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Allen-Lane Company records

Collection Identifier: Mss:761 1853-1941
Scope and Contents:

A remarkably complete collection of the records of Allen-Lane and of the individual mills controlled by Allen-Lane. There are administrative records, general accounts, purchase and receiving records, sales and shipping records, letters, and unbound papers. Some of the personal papers of Jonathan A. Lane and Benjamin C. Lane are included; the latter was active in the United Improvement Association, and some of its records are in the collection.

Account book of Lydia Augusta Allen and Hannah Maria Allen in account with their guardian

Collection Identifier: Mss:8995 1822-1844 A425
Scope and Contents: The account book, maintained by the guardian of sisters Hannah Maria and Lydia Augusta Allen between 1822 and 1844, details the personal expenses and the sources of income for two sisters living in Boston, Massachusetts. It is not clear who the sisters’ guardian is or why a guardian was appointed considering both parents were living, but it is clear that the guardian kept meticulous records for both sisters: Lydia Augusta from 1824 to 1844 and Hannah Maria from 1822 to 1841. The sisters’...

Allen Presbrey account book and scrapbook

Collection Identifier: Mss:77 1814-1847 P928
Scope and Contents: Account book containing records of Allen Presbrey's business activities from February 16, 1814 to February 3, 1821. The volume lists accounts for ten customers: Seth Presbrey, Seth Presbrey and Sons, Nathaniel Crandall, Crocker, Bush & Richmond, Taunton Cotton Mill, Samuel Crocker, William Woodward, Samuel Cook Fales, Hopewell Manufacturing Company, and Richard Park & Co. Each account consists of a page for debits and another for credits. Most accounts carry over onto other pages in...

Amariah Frost, Jr., ledger

Collection Identifier: Mss:83 1786-1801 F939
Scope and Contents: Ledger kept by lawyer Amariah Frost, Jr. (1750-1819), of Mendon (now Milford), Massachusetts, from 1786 to 1801, recording credits and debits for legal services, schooling, and room and board. Charges are for representing clients in lawsuits, taking depositions, drawing writs, certificates, licenses, and oaths, and serving subpoenas and summonses in Mendon, as well as Boston, Brookville, Holliston, and Cambridge. Accounts included fellow attorney and Massachusetts congressman Seth Hastings...

Ambrose White records

Collection Identifier: Mss:761 1854-1886 W582
Scope and Contents:

Blotters, daybooks or journals, ledger, cash books, account books, letter book, of a firm in Busksport, Maine dealing in ship supplies. The firm was known as E. Barnard and Company until the death of Enoch Barnard in 1863, after which Ambrose White carried on the business. There are records of shares the firm had in fishing voyages. The business began as a general store carrying some ship supplies and gradually evolved into a business dealing principally in ship supplies.

America (Ship: ca. 1815) logbook

Collection Identifier: Mss:733 1823-1828 A512
Scope and Contents:

Logbook kept by De Koven during two of the America's voyages from New York to Canton, China in the 1820s. The daily entries record the ship's latitude and longitude, the direction of the wind, and the ship's navigational course. Most entries include a brief note describing the weather and the sails used that day. There are no entries for the ship's time in port. No mention is made of the cargo that was carried on board either of the voyages.

American Can Company records

Collection Identifier: Mss:7635 1901-1986

The records come from the American Can Company's Corporate Communications Office and span the years 1901-1986. The collection includes material from ACC as well as from its subsidiaries.

American Guaranty Corporation records

Collection Identifier: Mss:786 1922-1982 A512
Scope and Contents: The records of American Guaranty Corporation (AGC) cover the founding of the company from its incorporation in 1920 to its transformation into a privately owned company in 1982. The bulk of the records include minutes from Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Stockholder meetings. Also included are numerous subject files that detail AGC’s operations between 1961 and 1982. Notable within the subject files are AGC’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, which...

American Management Association Supervisory Management Course records

Collection Identifier: Mss:81 1968-1975 A512

Training films and accompanying printed material relating to supervisory management courses produced by the American Management Association.

American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association records

Collection Identifier: MSS:725 1903-1908
Scope and Contents:

The records of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association contain a single volume of reports and discussion records.

American Research and Development papers

Collection Identifier: Arch GA 19.1

This collection consists of personal papers and annual reports for American Research and Development as well as other venture capital companies including Canadian Enterprise Development Corporation, European Enterprise Development Company and North Atlantic Capital Corporation.

