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COLLECTION Identifier: MS Can 1

Charles Chadenat collection of manuscripts on French Canada

15 Jun 1656. Québec. Lease for 6 years of the land and mill at St. Denis, near Québec, by Jean Juchereau de Maur to Guillaume Le Lièvre, Jacques Noury, and Jacques Mareste; s. by Juchereau, Le Lièvre, and Mareste; witnesses Pierre Maheu and Michel Le Neuf; notary Guillaume Audouart. Addendum of 14 Jul 1657 discharges Noury of his part of the transaction; s. by Juchereau, Le Lièvre, and Marest; witnesses Guillaume Routier and Jean Gloria; notary Guillaume Audouart., 1656., 1657 Digital

15 Apr 1657. Québec. Agreement for entrance of Marguerite Bourdon into convent of La Miséricorde in Québec. S. by Marguerite Bourdon; her parents Jean Bourdon and Anne Gasnier; nuns Marie de St. Bonaventure de Jésus, Catherine de St. Joseph, Marie Catherine de St. Augustin; priests Jean de Quen, Jean Le Bueur, Guillaume Vignal, Jean Le Bré; witness Jean Gloria; Jean François Bourdon and Denis-Joseph Ruette d'Auteuil; notary Guillaume Audouart. , 1657. Digital