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Film-captured data from the Skylab space station (1973-1974)

Collection Identifier: SKYLAB1-6.3
Scope and Contents: The materials in this collection include large reels of 35 or 16mm motion picture film, most housed in metal canisters and still enclosed in their original shipping containers, and 25 clamshell boxes with open real videotape. The recordings include solar images and mission-specific materials associated with several experiments in solar astronomy from the Skylab missions. In addition, there is a number of smaller metal canisters, containing 35mm film rolled onto plastic cores. Images of the...

Harvard College Observatory observations, logs, instrument readings, and calculations

Collection Identifier: KG11365-6
Scope and Contents: This collection contains over 2500 logbooks and notebooks produced by the Harvard Computers and early Harvard astronomers, many of which feature datasets and processing observations relating to the HCO’s collection of astronomical glass plate photographs. The Harvard Computers were a team of women who worked for the Harvard College Observatory under the supervision of Director Edward Charles Pickering (1877-1919). Notable women include: Annie Jump Cannon, Williamina Fleming, Antonia Maury,...

Notes for the PANDORA Atmosphere Program (1966-2007)

Collection Identifier: PANDORA1-25
Scope and Contents: Eugene Avrett and Rudolf Loeser created Pandora, a general-purpose non-LTE computer program, over a span of four decades, from 1966 to 2007. They designed the program to calculate atmospheric models and synthesize spectrum code with a broad application towards solar atmospheres, other stellar atmospheres, and nebulae. Avrett devised and specified Pandora’s astrophysics and numerical methods while Loeser built the program and administered its ongoing use. Both men were affiliated with the...