Cleaver VIII-7, VIII-9
  21. Butler, Anna Maynard III-8
  22. Cabot, Richard Clarke II-10v (April 7, 1906)
  23. Carr, Adelaide Kinsley VII-13
  24. Chapman, Emily D. VII-20
  25. Cheever, Helen I-20, VII-20, VIII-1
  26. Cheney, Ednah Dow II-6v (May 2, 1885)
  27. Clemens, Samuel Langhorne II-5v (April 15, 1882)
  28. Cobb, Alice VII-13
  29. Colgate, Mabel H. VIII-6, VIII-7, VIII-9, VIII-13, VIII-15, VIII-17
  30. Colorado Springs Saturday Morning Club III-7
  31. Comins, Elizabeth B. VII-5
  32. Councilman, Isabella Coolidge I-20
  33. Crompton, Rosamond S. VIII-6
  34. Crothers, Samuel McChord (See I-10v for dates and topics of lectures.)
  35. Cushing, Ada Thomas I-1, I-20
  36. Cushman, Esther Lanman VIII-6, VIII-7, VIII-9
  37. Dana family (See I-10v for dates and topics of lectures.)
  38. Darling, Frances C. VIII-6, VIII-7, VIII-9, VIII-11, VIII-13, VIII-15, VIII-17
  39. Deland, Margaret II-10v (March 23, 1907)
  40. Dennie, Ellen M. I-20, VII-1, VII-13
  41. Dennie, Sophie T. VII-5, VII-13
  42. Derby, Mary Brewster I-22
  43. Diaz, Abby Morton II-5v (November 29, 1884)
  44. Dow, Elizabeth Flagg VIII-15, VIII-17
  45. Dudley, Helena Stuart II-8v (February 26, 1898)
  46. Ebert, Emily VIII-17
  47. Eichberg, Annie III-8
  48. Elliott, Maud Howe I-5v, I-6, I-20, III-8, III-9, VII-13, VII-20. (See also I-10v for dates and topics of lectures.)
  49. Elliott, Maud Howe (papers about) VIII-6
  50. Emerson, Ralph Waldo II-3v (February 21, 1875)
  51. Fanning, Mary Murray I-8
  52. Faxon, Ada Forbush I-20, VII-13
  53. Fenn, Anna Yens VIII-7, VIII-9, VIII-11, VIII-13
  54. Fields, Annie II-5v (January 6, 1883), II-7v (January 19, 1889)
  55. Fields, James T. (See I-10v for dates and topics of lectures.)
  56. FitzGerald, Elizabeth S. II-15
  57. Fletcher, Alice Cunningham II-4v (January 22, 1881), II-5v (December 23, 1882)
  58. Foster, Ernestine Louise I-5v, I-20
  59. Francis, Thomas Edward I-11
  60. Friedrich, Lenore Pelham VIII-11, VIII-13, VIII-15, VIII-17
  61. Fuller, Dorothy Mason VIII-6, VIII-7, VIII-9, VIII-11, VIII-13, VIII-15
  62. Geoffroy, Katharine Beall III-9, VIII-4, VIII-5, VIII-6, VIII-8, VIII-17
  63. Gilman, Arthur II-4v (January 5, 1878)
  64. Gleason, Madeleine Rowse VIII-15
  65. Greeley, Deborah Webster VIII-8, VIII-11
  66. Gregg, Dorothea MacMillan VIII-17
  67. Grinnell, Susan Bradley I-20
  68. Griswold, Harriet Ford VIII-17
  69. Hacken, Anne VIII-18
  70. Hale, Edward Everett (See I-10v for dates and topics of lectures.)
  71. Hall, Ellen Page VII-13
  72. Hallowell, Louise I-6
  73. Hallowell, May III-8
  74. Hamilton, Alice II-14v (December 20, 1919)
  75. Hanna, Dorothea MacMillan VIII-9, VIII-13, VIII-15
  76. Hartford Saturday Morning Club III-8
  77. Harwood, Louise Perry VIII-5, VIII-6, VIII-8, VIII-9, VIII-11, VIII-13, VIII-15, VIII-18
  78. Hawkridge, Winifred I-8
  79. Hayes, J. J. VII-5
  80. Hersey, Heloise (See I-10v for dates and topics of lectures.)
  81. Higginson, Thomas Wentwoth II-2v (February 15, 1873), II-4v (February 28, 1880), II-6v (January 9, 1886)
  82. Hollett, Grace Scott VIII-3, VIII-4, VIII-6, VIII-8, VIII-9, VIII-11, VIII-13, VIII-16, VIII-18
  83. Holmes, Oliver Wendell II-3v (December 22, 1877), II-4v (January 17, 1880)
  84. Howe, Julia Ward I-5v, III-7, III-8 (See also I-10v for dates and topics of lectures.)
  85. Howe, Julia Ward (papers about) VIII-11
  86. Howe, Lois Lilley VIII-1
  87. Howells, William Dean II-2v (December 27, 1873), II-4v (February 2, 1878)
  88. Howlett, Angela VIII-3, VIII-5, VIII-6, VIII-8, VIII-9, VIII-13, VIII-16, VIII-18
  89. Hughes, Jeanie VIII-8, VIII-11
  90. Huntington, Catharine Sargent VIII-10, VIII-11
  91. Huntington, Virginia Haist VIII-6, VIII-8, VIII-10, VIII-13, VIII-16
