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COLLECTION Identifier: H MS c71

McKeen Cattell papers


Papers pertain primarily to Cattell's research projects, his involvement in the American College of Clinical Pharmacology and Chemotherapy (ACCPC), the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET), and the Therapeutic Research Foundation; editorial work; lecturing in Japan, Austria, and Columbia; and teaching and administrative work in the Department of Pharmacology at Cornell University Medical College. Also includes personal correspondence of McKeen Cattell and some correspondence between Walter B. Cannon and James McKeen Cattell (father of McKeen Cattell), as well as J. M. Cattell's lecture notes and World War I photographs.


  • 1909-1987 (inclusive).


Language of Materials

Records are in English.

Conditions Governing Access

Collection is open for research. Access requires advance notice. Access to Harvard University records is restricted for 50 years from the date of creation. These restrictions are noted where they appear in Series I, Subseries B, Sub-subseries 2. Consult Public Services for further information.

The Papers are stored offsite. Researchers are advised to contact Public Services for more information concerning retrieval of material.

Conditions Governing Use

The Harvard Medical Library does not hold copyright on all materials in the collection. Researchers are responsible for identifying and contacting any third-party copyright holders for permission to reproduce or publish. For more information on the Center's use, publication, and reproduction policies, view our Reproductions and Use Policy.


23 cubic feet (23 records center cartons.)

Papers pertain primarily to Cattell's research projects, his involvement in the American College of Clinical Pharmacology and Chemotherapy (ACCPC), the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET), and the Therapeutic Research Foundation; editorial work; lecturing in Japan, Austria, and Columbia; and teaching and administrative work in the Department of Pharmacology at Cornell University Medical College. Also includes personal correspondence of McKeen Cattell and some correspondence between Walter B. Cannon and James McKeen Cattell (father of McKeen Cattell), as well as J. M. Cattell's lecture notes and World War I photographs. Research project files contain charts and experimental data, notes and drafts of writings, bibliographies and reprints reflecting McKeen Cattell's research on the action of digitalis drugs in increasing the strength of heart-muscle contractions, and other studies on the pharmacology of digitalis. Related materials are research reports and correspondence with faculty at Cornell, such as Janet Travell and Harry Gold, and correspondence with Japanese scientists and colleagues concerning work on digitalis drugs. Departmental records include correspondence with pharmaceutical companies concerning fund raising for research and general records relating to curriculum matters, conferences at Cornell, etc.

Cattell's professional activities are documented in correspondence about the founding of ACCPC; his service as president and trustee of ASPET and editing of the Society's journal, involvement in international pharmacology congresses, and work on governmental committees. Also contains minutes of meetings of the Biological Codification Panel and Committee on Growth of the National Research Council, which were held in the late 1940s to persuade the federal government to fund basic biomedical research; and correspondence and related material pertaining to advisory work for National Institutes of Health and committees of the New York Academy of Medicine, and consulting for private industry. Other material documents Cattell's travels as a visiting lecturer to Japan (1950) under the auspices of the U.S. Army, and to Austria (1947) and Colombia (1948) for the Unitarian Service Committee Medical Mission; as well as his lecturing in the U.S., and various social activities.

Materials entirely in English.

Biographical Notes

McKeen Cattell, a major figure in pharmacological research in the United States, spent his career in physiology and pharmacology at Cornell University Medical College. After earning the Ph.D. (1920) and M.D. (1924) degrees from Harvard Medical School, he joined the Department of Physiology at Cornell. In 1936, he moved over to the Department of Pharmacology and became its chairman; he remained there until his retirement in 1959. A large part of his research efforts, along with colleague Harry Gold, were devoted to studying the effect of digitalis drugs on contractions of the heart muscle. With Gold, Cattell founded the American College of Clinical Pharmacology in 1963. He was editor of its publication, The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology for many years, and also served as editor of the journal published by the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. As reflected in the collection. Dr. Cattell played several key advisory roles in the National Institutes of Health, the New York Academy of Medicine, and a number of other organizations.

This collection of manuscript papers presented to the Countway Library by Dr. Cattell is divided into five sections. The first section (1 box) contains a scattering of personal correspondence and biographical materials, including some family letters and a series of reprints of McKeen Cattell's publications.

