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COLLECTIONS: 1 - 25 of 1653

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1934 Art and Industry Exhibition photograph collection

Collection Identifier: Vis:767 1934 A784

The 1934 Art and Industry Exhibition photograph collection contains photographs that were on display in New York City and Chicago in an exhibition sponsored by the National Alliance of Art and Industry.

A. and G. A. Kendall and Company account book

Collection Identifier: Mss:766 1841-1843 K33
Scope and Contents:

This is an account book of transactions made from various firms in England, Scotland, Italy, and France with invoices of shipments to the United States. The firm imported dry goods such as broadcloth, silk, satin, velvet, and buttons. The account book was kept by Frederick A. Whitwell, a buyer for the dry goods and woolen importing and jobbing firm of A. & G.A. Kendall & Co. of Boston. The firm was located at 3 and 4 Pearl Street in Boston.

Aaron and William Walcott Rhoades day books

Collection Identifier: Mss:77 1809-1884 R474
Scope and Contents: Collection consists of three day books and one postcard of the Rhoades House in East Walpole. Volume 1 covers 1809 to 1812, and includes debts for a variety of products principally rum, tobacco, cordials, wine, soap, biscuits, butter as well as boots and shoes presumably kept by Aaron Rhoades. Volume 2 covers 1812 to 1867, and includes debts arranged by debtor in the first part of the volume kept by Aaron Rhoades and then turns to lists of sales or repairs of boots and shoes kept by William...

Abel Jacobs account book

Collection Identifier: Mss:873 1794-1809 J12
Scope and Contents:

Account book of Thompson, Connecticut, tavernkeeper Abel Jacobs, dated 1794 to 1809, primarily recording credits and debits for board, liquor, food, and transportation he provided. He often accepted labor and services or commodities like salt and sugar as payment.

William J. Abernathy papers

Collection Identifier: Arch GA 2
Scope and Contents: The William J. Abernathy papers consist of correspondence, subject files, teaching materials, administrative records, speeches, and writings related to his research on the automobile industry. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence between Abernathy and HBS professors and administrators, colleagues at other academic institutions, and business leaders. The correspondence relates to his research, inquiries about papers he wrote, company board of directors responsibilities and...

Abner P. Wyman and William T. Wood ledger

Collection Identifier: Mss:871 1835-1849 W881
Scope and Contents:

Ledger kept between 1835 and 1849 by Arlington, Massachusetts blacksmith Abner Palmer Wyman and later his apprentice William Thorning Wood. Entries include purchases for nail sets, horse and oxen shoes, hinges, repairs to ice harvesting equipment, and making ice tongs and hooks.

Abraham Bell and Company records

Collection Identifier: Mss:761 1831-1844 B433
Scope and Contents:

The collection consists of letters received from Toulmin, Hazard & Company, relating to cotton which Bell and Company sold on consignment.

Abraham Burger account book

Collection Identifier: Mss:778 1849-1860 B954
Scope and Contents:

Account book of Abraham Burger of Ulster County, New York kept between 1849 to 1881. The peddler's records show "first cost", "profits", and "retail price." At the end of the book are some acounts possibly of James M. Reed, Hampton, N.H.

Abraham Howe and Emory Howard account book

Collection Identifier: Mss:1 1793-1808 H855
Scope and Contents: Account book kept by farmer Abraham Howe (born 1776), of Bolton, Massachusetts, from May 1793 to July 1809, and by farmer and shoemaker Emory Howard (born 1812), of Holden, Massachusetts, from March 1842 to December 1873. Abraham Howe’s accounts concern farm labor and other activities for which he hired himself out, including carpentry. Emory Howard's accounts primarily relate to his earnings from shoemaking, although he sold farm produce and hired himself out for day labor as well. There is...

Account book of a Connecticut farmer

Collection Identifier: Mss:1 1797-1799 N892
Scope and Contents: Account book kept by a late eighteenth-century store owner and farmer in Norwich, Connecticut, from April 3, 1797 to September 9, 1799, describing business transactions with local laborers and residents. Most of the volume records work done for him by African-American laborers, who were paid in goods from his store. The name of the laborer is recorded along with the date of work, cost of service and type of payment. The bulk of the accounts are for Will; he gathers corn, hoes, loads wood,...

Account book of an unidentified dyer from Byron, New York

Collection Identifier: MSS:448 1834-1838 F541

The account book of an unidentified dyer from Byron, New York spans the years 1834 to 1838 and contains the business records of a textile dyer.

