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COLLECTION Identifier: B MS c16

Ezekiel Goddard Dodge papers

Dodge, Ezekiel Goddard, 1765-1819, 2 MS.D, 1789 September 24-1798 December 31, 1789 September 24-1798 December 31 Digital

Scope and Contents Contains a bill from Boston apothecary Jonathan P. Hall for medicinal ingredients, including cantharides, gentian root, tartar emetic, and gum myrrh. Also includes a promissory note from Dodge to Samuel Eliot

Dodge, Ezekiel Goddard, 1765-1819, 2 A.L.s. to Ezekiel Dodge Cushing, 1818 July 31-1818 August 21, 1818 July 31-1818 August 21 Digital

Scope and Contents Correspondence to his nephew regarding Cushing's thoughts on the state of mankind, enclosed with two folios containing Dodge's writings on the subject matter, including his observations on happiness, virtue, human physiology, illness, and pain, the laws of gravity, and divine justice. The pages are numbered nine to sixteen; pages one through eight are missing. Other topics include family news and a patent Dodge acquired to a loom for the county of Lincoln in Maine.

Dodge, Ezekiel Goddard, 1765-1819, 19 A.L.s. to Nathaniel Cushing, 1789 April 29-1802 February 5, 1789 April 29-1802 February 5 Digital

Scope and Contents Correspondence to his brother-in-law congratulating him on his wedding to Dodge's sister and offering his thoughts on the roles of men and women in marriage, news of friends and family, particularly his children, and matters related to real estate transactions. Dodge also discusses the birth of his son in 1800, after which his wife became unwell; he writes that he "gave her a puke, which has operated well." Further topics include the recent outbreak of dysentery in Thomaston and Camden, Maine,...

Dodge, Ezekiel Goddard, 1765-1819, 19 A.L.s. to Nathaniel Cushing, 1802 April 21-1805 February 15, 1802 April 21-1805 February 15 Digital

Scope and Contents Correspondence addressed to both his brother-in-law and sister regarding family and friends, property transactions and business, including a settlement of a financial matter with his partner, Dr. Benjamin Webb, legal actions against him in the Court of Common Pleas, and the status of his medical practice.

Dodge, Ezekiel Goddard, 1765-1819, 19 A.L.s. to Nathaniel Cushing, 1805 May 21-1813 May 27, 1805 May 21-1813 May 27 Digital

Scope and Contents Correspondence concerning property transactions, Dodge's religious beliefs, and Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy. He also comments on domestic politics and foreign policy, particularly the letter of Massachusetts Senator Timothy Pickering to Governor James Sullivan regarding the Embargo Act, which he describes as a "disorganizing letter tending in its nature to dissolve the national compact." Other topics include the French Revolution, the War of 1812 and...

Dodge, Susanna (Winslow), d. 1848, A.L.s. to Mehetable (Dodge) Cushing; Thomaston, Me., 1 side (3 pages), 1817 November 10, 1817 November 10 Digital

Scope and Contents Correspondence to her sister-in-law with news of friends and family. She writes that her husband "is very much out of health," and she does not expect him to improve. She further expresses distress at Ezekiel Dodge's increasing devotion to Universalism and its impact on her family .

Uncatalogued genealogical information on the Dodge family Digital

Scope and Contents Document, possibly created in the 20th century, containing birth and death dates for Nathaniel Cushing, the death date of Mehetable Dodge Cushing, and her parents' names.