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Collection of Ethiopian Music

Collection Identifier: AWM Spec Coll 93

Recordings of Ethiopian music collected by ethnomusicologist and Harvard University Professor of Music, Kay Kaufman Shelemay. Included are recordings made in Ethiopia and New York by Prof. Shelemay as well as recordings from the Radio Voice of the Gospel in Addis Ababa. Also included are accompanying materials such as logbooks and interview notes.

Laura Boulton Collection of Byzantine and Orthodox Musics

Collection Identifier: Spec Coll 92

Recordings collected by ethnomusicologist Laura Boulton between 1951 and 1969 primarily in Greece, Yugoslavia, Ethiopia, and various other countries. It consists primarily of Byzantine and other Orthodox Eastern church music and services from the liturgical cycles; it also contains folk and classical music, some of a religious nature, and miscellaneous commercial recordings and books.