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Albert F. Blakeslee correspondence and notebooks

Collection Identifier: far00002
Scope and Content:

This collection consists of correspondence between Blakeslee and other botanists between 1923 and and 1936 as well as correspondence pertaining to him, field notes, and his work with mucor cultures, specifically "Nutrient I-III".

Alice Mills Hadley watercolors of native fungi from Chelsea, Vermont and Wellesley, Massachusetts

Collection Identifier: far00043
Scope and Contents: This collection is comprised of 138 watercolor paintings of fungi by Alice Mills Hadley. The paintings date from 1881-1885 and were created during her time at Wellesley College. At the time, botany classes received instruction in flower painting in watercolors, and morphology labs supplied students with compound microscopes with cameras and micrometers for drawing specimens. It is likely that she used these tools to illustrate spores under magnification that appear in many of the...

Andrew Denny Rodgers research materials on William Gilson Farlow

Collection Identifier: far00038
Scope and Contents:

Andrew Denny Rodgers planned to write a biography on botanist William Gilson Farlow. This collection primarily contains the handwritten notes and research materials for that project. There is some original Farlow correspondence that Rodgers collected. The biography was not finished or published.

Anna M. M. Reid collection

Collection Identifier: far00048
Scope and Contents: The Anna M. M. Reid collection, 1793-2001, is organized in three series. Series I, Edward Tuckerman research, contains Reid's research materials on American botanist Edward Tuckerman (1817-1886). Series II, Anna Reid papers, contains Reid's published papers, materials on lichens and mosses, and correspondence. The series also includes illustrated plates and descriptions from James Sowerby's English Botany. Series III, Ethel Hutchinson papers, consists of...

Arthur Bliss Seymour papers

Collection Identifier: far00024
Scope and content:

This collection contains correspondence, notes, and research material relating to Seymour’s mycological work.

Carroll William Dodge papers

Collection Identifier: far00005
Scope and Contents: The Dodge Papers contain correspondence, notes, memoranda, manuscripts, drafts, lists, receipts, lecture notes, teaching materials, dissertation notes, grants, memorabilia, financial records, notebooks, field diaries, collection lists, original drawings, illustrations, plates, and photographs relating to Dodge's research and identification of lichens and fungi. The bulk of the correspondence is between Dodge and other botanists and is dated approximately 1916-1990....

Catalogue of microscopical slides of the Bailey collection

Collection Identifier: far00061
Scope and Content: Inventory of the Jacob Whitman Bailey collection of microscopical slides, started by Bailey and continued by Miss Washburn. The catalogue was completed by Miss Washburn in June, 1876, according to the Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History, volume 19, 1876-1878.For a detailed account of this volume and accompanying diatom collection see The Jacob...

Catalogue of the "Bailey" collection in the Boston Society of Natural History

Collection Identifier: far00062
Scope and Content:

The volume relates to part of the Jacob Whitman Bailey bequest to the Boston Society of Natural History. The volume was produced in 1860, and is inscribed: Catalogue of the unmounted materials in the “Bailey” Collection in the Boston Society of Natural History, also of the Daguerreotypes, Photographs and Drawings.

Some of these materials were later gifted to the Farlow Herbarium.

Champignons du Tonkin: a collection of original paintings

Collection Identifier: far00036
Scope and Contents: The collection consists of 250 watercolor illustrations and one original scrapbook. The paintings date from 1904 to 1909. Most were created by Nguyen Manh Hoan in Vietnam for Victor Demange. The species were determined by N. Patouillard in France, according to Pfister, Donald H., Champignons du Tonkin, 1985.The Patouillard Herbarium was purchased by the Farlow Herbarium after Patouillard's death in 1928. There are several paintings by Demange in the Patouillard Herbarium along...

Charles Bullard algae drawings

Collection Identifier: far00006
Scope and Content: This collection consists of drawings of algae as seen through a microscope with handwritten descriptions. The drawings were made primarily between 1915 and 1921. Some of the specimens illustrated by Bullard were collected by other botanists, but most Bullard collected himself between 1892 and 1912. Most of the specimens were collected in New England, but specimens from Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington, and Wisconsin and from New Brunswick and Ontario, Canada, are also...

Clarence Alonzo Cheever papers

Collection Identifier: far00011
Scope and Content: The Cheever collection contains correspondence, notes, manuscript material, diatom samples, and published plates pertaining to Cheever’s lifelong study of diatoms. There are also materials from Joseph Parker Wintringham, William B. Terry (regarding his father, William Almeron Terry), J.B. Wheeler, Edwin A. Schultze, and Adolf Wilhelm Ferdinand Schmidt.The bulk of Cheever's Diatom Herbarium consists of over 10,000 prepared slides, representing over two hundred genera and thousands...

Clark University Herbarium card file and photographs

Collection Identifier: far00018
Scope and Content: This collection consists of an index card file of hepaticae and musci of Worcester County, Massachusetts, and a series of photographs of hepatics and mosses taken from 1908-1921.Each index card has a plant name and a grid of town names with checkmarks, presumably indicating where specimens were collected. There are 15 photographs, some of which are labeled: "Hepaticae: A group of photographs of hepaticae taken by Miss Helen Greenwood about 1908-1921 have been verified by William...