The second section (9 boxes) is made up of corporate correspondence, the first part of which focuses on Cattell's years as chairman of the Pharmacology Department at Cornell. Both administrative and research materials can be found here, including (but not restricted to) correspondence with other faculty members, correspondence with foreign fellows in the department, materials regarding departmental research projects, and manuscript materials of departmental publications. The second part of this section contains correspondence with other corporations, including many of the drug companies that sponsored the research projects. It also has extensive correspondence regarding Dr. Cattell's membership in various professional societies--in particular the ACCPC and his involvement in its formation, and the ASPET for which he served as councilor and treasurer. Journals published by these organizations are well represented, including The Journal of New Drugs, the initial publication of the ACCPC, and its later publication The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, both of which Cattell edited. Letters written while he served as managing editor for the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics may be found under the organization's Board of Publication Trustees.

The third section of the collection (6 boxes) is subject-related and highlights the professional interests of Dr. Cattell on both a national and an international level. The first part concerns his activities in tobacco research, and contains significant correspondence as a result of his membership on the Scientific Advisory Board to the Tobacco Industry Research Committee. The second part covers a number of other topics. There are significant materials regarding Cattell's studies on the digitalis drugs, including a series of lectures on the parasympathomimetic agents and laboratory reports on biological assays. These drugs are listed by specific drug name throughout the section. In addition, there are abundant materials about his participation in marijuana studies in conjunction with the New York Academy of Medicine. Not the least to be found here is a group of materials regarding his trips to Austria and Colombia for the Unitarian Service Committee Medical Mission in the 1940s, and to Japan as a visiting lecturer in the 1950s.

The fourth section (3 boxes) is an alphabetical arrangement of miscellaneous correspondence with individuals; and the fifth section of bulk materials (3 boxes) comprises an assortment of illustrative material, graph readings and other research data.

Series and Subseries in the Collection

  1. I. Personal and Biographical Records, 1909-1977, undated
  2. ___ A. Personal Correspondence and Papers, 1909-1977, undated
  3. ___B. Publication Records, 1916-1943, 1950, 1953, 1955, 1961-1962
  4. ______ 1. Harvard Medical School, Laboratory of Physiology, 1916-1926
  5. ______ 2. Cornell University Medical College, Department of Pharmacology, 1927-1943, 1950, 1953, 1955, 1961-1962
  6. ______ 3. Abstracts, 1920s-1940s
  7. II. Cornell University Medical College and Other Corporate Correspondence, 1925-1987, undated
  8. ___A. Cornell University Medical College Records, 1925-1980, undated
  9. ______1. Pharmacology Department Records, 1936-1956
  10. _________ a. Administrative Correspondence and Related Records, 1925-1980, undated
  11. _________ b. Memoranda and Related Administrative Records, 1925-1980
  12. _________ c. Foreign Fellows Records, 1946-1956, undated
  13. _________ d. Office Space Records, 1968-1977
  14. _________ e. Publication and Manuscript Materials, 1938-1955, undated
  15. _________ f. Research Grant Records, 1939-1957, undated
  16. ______2. Other Cornell Records, 1936-1976, undated
  17. _________ a. Department Records, 1943-1976, undated
  18. _________ b. Memoranda and Related Records, 1936-1976
  19. ___B. Corporate Correspondence, 1924-1987, undated
  20. ______ 1. Correspondence by Individual Corporate Entity, 1925-1985, undated
  21. ______ 2. Alphabetical Corporate Correspondence, 1924-1987
  22. III. Tobacco and Other Subjects Files, 1927-1978, undated
  23. ___ A. Tobacco Files, 1942-1966, undated
  24. ___ B. Other Subject Files, 1927-1978, undated
  25. IV. Correspondence with Individuals, 1924-1980
  26. ___ A. Individual Correspondence, 1927-1980
  27. ___ B. Alphabetical Individual Correspondence, 1924-1980
  28. V. Oversized Items, undated
  29. Index

Processing Information

Processed by Jennifer Pelose and SPI, July 2007.

