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COLLECTION Identifier: hsi00001

William Bond & Son records and Bond family papers, 1724-1931 (inclusive), 1769-1923 (bulk)

William Cranch Bond memoirs, 1850, 1850 Digital

Scope and Contents Volume of diary entries written by William Cranch Bond in 1850 regarding his family's genealogy; the United States Coast Survey chronometric expedition to determine difference of longitude between Greenwich Observatory (England) and Cambridge, Massachusetts; fund-raising to build the Harvard College Observatory; acquisition of parts for a magnetic telegraph; and observations on the weather and his daily activities.

Memoranda relating to the life and scientific labors of William Cranch Bond, 1859, 1859 Digital

Scope and Contents Notebook containing memoranda regarding the life and work of William Cranch Bond, chiefly related to his tenure at Harvard College Observatory, written by his son, George P. Bond, and addressed to politician and former Harvard College President Edward Everett (1794-1865; Harvard AB 1811) in 1859. There is an unaddressed note laid in to the front of the volume containing holiday greetings from Elizabeth and Catherine Bond, the daughters of George P. Bond.

Deeds and legal documents, 1820-1837, 1820-1837 Digital

Scope and Contents Contains deeds of land purchased by William Cranch Bond in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and Burton, New Hampshire, dated from 1820 to 1837; a document from Thomas Bird granting power of attorney to Elijah Tolman in 1831; and a deed for land purchased by Thomas Bond in Newfield, Maine, in 1835.

Legal and financial records, 1769-1809, 1769-1809 Digital

Scope and Contents Contains an indenture and agreement for William Bond, Sr., to apprentice with a goldsmith in 1769; a naturalization certificate for William Bond, Sr., dated 1785; and a fragment of a document from 1809 possibly related to the will of Thomas Bond, witnessed by Plymouth, Massachusetts, Mayor Joseph Pridham, John Bond, and Betsy Bond.

Legal and financial records, 1814-1844, 1814-1844 Digital

Scope and Contents Contains a certificate of William Bond, Sr., assigning power of attorney to his son William Cranch Bond in 1815; a marriage certificate for William Cranch Bond and Selina Cranch, dated 1819; several receipts of William Cranch Bond; records of mining shares transferred to William Cranch Bond from James Loring; and an undated copy of the will of Selina Cranch Bond (1798-1831).

Richard F. Bond and William C. Bond passports, 1864-1882, 1864-1882 Digital

Scope and Contents Passport of Richard F. Bond, dated in 1864, documenting his travel to Liverpool, England, and the passport of his son, William C. Bond, dated 1882, who traveled to locations including Bergen, Norway, and Stockholm, Sweden. The watermarked documents include identifying characteristics like height, hair and eye color, complexion, and size of features.

Diplomas and certificates, 1818-1891, 1818-1891 Digital

Scope and Contents Contains an honorary diploma from Harvard College, and certificates of membership from societies for William Cranch Bond, including the Massachusetts Colonization Society, the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, and the Bunker Hill Monument Association, dated 1818-1857. There are also several copies of a certificate in French addressed to William C. Bond in 1891.

William Cranch Bond commonplace book, circa 1843-1855, 1843-1855 Digital

Scope and Contents Commonplace book kept by William Cranch Bond from circa 1843 to 1855, containing excerpts from books like Uncle Tom's Cabin and Dr. Troy's Bible (1791) and from the works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Lord Byron.

William Cranch Bond commonplace book, circa 1853, 1853 Digital

Scope and Contents Commonplace book kept by William Cranch Bond in circa 1853, containing excerpts and quotations from the writings of Lord Byron, Edward Gibbon, Samuel Johnson, and Jean-François Marmontel. There is also a clipping with a verse about the siege of Belgrade in 1789 on the manuscript endpaper. The bulk of the volume contains blank pages.