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COLLECTION Identifier: UAI 5.120

Corporation papers, 1st series, supplements to the Harvard College Papers

Accounts of commencements and tuitions for the years 1640-1652, 1640-1652 Digital

Scope and content

List of debits and credits associated with commencement and tuition. Includes references to contributions to the College from towns and scholarships, including the scholarship created by Lady Anne Mowlson's bequest in 1643.

Subscription lists and letters from towns, 1653 Digital

Scope and content

The folder contains subscription lists and letters (addressed to Increase Newell, a member of the Courts of Assistants) regarding voluntary contributions to the College from inhabitants of the towns of Andover, Cambridge, Concord, Dorchester, Haverhill, Hingham, Medfield, Reading, Salem, Topsfield, Watertown, Wenham, and Woburn, Massachusetts, and York, Maine. The folder also contains an account of commencements and tuitions.

Positions concerning ye Colledge business, [1654] Digital

Scope and content

Title transcribed from document. References to the duties of the Steward and to the collection of contributions from the towns.

Letter from William Brett to Governor Thomas Prence, [circa 1660s?] Digital

Scope and content

William Brett worked with Mr. [James?] Keith to promote the design of the College; twelve pounds of Indian corn are to be delivered to an unspecified town. The undated letter also discusses attempts to purchase lands by the Titicut River.

Undated letter. The original letter is accompanied by a typewritten 20th-century transcription with manuscript pencilled annotations.

A transcript out of ye old charter law-book printed A. dom.i. 1672, p. 293, [circa 1672] Digital

Scope and content

Title transcribed from document. A caption title from the verso of the document reads, "Who ye overseers be: extracts from the old charter law-book respecting the support of the President H.C., 1659."

Letter from Richard Bellingham, Boston, April 22, 1672 Digital

Scope and content

Written "with the advice of the rest of the overseers of Harvard Colledge in New England" to Richard Saltonstall, Nicholas Gregson, Rev. John Knowles, Robert Newman, and Anthony Wilson. Bellingham appointed the five men trustrees of the Overseers, giving them the authority to collect donations for the College in England.

Letter from John Rogers, Samuel Andrew, John Cotton, Cambridge, to [Increase Mather,] September 10, 1683 (20th-century photostat) Digital

Scope and content

Two photostat copies of letter written by President John Rogers and Fellows Samuel Andrew and John Cotton asking the Overseers to reschedule commencement due to an eclipse of the sun predicted to occur on the scheduled day of July 2.

Petition to the Governor for degree of masters of arts, [March 1687] Digital

Scope and content

Signed by Thomas Dudley, Rowland Cotton, Henry Gibbs, Edward Mills, John Eliot, John White, and Jonathan Pierpont, all members of the Harvard College Class of 1685.

Order of Governor William Phips, June 6, 1693 Digital

Scope and content

Order authorizing the payment of £100 to Increase Mather for his service as Harvard president. On the back of the document is Mather's receipt of the payment from John Phillips, treasurer of the Province.

Address of the General Assembly of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay to his Majesty, June 14, 1700 Digital

Scope and content Copy of address sent to King William III by the Earl of Bellomont, Isaac Addington, and John Leverett, in the aftermath of King William's War, requesting the King's assistance in protecting their fishing rights and boundary encroachments by the French, in building trading posts and removing the French Roman Catholic missionaries from the northern part of the Province. The address also asks assistance on behalf of the settlement of Harvard College. Title transcribed from verso of...

Letter from John Leverett, Cambridge, December 14, 1708 Digital

Scope and content

Regarding the confession of the son of Mr. Shattuck for an unnamed disgression and requesting clemency in the temporal courts.

The letter is unaddressed, but the donation documentation suggests it was written to the president of the Massachusetts colony.

Letters from John Leverett to John White, December 21, 1715-June 27, 1721 Digital

Scope and content

The folder contains seven letters from Leverett to White with orders to pay Oliver Peabody and Calvin Galpine from Robert Boyle's legacy, with receipts signed by Peabody and Galpine on the versos. The letters regarding Calvin Galpine are dated December 21, 1715, and May 26, 1716; the letters regarding Oliver Peabody are dated April 15, 1720, July 22, 1720, April 6, 1721, May 11, 1721, and June 27, 1721.

Collected documents from 1716, 1716 Digital

Scope and content

The folder contains two documents: a letter from William Brattle, Cambridge, to John White, May 30, 1716, regarding the Pennoyer scholarships, and a letter from Henry Flynt to John White, September 12, 1716, regarding his salary; the document includes a receipt dated September 19, 1716, signed by Cornelius Nye.