This finding aid has been posted as a product of converting a heritage finding aid to an electronic format for the purpose of facilitating collection access. Researchers should be aware that this finding aid has not been revised to meet current Center for the History of Medicine descriptive practices, nor nationally promulgated content standards. Please report any difficulties using this guide to Public Services.

Index of Names

Abbott Laboratories: 4:1
Abel Award: 11:1,2
Acta Physiologica Scandanavica: 4:2
Adams, Roger: 14:5
Adrian, E.D.: 16:1
Aesculapian Club: 1:1
Allentuck, S.: 14:5
Amberson, William R.: 16:2
American Academy of General Practice: 4:3
American Association for the Advancement of Science: 4:4-7
American Biological Society: 4:8
American Board of Clinical Pharmacology: 4:9,10
American Cancer Society: 4:11,12
American College of Chest Physicians: 10:1
American College of Clinical Pharmacology and Chemotherapy: 4:20-43
American College of Clinical Pharmacology: 4:13-19
American Cyanamid Company: 4:44
American Heart Association: 4:45-47
American Institute of Biological Sciences: 4:48
American Journal of Physiology: 4:50
American Journal of the Medical Sciences: 4:49
American Medical Association: 4:51-58
American Pharmaceutical Association: 4:59
American Physiological Society: 4:60
American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics: 4:61
American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental therapeutics: 5:???
Andrus, E. Cowles: 16:3
Animal Care Committee (Cornell): 3:1
Annual Review of Pharmacology: 5:30
Annual Review of Physiology: 5:31
Association of Economic Poisons Control Officials: 5:32
Baird Foundation: 5:33
Barbour, Henry G.: 16:4
Bard, Philip: 16:5
Barr, David P.: 16:6
Baxter Laboratories, Inc.: 5:34
Bayne-Jones, Stanhope: 16:7
Bergman, Felix: 16:8
Bernays, Edward L.: 16:9
Beutner, R.: 16:10
Bieter, Raymond M.: 5:3-6
Bilhuber-Knoll Corporation: 5:35
Bio-research Institute Inc.: 5:40
Biological Abstracts: 5:36-38
Biological Bulletin: 5:39
Biological Codification Committee (NRC): 11:14-16
Biorkman, C.G.A.: 16:11
Bischoff, Ernst, Company: 5:41
Blanchard, E.W.: 9:6
Blaschko, Herman: 16:12
Bliss, C.I.: 5:10,11; 16:13
Bodansky, Oscar: 16:14
Booker, Walter M.: 16:15
Brand, E.: 16:16
Breon, George A., and Company: 5:42
Brodman, Keeve: 16:17
Bronk, Detlev W.: 16:18
Bruecke, Franz: 16:19
Brunner, Mond and Company: 5:43
Burn, J.H.: 16:20,21
Burns, Charles: 16:22
Burroughs Wellcome and Company: 5:44
Butt, Hugh R.: 4:56
Bywater, W.G.: 8:48
Cain, Russell A.: 9:16-21; 16:23
Calvery, Herbert O.: 16:24
Campbell Products, Inc.: 5:45
Cannon, Walter B.: 16:25,26
Cantoni, Guilio L.: 16:27
Cattell, Henry: 1:3
Cattell, Jacques: 1:4
Cattell, James McKeen (father): 1:5,6
Cattell, James McKeen (son): 1:7
Cattell, Ware: 1:8
Chambers, Robert: 16:28
Chambers, William H.: 9:32
Chapman, Loring F.: 16:29
Chaves, Jose Maria: 16:30
Chemical Engineering News: 5:46
Chemical Industries: 5:47
Chen, K.K.: 5:14,16; 16:31
Chenoweth, Maynard B.: 9:33
China Medical Board, Inc.: 5:48
Christiansen, W.G.: 9:12
Chu, C.K.: 9:56
Chu, Wei Chang: 2:24
Ciba Foundation: 5:49
Ciba Pharmaceutical Products: 5:52
Cinchona Products Company: 5:53
Clarke, A. Grant: 10:17
Clarke, Donald A.: 16:32
Clarke, Hans T.: 16:33
Coker, R.E.: 8:5-12
Committee of Revision of the Pharmacopoeia of the U.S.: 5:54,55
Compton, Walter A.: 16:34
Comroe, Julius H.: 10:18
Condouris, George A.: 16:35
Console, A. Dale: 9:12
Cook, Ellsworth B.: 5:16
Copenhaver, W.M.: 9:11
Cori, Carl F.: 16:36