  92. Irwin, Agnes II-8v (March 26, 1898)
  93. Jackson, James I-6
  94. Johnson, Elizabeth VIII-11, VIII-13, VIII-16
  95. Kent, Louise Andrews VII-20
  96. Klumpke, Anne E. III-8
  97. Lancaster, Jessie Payne VIII-6
  98. Langer, Rowena Morse VIII-6, VIII-8, VIII-10, VIII-11, VIII-14, VIII-16
  99. Leavitt, Margaret A. I-5v, I-20, VII-13
  100. Lee, Frances VII-13
  101. Lemoyne, Mary Brigham VII-17
  102. Lenk, Mabel Rogers VIII-3, VIII-4, VIII-8, VIII-10, VIII-12, VIII-14, VIII-16, VIII-18
  103. Lincoln, Alice N. Towne I-20, VII-13
  104. Lloyd, Henry Demarest II-9v (November 24, 1900), II-9v (November 30, 1901)
  105. Longfellow, Alice II-8v (December 10, 1898)
  106. Loring, Katharine P. I-20, VII-13, VII-20
  107. Loring, Mary H. III-8
  108. Loud, Maria Hallowell II-15
  109. MacIntyre, Marie D. VIII-16, VIII-18
  110. McKin, Emma P. I-22
  111. McNamara, Thomas I-11
  112. May, Abigail Williams II-5v (May 3, 1884)
  113. Means, Helen G. Farnsworth I-23
  114. Millet, Emily A. McCleary I-1, I-20
  115. Milwaukee Saturday Morning Club III-7, III-8
  116. Morrison, Mary G. VII-13
  117. Motley, Jane Lathrop I-20, VII-13
  118. Moulton, Louise Chandler II-7v (December 22, 1888), II-8v (March 18, 1899)
  119. Munro, Ruth Bowditch VIII-10, VIII-14, VIII-16, VIII-18
  120. Nichols, Grace I-8
  121. Olmsted, Frederick Law II-9v (January 24, 1903)
  122. Palmer, Alice Freeman II-5v (December 29, 1884)
  123. Parker, Harriet VIII-8
  124. Pfeiffer, Matilde Valenti VIII-8, VIII-14
  125. Phillips, Ann Strieby VIII-14, VIII-18
  126. Phillips, Anne Wight VIII-10, VIII-12, VIII-14, VIII-16, VIII-18
  127. Pierce, Katharine C. I-1, VIII-1
  128. Platt, Livingston III-9
  129. Porter, Frances R. VIII-10, VIII-12, VIII-14
  130. Putnam, Thelma VIII-18
  131. Quimby, Alice Kent Robertson II-15, III-7, III-8
  132. Quincy, Helen III-8
  133. Revelle, Ellen VIII-16
  134. Richards, Laura E. Howe III-8
  135. Robbins, Mary C. Pike VII-13
  136. Robbins, Reginald L. I-5v
  137. Rodman, Mary VII-7
  138. Rollins, Sarah Tappan VIII-1, VIII-3, VIII-10, VIII-12
  139. Rossell, Agnes O'Connor VII-20
  140. Russell, Mary Otis I-22
  141. Russell, William E. III-7
  142. Schell, Esther Sidelinger VIII-1, VIII-2, VIII-3
  143. Scudder, Vida Dutton II-7v (March 22, 1890), II-11v (November 14, 1908)
  144. Shurcliff family (See I-10v for dates and topics of lectures.)
  145. Shurtleff family (See I-10v for dates and topics of lectures.)
  146. Smith, Carol M. VIII-8, VIII-12, VIII-14, VIII-16, VIII-18
  147. Smith, Margo Johnson VIII-10, VIII-14, VIII-16
  148. Stearns, Anna B. VIII-10, VIII-12, VIII-14, VIII-16, VIII-18
  149. Stone, Lucy II-3v (April 29, 1876)
  150. Streeter, Alice M. Chase I-5v, I-20
  151. Strong, Mary Baker I-20
  152. Sturges, Florence Stanley VIII-6
  153. Tappan, Eleanor Beck VIII-1
  154. Tetlow, Helen Ingersoll VIII-1
  155. Tharp, Louise Hall II-36 (March 12, 1960)
  156. Ticknor, Caroline VII-13, VII-17, VIII-1
  157. Tower, Ellen M. I-20
  158. Treat, Priscilla Gough VIII-4, VIII-12, VIII-14, VIII-16
  159. Weld, Dorothy Appleton I-5v
  160. Wells, Kate Gannett II-4v (March 27, 1880), II-7v (February 2, 1889)
  161. Wesselhoeft, Mary A. Leavitt I-20, I-21, III-7
  162. Wesselhoeft, Selma VII-13
  163. Wheeler, Dora Emerson VIII-1
  164. Whitehead, Harriet VIII-16, VIII-18
  165. Whitman, Sarah Wyman II-8b (March 11, 1899)
  166. Whitney, Margaret F. Green I-20
  167. Whittemore, Sarah E. VII-11, VII-13
  168. Whittier, Cornelia F. II-15, VII-17
  169. Wilder, Catharine Kerlin VIII-4, VIII-10, VIII-12, VIII-16, VIII-18
  170. Willard, Cornelia I-20
  171. Williams, Susie Marie VIII-14, VIII-18
  172. Wilson, Butler I-6
  173. Wolcott, Edith Prescott III-7
  174. Woolson, Abba Goold II-2v (December 13, 1873)

