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Bangor Railway and Electric monthly statements

Collection Identifier: Mss:725 1914-1924
Scope and Contents:

Monthly financial statements of a street railway and electric company in Bangor, Maine, and its controlled companies including the Bar Harbor & Union River Power Company, Orono Water Company, and Bangor power company.

Bank Failures - England - Clippings

Collection Identifier: MSS:781 1763-1879
Scope and Contents:

Clippings regarding bank failures and the money market in England, 1763-1879, possibly compiled by Sir J.E. Backhouse, from the Foxwell Collection.

Bank of Portland (Maine) records

Collection Identifier: Mss:781 1819-1852 P852
Scope and Contents:

Minutes of Directors, Stockholders and Rent book. Also records of the Bank of Portland Trust Fund, including minutes of Directors, journal, ledger, and letterbook.

Bank of the United States (1791-1811). Boston Branch (Boston, Mass.) records

Collection Identifier: Mss:781 1792-1794 U58

Two volumes of financial records, dated 1792-1794, of the Boston branch of the first Bank of the United States (1791-1811.)

William Bant account book

Collection Identifier: Mss:899 1776-1779 B218
Scope and Contents: Account book of business agent and merchant William Bant, of Boston, Massachusetts, recording transactions related to his management of the properties and affairs of John Hancock (1737-1793), dated from 1776 to 1779. Bant includes a note explaining why he charged a five-cent commission in 1779, writing, it is a "small commission for the business done as it includes a recompence for the time trouble and attention that I have given to General Hancock's affairs which were multifarious from...

Ship Barclay logbook

Collection Identifier: Mss:252 1847-1851 B244
Scope and Contents:

Account of a whaling expedition bound eastward from Nantucket, Massachusetts on October 29, 1847 but which cruised in the South Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Entries include weather observations, sailing direction, longitude and latitude direction, other ships seen and whales caught. The master of the ship is not identified in the logbook.

Bark Mabel crew account book

Collection Identifier: Mss:252 1881-1882 M112
Scope and Contents: Crew accounts of the Mabel's voyage dating September 9, 1881 to September 13, 1882. Pasted to the inside front cover are a payroll listing all 33 crewmen; a consolidated account noting each sailor's bonus, his salary for the voyage, the amount he owed, advances, etc.; and a receipt by J.N. Knowles, of San Francisco, California, listing the amount of bone, ivory, sperm and whale produced by the voyage. This is followed by lists of expenses charged to each crewman for such things as clothing,...

William Barker ledger

Collection Identifier: Mss:770 1776-1786 B255
Scope and Contents: Ledger maintained by general store owner William Barker, of Pittston, Maine, recording sales of products including cloth, earthenware, groceries, and liquor, from 1765 to 1786. He was paid in cash and bank bills, and accepted promissory notes. William Barker also lent money to his customers, for which he would accept payment-in-kind; for example, Mrs. Stapleton repaid her loan partially in cash, and by providing washing. Other customers included an Native American man named Philip, who...

Barnabas Thayer account books

Collection Identifier: Mss:451 1778-1793 T369
Scope and Contents: Two account books of tailor Barnabas Thayer of Braintree, Massachusetts, recording charges for clothing, shoes, and day labor. Volume one contains ledger accounts dated from 1779 to 1795. Volume two is a ledger dating from 1778 to 1796; an index to names includes William Bowditch, Lieutenant William Allen, Daniel Loring, and Ebenezer Thayer. Many accounts contain clothing made for people only listed by first name, possibly family or servants of the customers: Captain Samuel Arnold paid for...

Barnett Family receipt book

Collection Identifier: Mss:8895 1792-1861 B259
Scope and Contents: Receipt book kept by cabinetmakers Isaac and Abraham Barnett, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, recording their payment of taxes and purchase of mahogany and services like painting, from 1792 to 1808. There are also rent payments from the Barnetts to landlord Sarah Marshall. Isaac Barnett died in approximately 1800, and the volume continues with entries by Abraham Barnett until 1808. The name of Thomas Barnett, a sawmill owner, first appears in 1805, and his entries reflect payment of taxes,...

Barre Cheese Company records

Collection Identifier: Mss:4152 1864-1897 B271

The Barre Cheese Company was formed in Barre, Massachusetts, in the County of Worchester on February 9, 1864. The collection consists of 23 volumes which document the daily activities of the company and its inception and eventual dissolution.