Corson, Samuel A.: 16:37
Corwin, E.H.L.: 8:24,28; 14:2
Crohn, William H.: 16:38
Cullen, Frederick J.: 9:22-29
Cushing, Harvey: 16:39
Cyclotron Specialties Company: 5:56
D.D.S. Publishing Corporation: 6:1
Damon Runyon Memorial Fund for Cancer Research, Inc.: 12:12
Davies, Dean F.: 16:40
Davis, Hallowell: 16:41
Davison, Wilburt C.: 16:42
Dawson, W.T.: 16:43
Dental Products Company: 6:2
Depierre, France: 16:44
Deuel, Harry J., Jr.: 16:45
Dill, David B.: 9:35
Dinaburg, A.G.: 16:46
Dixon, W.E., Memorial: 6:3
Downing, A.C.: 16:47
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DuBois, Eugene F.: 16:49
Dunbar, Virginia M.: 16:50
du Vigneaud, Vincent: 17:102
Edwards, Dayton J.: 16:51
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Emerson Drug Company: 6:4
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Excerpta Medica Foundation: 6:5
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Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology: 6:6; 14:???
Feinstone, W. Harry: 16:56
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Fiedler, Henry George: 16:59
Finkelstein, Murray: 16:60
Fishbein, Morris: 6:31
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Fort Orange Press: 6:7-11
Foster-Milburn Company: 6:12
Fougera, E. and Company: 6:13
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Galdston, Iago: 16:64
Ganz, Aaron: 16:65
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Garrison Highlands Corporation: 6:14
Gasser, Herbert S.: 16:68
Gebauer Chemical Company: 6:15
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General Electric Company: 6:16
General Foods Corporation: 6:17
Gerard, R.W.: 16:70
Ghazal, Abdelrahim: 2:26
Gibbs, O.S.: 5:1
Giddings, N.J.: 16:71
Gill, Dorothy: 16:72
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Gold, Harry: 2:44; 61; 16:73
Gold Award, Harry: 13:1-6
Goldberg, Leon: 13:5
Goldforb, A.J.: 9:10
Golding, H.H.: 16:74
Goodman, Louis S.: 5:26; 16:75
Gotschall, Gertrude Y.: 16:76
Grabfield, J. Philip: 5:1,2
Graham, Helen Tredway: 16:77
Greenberg, Leon A.: 16:78
Greenburg, Leonard: 12:5,6
Greenwald, Willard F.: 10:10; 16:79
Gregg, Alan: 16:80
Greiner, Theodore: 16:81
Greisheimer, Esther: 16:82
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Griggs, Robert: 8:5-12
Gruber, Charles M.: 16:83
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Haley, Thomas J.: 16:86
Hall Associates: 6:18
Hall, Kenneth L.: 6:18
Halter, Clarence: 16:87
Hanzlik, Paul: 16:88
Hardy, James D.: 14:38
Harf, Carlos M.: 16:89
Hartnett, Tim V.: 10:18
Hartree, W.: 16:90
Harvard Apparatus Company: 6:19
Harvard Base “5” Club: 1:11
Harvey, H.G., Company: 6:20,21
Hashimoto, Koroku: 2:27,28; 16:91-97
Hecht, Selig: 16:98
Henderson, John: 6:30
Hercules Powder Company: 6:22
Herrick, Arthur D.: 7:7-22
Heumann, Karl F.: 8:20
Hill, A.V.: 16:99-102
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Hinkle, Lawrence E.: 16:104
Hinsey, Joseph C.: 2:1-4,54; 10:19
Hirestra Laboratories: 6:23
Hitchcock, Philip: 16:105
Hockett, Robert C.: 10:19-23
Hodge, Harold C.: 16:106
Hoehn, Willard M.: 5:42
Hoffman-La Roche, Inc.: 6:24
Hogan, Howard: 8:47
Hollister, Leo E.: 13:1
Homburger, Freddy: 5:40
Hooker, D.R.: 4:50
Howard University: 6:25,26
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Hoyt, W.T.: 10:17,18,22-24
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International Minerals and Chemical Corporation: 6:28
Iodine Education Bureau: 6:29
Irving, Peter: 7:46
Ivy, Andrew C.: 4:60; 16:109
Johnson and Johnson: 6:30
