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Nadia Boulanger scores by her students, 1925-1972.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 125

This collection contains musical scores submitted by the students of French composer Nadia Boulanger while attending the American Conservatory at Fontainebleau, France.

Otto Gombosi Papers, 1925-1955.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 136

Music and text transcriptions, notes, and drafts documenting thirty years of research in historical musicology.

Paul Hastings Allen manuscript scores, published scores, and other material, 1900-1952

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 157

Manuscript and published scores by the twentieth-century American composer

Peggy Stuart Coolidge manuscript scores and other material, 1924-1981.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 107

Manuscript scores and related materials of the American composer, pianist, and conductor Peggy Stuart Coolidge.

Philip Batstone manuscript scores and other material, 1953-1980

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 158

Manuscript scores and sketches by the twentieth-century American composer

Professor David Lewin manuscript scores, 1955-1991.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 113

Manuscript scores of the American theorist, composer, musician and Walter W. Baumberg Professor of Music at Harvard University.

Richard Aldrich family letters from colleagues, 1904-1937.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 131

Correspondence of music critic Richard Aldrich (1863-1937), primarily with American and English musical colleagues.

Robert Di Domenica manuscript and published scores, 1953-1996.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 156

Manuscript and published scores by the twentieth-century American composer

Somali Songs, 1955-1991: The Maryan “Aryette” Omar Ali Collection

Collection Identifier: AWM SC 12200-12723
Scope and Contents: The Maryan “Aryette” Omar Ali Collection of Somali Songs contains cassette recordings of some of Somalia’s most famous singers and poets, including Faduumo Qaasim, Magool, Maxamad Suleebaan, Fadumo Cabdillaahi Maandeeq, Sahra Axmed Jaamac, and Cumar Dhuule. Based on various themes of love, nature, war, class and gender relation, politics, and patriotism, the contents of the poetry is the aesthetic focal point of the music. The primary genre in this collection is known as hees or heello, a...

Songs in the English language, 1675-approximately 1870, bulk 1700-1822.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 143

Collection of over 2000 English-language songs published between 1675 and 1870.

Stephen "Lucky" Mosko scores, recordings, and other material, 1957-2008.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 140

Papers and audiovisual collections of composer and conductor Stephen Lee “Lucky” Mosko, including musical scores, audio and video recordings, correspondence, press and publicity materials, teaching materials, photographs and concert programs.

The Eduard Alekseyev Fieldwork Collection of the Musical Culture of Yakutia, 1957-1990.

Collection Identifier: AWM RL 16252 - 16357, AWM V 11592 - 11597

This collection contains original field recordings by ethnomusicologist Eduard Yefimovich Alekseyev. The recordings were made in various regions in Russia, and primarily represent the musical culture of the Yakut (Sakha) peoples, as well of Crimean Tartar and Ukrainian peoples.

The Kay Kaufman Shelemay Syrian-Jewish Collection, 1984 -1993.

Collection Identifier: AWM SC 11800 - 11868

Original field recordings of the Syrian-Jewish genre of pizmonim (paraliturgical hymns) as it has evolved from the early 20th century. Fieldwork was conducted in Brooklyn, NY between 1984 and 1993, and in Brooklyn, NY; Deal, NJ; Mexico City; and Jerusalem between 1986 and 1993.

The Marie-Thérèse, Baroness Ullens de Schooten Collections at Harvard University of original ethnographic sound recordings, radio transmissions, and film soundtracks, ca. 1951-1972.

Collection Identifier: AWM RL 16060-16170
Overview: The sound recordings in this collection were made by Marie-Thérèse, Baroness Ullens de Schooten in Iran between 1951 and 1972. These are primarily field recordings of music, ceremonies, and scenes from daily life of some of the major nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes, including the Qashqā'ī and the Bakhtiari peoples of the west and the south, as well as the Baluchi, Kurds and Turkmen, and Sufi dervishes. The collection also contains recordings of radio transmissions from Radio Iran in Tehran,...

The Randy Weston Collection: A Finding Aid

File Identifier: Ms. Coll. 159
Content Description:

The Weston archive includes documentation from all periods of his prolific career. The scores series contains manuscripts of his numerous compositions, and arrangements by his collaborators, chiefly Melba Liston. At present, this finding aid describes only the scores series of the Weston collection. Other parts will be added as processing is completed.

The Rubén Blades Archives at Harvard University: A Finding Aid

Collection Identifier: AWM Spec Coll 100

Commercial and privately produced sound and audiovisual recordings; periodicals; books; promotional materials, photographs, posters, correspondence, professional and business documents, scripts, ephemera and realia documenting the career of Rubén Blades, musician, actor and political figure from Panama.

The Stephen Blum Collection of Music from Iranian Khorāsān at Harvard University: Original Ethnographic Sound Recordings

Collection Identifier: AWM RL 16198-16251, AWM SC 11742-11763

The sound recordings in this collection provide examples of the musical culture of the region of Khorāsān, in the northeast of Iran.

Tom Everett jazz scores, memorabilia, and other material, 1944-2011.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 135

Scores and memorabilia documenting 40 years of jazz at Harvard.

William D. and Peggy Smith collection of Eubie Blake correspondence, printed sheet music, and other material, 1970-1977.

Collection Identifier: Ms. Coll. 105

Materials by and about the American jazz pianist and composer Eubie Blake, including correspondence, articles, clippings, photographs, and sheet music, collected during the 1970's by William D. and Peggy Smith. In the letters Eubie Blake discusses his music, composing, and events of his career. The correspondence also documents the friendship between Eubie and Marion Blake and the Smiths.