Records of American Steel and Wire Company and its predecessors

Collection Identifier: Mss:596 1822-1936
Scope and Contents: Records of predecessor firms include records, 1868-1899, of the Washburn and Moen Manufacturing Company, Worcester, Mass., comprising about half of the total collection. The material on this company includes stock certificate stubs, stock ledger, directors' records, 1868-1886, bill books, letter books, 1890-1902, miscellaneous volumes and three boxes of folders. There is considerable material on the patent suits of the 1880's and 1890's, and the consolidation of the company into one of the...

American Tube Works records

Collection Identifier: Mss:595 1858-1908 A

The collection consists of journals and ledgers of a firm in Boston, Mass. which manufactured plumber’s supplies.

Amory, Browne and Company records

Collection Identifier: Mss:761 1918-1922 A524

The collection consists of records of orders and transfers made, chiefly for kalburnie ginghams, for Lancaster Mills of Clinton, Massachusetts.

Amoskeag Manufacturing Company records

Collection Identifier: Mss:442 1831-1936 A525

Cotton textile manufacturing firm, Manchester, N.H., incorporated in 1831. It operated the world's largest textile plant, but the firm also produced a variety of other products. The cotton mill was closed and the business liquidated in 1936.

Andrew and Joseph Perkins records

Collection Identifier: Mss:77 1783-1825

The partnership of Andrew and Joseph Perkins operated a general store in Norwich, Connecticut, and they were involved in shipping and trade in the West Indies. The business exported lumber, nails, oats, and horses, and imported rum, molasses, sugar, coffee, and tobacco. The Andrew and Joseph Perkins business records consist of daybooks and ledgers, dated 1783-1825. There is also one daybook of merchants Carew & Perkins, also of Norwich, dated 1797-1798.

Andrew Clow & Co. records

Collection Identifier: Mss:785 1790-1799 C648
Overview: Andrew Clow & Co., a merchant partnership formed by Andrew Clow (1750-1793) and David Cay (died 1793), was active in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, between the 1780s and 1790s. The Andrew Clow & Co. records, dated 1790-1799, consist of accounts and correspondence with Alexandria, Virginia, merchants William Wilson & Co. related to stock transfers and a lawsuit filed by Andrew Clow & Co. against the company. There is also a small amount of correspondence and accounts with other...

Andrew F. Brimmer papers

Collection Identifier: Arch GA 9.75

The collection documents the career and research of Andrew F. Brimmer, Harvard Business School professor and first African-American appointed to serve as a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Andrew R. Towl papers

Collection Identifier: Arch GA 88

The papers of Harvard Business School professor Andrew R. Towl include correspondence, teaching materials, research and writing, and administrative records.

Kenneth Andrews papers

Collection Identifier: Arch GA 3

Teaching, consulting, research and administrative papers of Harvard Business School professor Kenneth Andrews.

Annawan Manufactory records

Collection Identifier: Mss:500 1825-1897 F
Scope and Contents:

Journals, cashbooks, clothbooks and letters relating to the daily operations of the company.

Antelope (Brig) logbook

Collection Identifier: Mss:733 1843-1844 A627
Scope and Contents: Log book kept by Captain Philip Dumaresq of Boston on the brig Antelope's maiden voyage traveling from Boston to Bombay and Macao from August 9, 1843 to February 4, 1844. The daily entries record the ship's latitude and longitude, the direction of the wind, and the ship's navigational course. Most entries include a brief note describing the weather and the sails used that day. There are no entries for the ship's time in port. No mention is made of the cargo that was carried on board either...

Anthony family papers

Collection Identifier: Mss:899 1815-1859 A628
Scope and Contents: Contains a receipt book, 1820-1829, of Richard Anthony and Son; bills, deeds, and accounts of James Anthony, his wife Sarah P. Anthony, and their estates; a ledger, with general store accounts, 1815-1849, of George Waterman, which includes accounts of Lewis A. Waterman and Edgar N. Anthony, printers; a cash book, 1851-1855, and bills of Lewis W. Anthony; and legal documents and accounts for the Graystone Mill and Center Manufacturing Company. Women are credited for domestic labor, for making...

Robert N. Anthony papers

Collection Identifier: Arch GA 4.11

The Robert N. Anthony papers document his professional work as a consultant,writer and professor at the Harvard Business School.

Apollo (Ship) logbook

Collection Identifier: Mss:733 1795 A644
Scope and Contents:

Logbook kept by Mark Langdon Butler, a crew member aboard the ship Apollo, in 1795. The ship, captained by Samuel Jones, voyaged from Cape Henry, Virginia, to Liverpool, England. Entries remark on the course of the ship, direction of winds, and the weather in general, in addition to sightings of other ships and activities such as fishing. There is also a note by Butler, dated 1796, regarding a financial transaction.