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COLLECTION Identifier: hyl00022

Bertsch Papers

Scope and Contents

A collection of Leonard Bertsch, a political advisor of US Army Millitary Government in Korea, that of correspondence, documents, notes, periodicals, army records, etc. mostly related to Korean political situation after Korea's independence, or a few related to the understanding of Korean culture. Press summaries from Korean newspaper companies and Korean periodicals in their 1940s and 50s occupy a lot of the collection.

Box 1: 1) Documents copied by Dr. Alan Milleit. 2) Correspondences by Kang, Younghill and Kim, Jongjeung. 3) Various forms about Herbert Kim, Kim Sa Mok and Kim Kyu Sik, Ben.C.Limb and Lyuh, Woon Hong and Lyuh, Woon Hyong, Rhee, Maurice Williams and Sun Yat Sen. 4) Handwritten memos/notes between Gen.A.E.Brown, Clyde E. Sargent, Gen.John R.Hodge and Bertsch 5) Confidential reports and Political summary on situation in Korea 6) Various forms about Interim Legislative Assembly, Korean Communist Party, etc. 7) Applications, petitions and other forms regarding properties. 8) Petitions by An Chai Hong: "How to realize independence of Korea". 9) Memos/Reports of LMB. 10)Documents about Legislature: such as Korea Representative Democratic Council. Box 2: Documents and correspondences related to US Military Government in Korea, US-USSR Joint Commission and the draft of Interim Legislative Assembly of South Korea. Box 3: 1) Memorandums and other forms about Gen. Weckerling: Subjects are about Legislative Assembly, Coalition committee, etc. 2) Reports about Northern. 4) Press release and other forms by Political Advisory Group. 5) Documents about Korean Parties and Social Organizations Registered. 6) Russian Radio Intercepts: Moscow/Pyongyang in Korean to Korea. 7) Minutes by Joint Korean-American Mtgs, etc. 8)Notes by USAFIC political advisory group: Korean Politics. 9)Various forms regarding Legislature. 9)Various forms by G-2 Summaries HQ XXIV Corps. 10) Writings, Speeches, Book reviews and other forms by LMB. 11) Biography and other forms regarding Dr.Kimm Kiusic, Kim Kun Hoo (Herbert Kim), Lyuh Woon Hyung and Syngman Rhee. 11) Memorandum for Col. Watlington. 12) Cases file and Army records about LMB. Box 4: Documents and correspondences related to analytical information on Korean political figures and political situation for Korean provisional government; minutes of meeting of US-USSR Joint Commission; affidavits; learning materials for Korean Language. Box 5: 1) Reports of US-Soviet Commission: from 1st session to 24th session. 2) Press summaries. 3) Periodicals: Korean Open Letter published by Mrs. Ida M.Choo edited by Young Han Choo. , Far Eastern Survey, Korean Information Bulletin. 4) Periodicals published by Korean Pacific Press, etc: Korean Report and Korean Survey. 5) Handbooks compiled by Political Advisory Group, Hq, XXIV Corps, APO 235: Handbook of the Democratic People Front and Associate Organizations. 6) Documents about Political prisoners in South. 7) Personal Receipts, Newspaper Clippings, etc. 8) LB Memos and Reports: Some contact reports included 9) Correspondences from Baldwin, Roger N. 10) Second Information report by United Nations Commission on Korea...(overlapping parts)...11) Memorandums, Translations of North Korea documents, etc. regarding Anti-C.P. and North Korea. Box 6: Correspondences between Bertsch and his family, his personal memo and letters; US Army paper; Korean Declaration of Independence Manifesto. Box 7: 1) Letters/Memos between Bertsch and his family. 2) Press Summaries from Korean newspaper companies : Pyung Wha Ilbo, Dai Dong Sin Moon, Chayoo Shin Mun and many others. 3) Notes and other forms regarding Korean-American Marriages. 4) Minutes and other forms regarding Royal Asiatic Society and Luzac & Co. 5) Various forms about US Army instruction about Korea, mostly by The School of Military Government: Civil affairs, military organization, Strategy of world war ll by Lt. Gen. John E. Hull and Col. Lawrence J. Lincoln, etc. 6) News , Clippings and Brochures regarding Korea in its 1950s. 7) Memos and other forms between Wedemeyer and many Korean Political figures. Box 8: Letters; The Voice of Korea (periodicals); Photos of Bertsch, his family, US military men, Korean national celebrities, etc. -- Box 9: Regional maps of Korea -- 1940s by US Army, War & Navy Department from Japanese maps -- Box 10: Regional maps of locals in South Korea and North Korea, some maps of China, Japan and Russia(USSR) -- Box 11: 1) Cards, Notes and Letters from various people: Including Business cards including notes and inscriptions in English. 2) Books about Korea -- 1924~1954 -- Box 12: Journals and magazines issued -1971 Korea, Korea today 1955, Troop information program, Koreana quaterly, Pictorial Korea, etc. -- Box 13: Korean folksong and popular song in the form of LP records and music wave files with their lables and notes.


  • 1910-1976

Language of Materials

Documents in English, Korean and Korean (Hanmun).


13 boxes

Biographical / Historical

Leonard M. Bertsch (approximately 1910- approximately 1976) was a political advisor of US Army Military Government in Korea, served as a political advisor to General Hodge. He earned a Doctor of Philosohpy from Holy Cross, and a law degree from the Harvard Law School--Information from "Japan Diary" by Mark Gayn.

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Bertsch Papers Finding Aid

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