Clyde E. Keeler cryptogamic botany illustrated notebook

Collection — Volume: 1Identifier: far00059

This collection includes a notebook filled with illustrations and notes related to cryptogamic botany. The notebook was created by geneticist Clyde E. Keeler, who earned his PhD from Harvard University in the 1920s.

Cora Huidekoper Clarke correspondence and gall photographs

Collection Identifier: far00009
Scope and Content:

The Clarke collection contains correspondence, manuscript material, and photographs. The majority of correspondence and manuscripts are bound together in one volume. Two albums of gall photographs have been deconstructed for preservation purposes. The collection contains photocopies of the albums in their original form, the original photographs, and the empty albums.

David Hunt Linder papers

Collection Identifier: far00021
Scope and Content:

The Linder collection consists of correspondence, specimen lists, manuscripts, illustrative matter and plate proofs, and photographs pertaining to Linder’s mycological research and curatorship of the Farlow Library.

Edward Angus Burt papers

Collection Identifier: far00012
Scope and Content: The Burt papers consist primarily of correspondence pertaining to Burt’s work on cryptogamic botany. There are letters from approximately 205 correspondents, dated 1895-1933. Major correspondents include: Giacomo Bresadola, Carroll William Dodge, William Gilson Farlow, the Fries Family, Albert Spear Hitchcock, Curtis Gates Lloyd, and Roland Thaxter.The collection also contains a typed draft of Burt’s “Thelephoraceae of North America,” an annotated typed draft of “Icones...

Edward Jacob Forster Index Agaricinorum et Boletorumi: An Index Catalogue of American Agarics & Boleti

Collection — Volume: 1Identifier: far00069
Scope and Content: Bound volume with handwritten notes on American Agarics and Boleti by Edward Jacob Forster, 1887.The handwritten title page reads: An Index Catalogue of American Agarics & Boleti; Being a list of such species as have been found in the United States, with references to catalogues and descriptions, compiled by Edward J. Forster, Boston, 1887. The preface page notes: It is confidentiality believed the following bibliography contains [indecipherable] references to...

Edwin Bunting Bartram papers

Collection Identifier: far00003
Scope and Content:

The Bartram papers contain correspondence, specimen lists, keys, and manuscripts pertaining to Bartram's bryological research in the United States and overseas.

Eliza Beulah Blackford papers

Collection Identifier: far00008
Scope and Content: The Blackford papers contain correspondence, scrapbooks, notebooks, spore prints, original artwork, photographs, and various items relating to the Boston Mycological Club. These materials mainly pertain to Blackford’s interest in mycology. The original artwork includes 605 matted and numbered watercolors of cryptogams; 147 unmatted and unnumbered watercolors of cryptogams; and a group of small watercolors that were originally boxed together. The collection also includes 218 watercolors of...

Elizabeth Eaton Morse collection of photographs of Pacific Coast states fungi

Collection — oversize-box: 1Identifier: far00044
Scope and Contents: This collection is comprised of sixteen scrapbook-like panels of black and white photographs of fungi from the Pacific Coast states of the United States. Elizabeth Eaton Morse collected fungi specimens in the Pacific Coast states of the United States and deposited specimens in multiple herbaria including the Wellesley College Herbarium, the Farlow Herbarium of Harvard University, and the Mycological Herbarium of the University of California. Morse hired professional scientific...

Elizabeth G. Britton and Carl Warnstorf letters to Edwin Faxon

Collection — Volume: 1Identifier: far00067
Scope and Content:

21 letters, including specimen lists, from Elizabeth G. Britton to Edwin Faxon dated 1890-1895. 22 letters, including specimen lists, from Carl F. Warnstorf to E. Faxon dated 1889-1892 written in German.

Elke Mackenzie papers

Collection Identifier: far00025
Scope and Contents:

This collection includes Elke Mackenzie's correspondence, field work papers, manuscripts, research notes, plant lists, financial records from travels and research, illustrations from Benthic Marine Algae of the Antarctic Peninsula, a logbook of dives, and photographs.

Farlow Reference Library and Herbarium: Indices, Exsiccatae, and Field note collection

Collection Identifier: far00057
Scope and Content:

This collection contains indices, checklists, exsiccatae, accession lists, and some field notes related to the Farlow Herbarium specimen collections. Some general administrative information on the Farlow Herbarium is also included.

Frank Shipley Collins correspondence

Collection Identifier: far00060
Scope and Content:

Correspondence between Frank Shipley Collins and Canadian naturalist John Macoun, William Ralph Maxon (Smithsonian Institution), Frits Johansen (Victoria Memorial Museum, Ottawa), and H.H. Bartlett (United States Department of Agriculture) dated 1904-1919. Also includes multiple algae lists from Macoun and biographical information on Collins.

Frederick Kroeber Sparrow papers on Anton de Bary

Collection Identifier: far00001
Scope and Content:

This collection consists of correspondence, photocopied articles, handwritten notes, slides, and photographs pertaining to Sparrow’s manuscript of his address on Anton de Bary at the Second Mycological Congress, 1977 August-September. The address was published in Mycologia, March-April 1978, vol. LXX, no. 2, pp. 213-222.