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COLLECTION Identifier: UAII 10.5

Reports to the Board of Overseers

[Report of a Committee appointed by the Board of Overseers] , June 16, 1685 Digital

Scope and Contents

Report proposing certain individuals including Reverend Samuel Mather be empowered to “take effectual care” of food, wine, and other essentials for Commencement by an Overseers’ committee, dated June 16, 1685.

[Report of the Committee on Exhibitions from Thomas Cushing to Samuel Williams] , September 25, 1781 Digital

Scope and Contents

Report of the Committee on Exhibitions from Overseer Thomas Cushing to Hollis Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy Samuel Williams (1743-1817; Harvard AB 1761), September 25, 1781, praising students who participated in an exhibition in the school chapel, and requesting to make public the committee’s vote to commend them.

[Minutes of the Committee for rebuilding Harvard College], August 7, 1765 Digital

Scope and Contents

Copy of a report by the Committee for rebuilding Harvard College, dated August 7, 1765; the group was tasked with managing the construction of a new building to replace Harvard Hall, which was destroyed by a fire in 1764. At a meeting in Boston, the committee voted on 10 proposals related to the exterior structure and interior design of the new Harvard Hall, including specifications for the library.

[Report of the Committee of Professors approbation of exhibitions], October 7, 1777 Digital

Scope and Contents

Report by an Overseers’ Committee, dated October 7, 1777 and signed by Chairman Richard Derby, praising student exhibitions, and requesting that Harvard College President Samuel Langdon “signify in such a way as he shall think proper the Committee’s approbation.”

[Report of the Committee for the Library from Simeon Howard to Samuel Langdon], October 20, 1778 Digital

Scope and Contents

Report by the Committee for the Library, dated October 20, 1778, from Secretary Simeon Howard to Harvard College President Samuel Langdon, finding the College library and museum were in good order except for some missing books; the committee voted to recommend the Corporation make inquiries in an attempt to locate the lost volumes.

[Report of the Committee on Commencement], circa 1800 Digital

Scope and Contents

Report by an Overseers’ Committee in circa 1800, recommending changes in the timing of commencement and entrance exams, and to the students’ vacation schedule. The committee proposed there be three vacations of varying durations in the summer, winter, and spring, amounting to 13 weeks per year.