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Box 1


Contains 8 Collections and/or Records:

"Journal - Aug.13/30 - Feb. 28/31; Portions of it are variously repeated", 1830 August-1838 December 20 Digital

Item — Box: 1Identifier: gra00013, I, 2
Scope and Contents: Loose manuscript in French, cover note in Sereno Watson’s handwriting. First sheet with note, "1830 About 14-28 Oct. journal.” First sheet verso contains drafts of two letters in Spanish. Second sheet with note "Journ: 1830 Aout 13-Sept,” begins 23 Aug, jumps to late Sept, continues through early Oct, 5 pages; second section entitled "Voyage pour reconnoitre les principaux points de l'Etat de Tamaulipas," 14 Oct to 19 Nov, 63 pages, with map; third section entitled "Route de Tampico a...

"Diario de Tamaulipas No. 1, Nota de F.A.Q. sobre Geografia de Tamaulipas [scratched out], Diario de Tarnava y Berlandier en Tamaulipas," additional note in pencil in Sereno Watson's hand, "1830 Oct 14 - Nov. 14", 1830 October 14-November 14 Digital

Item — Box: 1Identifier: gra00013, I, 3
Scope and Contents: Manuscript in Spanish, 28 pages, folded into signature and sewn together; 14 Oct 1830 to 14 Nov 1830, plant numbers in margins. Loose leaf with "Itineraria" and "Camino" from Santillana. Accompanying loose materials in French, 9 pages, starts mid-sentence, dated 29 Oct. Both may be drafts. “Tarnava” likely refers to don Constatino Tarnava, of the Corps of Engineers on the Commission, according to C.H. Muller.

"1845. Excursion au Fronton de Sa Isabel. 1849. Matamoros to Mexico.", 1845 July 4-1850 January 8 Digital

Item — Box: 1Identifier: gra00013, I, 4
Scope and Contents: Possibly incomplete manuscript in French with signatures stitched together but not formally bound; title note in Sereno Watson's handwriting. First section begins on July 4, 1845, continues for five pages without further reference to date. Second section begins November 1849, entitled "Chap. Prison, notification, escorte jusquala capitale de l’etat; attentats du gouverneur [DN] Jesus Cardenas: Confiance de ce fonctionnaire dans ses actes inconstitutionnels: Nullite de la comission permanente du...

"Memoire sur la famille des Grossulariées par J.L. Berlandier", approximately 1826

Item — Box: 1Identifier: gra00013, II, 5
Scope and Contents: 16 pages, manuscript with 3 pages of illustrations and loose leaf of drawings; inscription on first page in unknown handwriting, "Vu; bon pour imprimer dans Memoires de la soc. de Phys. et d'Hist. G. Maurice... de la Comm d'...." Likely a manuscript for Berlandier's 1826 article published in “Memoires de la societe de physique et d’histoire naturelle de Geneve.”

“Ribes/Icones inedita”, approximately 1827-1828

Item — Box: 1Identifier: gra00013, II, 9
Scope and Contents: Disbound manuscript containing 7 sections of 10 plants each with contents lists; 1 section of 13 plants with contents list; 30 pages of drawings and maps - drawings primarily depict plants, some of scenery. Some drawings dated 1827-1828; most drawings likely made later.

"Plantes de Berlandier" Digital

Item — Box: 1Identifier: gra00013, II, 10
Scope and Contents: Notebook containing names for Berlandier specimens 1-2351. Note indicates names were supplied by M.E. Moricand with additions by [Alphonse] de Candolle; sent to A. Gray by Alphonse de Candolle in 1855.

C.W. Short letter and "Pl. Berlandiereanae Ranuncul. - Compositae incl" manuscript

Item — Box: 1Identifier: gra00013, II, 11
Scope and Contents: Letter from C.W. Short to A. Gray, Dec. 29,1854, containing translated excerpts from a lost letter written by Alphonse de Candolle to Gray. Unpublished manuscript in Asa Gray's hand titled "Pl. Berlandiereanae Ranuncul. - Compositae incl.," 80 pages, containing of a list of plant names with Berlandier's numbers, location data, and some descriptions. According to C.H. Muller, this contains "some twenty new species and two citations of new genera that Berlandier had proposed in the ‘Memorias de...

"Names in Mem. Comision limites.” List of plant names by I.M. Johnston.

Item — Box: 1Identifier: gra00013, II, 12
Scope and Contents: See Contributions from the Gray Herbarium 70: 87-90, "A Neglected Paper by Jean Louis Berlandier," by I.M. Johnston.