General note

Photographs of the following members of the Saturday Morning Club appear in the folders listed below:

  1. Allen, Dorothy--VII-3vo
  2. Allen, Eleanor--VII-3vo
  3. Appleton, Marjorie--VII-2vo; VII-12
  4. Baker, Caroline (later Caroline Burlen)--VII-2
  5. Beals, Mrs. --VII-3vo
  6. Blake, Eleanor--VII-2vo
  7. Burlen, Caroline--VII-2vo; VII-5v (drawings); VII-3 (duplicate in VII-2vo, but not identified here): VII-6 (all duplicates of photographs in VII-2vo)
  8. Burnett, Josephine--VII-2vo
  9. Butler, Mrs.--VII-2vo
  10. Cabot, Maria M.--VII-2vo
  11. Carr, Adelaide K.--VII-2vo; VII-5v; VII-3vo
  12. Carr, C.--VII-3vo
  13. Carr, Edward Kinsley--VII-3vo
  14. Coolidge, Ida--VII-2vo
  15. Croll, P.--VII-3vo
  16. Cudder, Bessie--VII-2vo
  17. Cushing, A.T.--VII-2vo
  18. Cushing, Mrs. Livingston--VII-12
  19. Dennie, Sophie T.--VII-12
  20. Elliott, Maud Howe--I-24
  21. Fairchild, Sally--VII-2vo
  22. Ferriday, Miss --VII-1vo
  23. Fessenden, Lulu Williams--VII-2vo
  24. Fiske, Mrs. Charles--VII-3vo
  25. Foster, Ernestine Louise--VII-12
  26. French, Fanny--VII-2vo
  27. Gay, Caroline--VII-2vo (identified as either Caroline Gay or Hilda Millet); VII-5v
  28. Graves, Mrs.--VII-3vo
  29. Guild, Helen--I-24
  30. Harding, Bessie--VII-2vo
  31. Hawley, E. Maud--VII-2vo
  32. Herford, Helen--VII-2vo
  33. Hooper, Anne Lord--VII-2vo
  34. Hornans, Caroline--VII-2vo
  35. Howe, Fanny Quincy--VII-2vo; VII-3 (not identified here, but identified in similar photograph in VII-2vo)
  36. Johnson, Elsie--VII-2vo
  37. Kinsley, Mary--VII-1vo
  38. Means, Helen G--VII-2vo
  39. Millet, Hilda--VII-2vo (identified as Hilda Millet or Caroline Gay); VII-6 (duplicate of photograph in VII-2vo) (duplicate of the photograph in VII-5v that is identified as Caroline Gay)
  40. Morrison, Mary Gray--VII-5v
  41. Mottley, Miss--VII-2vo
  42. Muirhead, Helen Quincy--VII-2vo
  43. Nichols, Miss--VII-3vo
  44. Noah, Caro--VII-12
  45. Paine, M.--VII-3vo
  46. Parker, Mrs.--VII-2vo
  47. Peabody, Fannie--VII-2vo
  48. Peabody, Lillian--VII-2vo
  49. Porter, Mary O.--VII-2vo
  50. Richardson, Nina--VII-2vo
  51. Robertson, Alice Kent--VII-5v (drawings); VII-2; VII-2vo
  52. Sargent, Aime--VII-2vo
  53. Selfridge, Mrs.--VII-3vo
  54. Spear, Mrs.--VII-3vo
  55. Strong, Mary B.--VII-2vo
  56. Thorndike, Mrs. Albert--VII-3vo
  57. Ticknor, Caroline--VII-5v (drawing); VII-3vo
  58. Tilden, Luizce--VII-2
  59. Tudor, Mrs.--VII-3vo
  60. Wambaugh, Miss--VII-3vo
  61. Weld, Hannah M.--VII-2vo; VII-5v
  62. Whiting, Louise--VII-3vo
  63. Whitney, Margaret F.G.--VII-2vo; VII-5v
  64. Whittemore, Sarah--VII-2vo; VII-5v; VII-6 (duplicate of photographs in VII-5v, VII-2vo)
  65. Williams, Lulu--VII-3 (not identified here, but identified in similar photograph in VII-2vo)
  66. Wolcott, Edith P.--VII-2vo

Processing Information

Reprocessed: December 1976

By: Katherine Gray Kraft

Saturday Morning Club (Boston, Mass.). Records of the Saturday Morning Club, 1871-1983: A Finding Aid
Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America
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