Joint Committee on Tobacco and Health: 10:3,4
Journal of Clinical Pharmacology: 6:32-44; 7:1-6
Journal of New Drugs: 7:7-23
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics: 7:24-29; 12:???
Journal of the American Medical Association: 6:31
Katz, Louis N.: 17:1
Katzman, William: 17:2
Kensler, Charles J.: 2:62; 17:3
Kessel, Quinta Cattell: 1:9
Kidd, John G.: 17:4
Kim, Yung In: 2:29
Kobayashi, Yoshito: 17:5,6
Kohn, Erwin: 9:57; 14:19
Koppanyi, Theodore: 17:7
Kosmak, George W.: 7:47
Koster, Rudolph: 17:8
Kotin, Paul: 10:14,21; 17:9
Krantz, John C., Jr.: 17:10
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Kumagai, Hiroshi: 17:14
Kuriaki, Kaname: 2:30
Ladd, William S.: 2:5,6
Ladimer, Irving: 17:15
Lakeside Laboratories: 7:30
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Landis, Eugene: 17:17
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Leake, Chauncey D.: 17:19
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Lennen and Newell, Advertising: 10:5
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Lilly Research Laboratories: 7:36,37
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Litter, Manuel: 17:21
Little, Clarence C.: 10:14
Livingston Press: 14:7
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Loewi, Otto: 17:23
Long Island Biological Association: 7:39
Lozner, Eugene L.: 17:24
Luckey, E. Hugh: 2:7
Lundsgaard, Einar: 17:25
Lusk, Graham: 17:26
Lythgoe, R.J.: 17:27
MacMillan Company: 7:40
MacNider, William deB.: 17:28
Major, Randolph T.: 7:49
Maltbie Chemical Company: 7:41
Marine Biological Laboratory: 7:42
Markle Foundation, John and Mary R.: 7:43; 14:3
Marshall, E.K., Jr.: 5:3,21; 17:32
Matsuda, Katsuichi: 17:33
Matthews, Sir Bryan: 17:34
Mayor's Committee on Marijuana: 14:1-11
McComas, O. Parker: 10:17
McDermott, Walsh: 17:29
McIntyre, A.R.: 17:30
McMechans, Frank and Laurette: 17:31
Mead Johnson and Company: 7:44
Medical College Alumni Association: 3:13
Medical College Council (Cornell): 3:14
Medical Society of County of New York: 7:45
Medical Society of State of New York: 7:46,47
Merck and Company: 7:48
Merck Institute of Therapeutic Research: 7:49
Minesita Tetuo: 9:8
Modell, Walter: 17:35
Molitor, Hans: 7:49
Monsanto Chemical Company: 7:50
Moon, Virgil H.: 17:36
Moore, Carl V.: 4:54,55
Mosby, C.V., Company: 7:51
Mulinos, Michael G.: 17:37
National Academy of Sciences: 8:1
National Association for Prevention of Addiction to Narcotics: 8:2
National Biochemical Corporation: 9:60
National Institute of Mental Health: 8:3
National Oil Products Company: 8:4
National Research Council: 8:5-20
National Science Fund: 8:21
National Society for Medical Research: 8:22
Nelson, Erwin E.: 17:38
New Drug Institute: 8:23
New York Academy of Medicine, Subcommittee on Marijuana: 14:12-17
New York Academy of Medicine: 8:24-36; 10:6
New York Academy of Sciences: 8:37,38; 10:7-9
New York Board of Trade: 8:39
New York Hospital, Formulary Committee: 8:40-42
New York State Society for Medical Research: 11:7
New York State Society of Anesthesiologists: 8:44
New York University: 8:45,46
Nickerson, Mark: 17:39
Nonidez, Jose: 17:40
Ogiu, Kikuo: 17:41
Oken, Donald: 17:42
Ormsbee, Richard A.: 13:11-13
Otto, Harold L.: 17:43
Ozaki, Masamichi: 17:44
Page, Irvine H.: 17:45
Parker, Bessie A.R.: 17:46
Parkinson, J.L.: 17:47
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Penna, Mario: 2:31
Pfeiffer, Carl C.: 5:10,15,26; 10:7; 14:38
Pfizer, Charles, and Company: 8:49
Pharmacological Reviews: 8:50,51
Philip Morris and Company: 10:10-13
Physiogical Reviews: 5:17-29