Barrell & Company account books

Collection Identifier: Mss:766 1770-1803 B271
Scope and Contents: Collection consists of seven volumes dated 1770-1803 recording business transactions of Boston, Massachusetts, importer Joseph Barrell (1739-1804) and his son Joseph Barrell, Jr. (1765-1801), who succeeded his father in business, in a partnership with John Box Hoskins (1768-1824?) in 1794. Barrell & Hoskins continued to operate after the death of the younger Barrell in 1801, and volumes contain both accounts for the company and personal accounts for the Barrell family. Volume one is a...

Elisha Bartlett account book

Collection Identifier: Mss:770 1782-1823 B280
Scope and Contents: Account book kept by merchant, tailor, and general store owner Elisha Bartlett in Charlotte and Georgia, Vermont, from 1782 to 1823. Commodities sold at the store included rum, brandy, flax, corn, beef, tobacco, potatoes, and oats, as well as lumber. There are also charges for tailoring coats, dresses, breeches, and overalls. Additionally includes accounts of hiring out his horse or team, charges for serving writs, day labor, and rent from boarders. Bartlett received payment-in-kind by other...

Batchelder and Faulkner letter book

Collection Identifier: Mss:831 1894-1898 B328

The Batchelder and Faulkner letterbook spans the years 1894 to 1898 and contain the records of a law firm operating in Keene, New Hampshire.

Bates Trade Card collection

Collection Identifier: Mss:767 B329 c.1878-1958
Scope and Contents:

This artificial collection consists primarily of advertising trade cards from a variety of Boston and New England based companies. Also included are a small number of scrapbooks, business cards, stock cards, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera. Many of the the items are undated however it is presumed that they date from the late 1870's to 1958.

Bay State Steamboat Company records

Collection Identifier: Mss:500 1850-1870 F
Scope and Contents:

Includes stock share book and account book.

Beal & Warden Trustees account book

Collection Identifier: Mss:993 1854-1889 B366
Scope and Contents: Inside cover of account book is rudimentary hand-drawn sketch of five lots of land in the Shanghai (China) foreign quarters, with a hand-written history of the lots owned by H.H. (Henry Hughes) Warden on the following two pages. Warden wrote the memo from New York in January 1869. Over the next several pages Warden describes in details the foundation of the “ante nuptial” Beal and Warden Trust in 1854 for the “Shanghai Estate.” The original agreement was between H.H. Warden and Joseph S....

Gail C. Belden papers

Collection Identifier: Mss:75 1928-1936 B7
Scope and Contents:

A small collection that includes lectures and/or essays written by Gail Belden on the topic of public utilities, a history of the Middle West Utilities Company, and stock certificates and various other corporate publications. Also contains legal pleadings and other materials relating to the receivership and eventual reorganization of the company after it declared bankruptcy in 1932. Belden evidently gathered these records in his capacity as secretary of the company's Board of Trustees.

Bellamy Grist Mill records

Collection Identifier: MSS:421 1868-1886 B436

The Bellamy Grist Mill records span the years 1863 to 1896 and document the operations of a grist and saw mill in Dover, New Hampshire.

William Bement, Northumberland, New York records

Collection Identifier: Mss:1840-1846 B455

The William Bement, Northumberland, New York records, spanning the years 1840 to 1853, contains records of a New York farmer and general store proprietor.

Benjamin Newton business records

Collection Identifier: Mss:766 1843-1864

The business records of China trader Captain Benjamin Newton includes financial records and correspondence detailing his business dealings, 1836-1864.

Benjamin Parker papers

Collection Identifier: Mss:766 1795-1798 P238

Benjamin Parker was a shipmaster active in the 18th century. He captained the brig Apollo, owned by Boston merchant Stephen Gorham (1747-1826), to Great Britain and Europe. The Benjamin Parker papers, dated 1779-1799, include bills of lading, invoices, receipts, bills, and correspondence related to the import and export of goods such as corn, Russian sheeting, and hemp on the Apollo.

Benjamin Tanner Johnson papers

Collection Identifier: Mss:831 1900-1976 J66

Papers of attorney, businessman and 1921 HBS graduate Benjamin Tanner Johnson.

Benjamin Thomas Hill transportation collection

Collection Identifier: Mss:72 1768-1896 H
Scope and Contents: The collection consists of newspaper and magazine clippings about transportation topics in the United States from the 18th to the early 20th Centuries. A small number of entries are from England, France, and elsewhere on the Continent, although shipping information relates to many countries and regions. The bulk of items are dated from 1824 to 1829. Subjects range from infrastructure to services, and also address political and business topics related to the development of transportation...

Draft of an unpublished manuscript on advertising

Collection Identifier: Mss:767 1952 B474
Scope and Contents:

Draft of Benson's part of proposed book on advertising by Benson and Walter A. Gaw. Benson, who had been president of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, wrote on ethical standards in advertising.