Physiological Chemicals Company, Inc.: 8:52
Physiological Society: 8:53
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Proctor and Gamble: 8:54
O.S. Digest: 8:55
Rand Development Corporation: 10:14,15
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Rapport, David: 17:51
Raska, Sigwin B.: 17:52
Rath, Maurice M.: 17:53
Redfield, Alfred C.: 17:54
Reilly, Joseph F.: 17:55
Reynolds, George P.: 17:56
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Richardson, Arthur P.: 17:58
Riker, Walter F., Jr.: 2:63; 17:59
Roberts, Jay: 17:60
Roberts, Richard H.: 5:52
Robinson, G. Canby: 17:61
Rogers, David: 17:62
Root, Walter S.: 9:11
Rosenfeld, George: 17:63
Roth, George B.: 17:64
Rothenberger, E.M.: 9:1,2
Roy, Bidhu Bhushan: 2:33
Sacks, Jacob: 17:65
Salter, William T.: 5:14; 17:66
Salzman, Charles: 17:67
Sandoz Chemical Works, Inc.: 9:1,2
Saslow, George: 17:68
Saunders, W.B. Company: 9:3
Schanze, E.S.: 10:7
Schaub, P.R.: 17:69
Schering Corporation: 9:4,5
Schieffelin and Company: 9:6
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Schwarz, Heinrich: 17:71
Science: 9:7
Seale, W.: 7:40
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Shionogi Research Laboratory: 9:8
Silson, John E.: 17:74
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Smith, Kline and French: 9:9
Smith, Paul K.: 17:75
Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine: 9:10,11
Society of the New York Hospital: 8:43
Special Lecture Committee (Cornell): 3:16,17
Spies, John: 17:76
Squibb Institute for Medical Research: 9:12-14
Stephano Brothers: 10:16
Sterling-Winthrop Research Institute: 9:15
Stiles, Percy G.: 17:77
Stock, Chester C.: 8:13
Stone, Franz T.: 17:78
Tainter, M.L.: 9:15
Taylor, E.K.: 2:8,9,53
Therapeutic Research Foundation: 9:16-29
Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau: 12:41
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Tobacco Industry Research Committee: 10:17-41
Tobacco Working Group: 10:42
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Torda, Clara: 17:80
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U.S. Army Chemical Corps Research and Development Command: 9:32-37
U.S. Public Health Service: 2:55-64; 9:38,39
Ulan, Martin S.: 17:84
Unitarian Service Committee: 9:30
University Medical Center (Cornell): 3:18
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Vale Chemical Company: 9:40
Van Dyk and Company: 9:41
van Dyke, H.B.: 5:20,22; 9:12; 17:85
van Olinda, Ruth E.: 7:39
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Watson-Stillman Company: 9:44
Waverly Press: 9:45
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Westchester County National Bank: 1:21
White Laboratories, Inc.: 9:46
Whitehall Pharmacal Company: 9:47,48
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Williams and Wilkins: 9:49-53
Wills, J.H.: 9:9:34
Wilson, Louis B.: 17:93
Winternitz, M.C.: 17:94
Winthrop-Stearns, Inc.: 9:54
Wistar Institue of Anatomy and Biology: 9:55
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Wolff, Harold G.: 17:95
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Wood, Derek R.: 17:96
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World Health Organization: 9:56,57
Wyeth, John, and Brother, Inc.: 9:58,59
Yamada, Hajime: 17:98
Yamaguchi, Hirotaka: 17:99
Yamasaki, Hidemasa: 17:100
Zotterman, Y.: 17:101
Cattell, McKeen, 1891-. Papers, 1909-1987. Finding Aid.
Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine. Center for the History of Medicine.
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