Account books and records of sawmills, lumber dealers, and makers of various wood products, New England and New York

Collection Identifier: Mss:47 1810-1961
Scope and Contents: Records of lumber dealers: Asa Tarbell Newhall, Lynn, Mass. (1810-1822); Hugh Anderson, Warren, Me. (1819-1849); East Boston Timber Company, Boston (1834-1840); and an unidentified person from the New Bedford, Mass. area (1852-1854), including some accounts of Moses H. Bliss and Moses A. Fellows, Ipswich, Mass. (1883). Records of sawmills: John H. Clindennin, Salem, N.H. (1822-1836); an unidentified sawmill, probably of Oxford or Sutton, Mass. (1830-1832); and John Capen, Goshen, Vt....

Account books of general laborers in New England

Collection Identifier: Mss:871 1811-1857
Scope and Contents:

Account books, daybooks, and ledgers of men performing a variety of labor, including farm work, carpentry, and shoe mending: John Hobbs of Andover, N.H., 1818-1845; an unidentified laborer of Bennington, Vt., 1824-1848; David W. Campbell of Cherryfield, Me., 1828-1830; Captain Lott Forbush of Westboro, Mass., 1830-1851; Calvin Fullerton of Fayston, Vt., 1831-1842; Benjamin B. Hall of Plymouth County, Mass., 1835-1857; and Caleb Pratt of Chelsea, Mass., 1843-1844.

Account books of printers, publishers, and engravers, New England

Collection Identifier: Mss:68 1822-1886
Scope and Contents:

Accounts of Allen Danforth, Plymouth, Mass., for publishing The Old Colony Memorial, 1822-1828, including accounts of Danforth and Wells, a general store in Concord, N.H.; two cost books of the University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1879-1880, 1886; and ledger of Seth H. Clark, an engraver of Hartford, Conn., 1838-1858.

Account books of shoemakers, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Brunswick

Collection Identifier: Mss:641 1803-1884
Scope and Contents: Records of Chillis Fay, Charlotte, Vt. (1803-1804); unnamed, Westfield, Mass. (1803-1810); Jonas Richardson, Jr., Gardner, Mass. (1804-1815); Ebenezer Belcher, Randolph, Mass. (1808-1842); Hosea Hollis, Randolph, Mass. (1816-1843); unnamed, New Bedford, Mass. (1823-1826); John G. Farwell, Poultney, Vt. (1828-1855); John Pearson, Newbury, Mass. (1830-1841); Adoniram J. Dyer, Randolph, Mass (1832-1858); Aaron Claflin, Milford, Mass. (1839-1845); A.J.P. Martin, West Poultney, Vt. (1839-1845); ...

Act of Incorporation of the Windsor Cotton & Woolen Manufacturing Company and unknown druggist recipes

Collection Identifier: Mss:44 1828-1836 W766
Scope and Contents: The first part of this volume is the handwritten Act of Incorporation for the Windsor Cotton & Woolen Manufacturing Company of Windsor, Vermont, dated October 30, 1828. The Act, organized by sections, outlines the incorporation of the company, including the names of the incorporators, the date of when the first meeting should be held, the election of officers, how stock is to be divided, and the establishment of by-laws. Also included are minutes from two meetings (December 1835 and...

Adam and Hugh McCulloch records

Collection Identifier: Mss:733 1822-1847 M133
Scope and Contents:

Two volumes of records kept by Adam and Hugh McCulloch of Kennebunk, Maine from 1822 to 1847. The volumes include fitting out of ships with provisions, supplies, and equipment. Items include sheetings, nails, beans, coals, cheese, meat, butter, and vegetables.

Ansel Adams Harvard University honorary degree records

Collection Identifier: Mss:856 1981 A211
Content Description:

The collection consists of newspaper clippings, commencement programs, photographs, and letters and telegraphs of congratualtions relating to Ansel Adams 1981 honorary degree from Harvard University, awarded at Commencement in May.

Ansel Adams recipe card

Collection Identifier: Mss:856 1970 A211
Content Description:

Small wallet card with recipe for a vodka martini, carried by Ansel Adams. Used to order his favorite drink during stays at the Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, while visiting Polaroid Corporation, circa 1970s. See Ansel Adams : a biography. Alinder, Mary Street, 1946- / 1st ed. / New York : H. Holt, 1996.

Adams family business papers

Collection Identifier: Mss:766 1837-1867 A211

Business papers of shipping and commission merchant brothers Calvin and William H. Adams of Bangor, Maine and New York City.

Adams & Hudson cash book and advertising ledger

Collection Identifier: Mss:767 1832-1835 A211
Scope and Contents:

Cash account and advertising ledger for advertisements for various firms which appeared in The Columbian Centinel and the New-England Palladium newspapers.

Adams Sugar Refinery records

Collection Identifier: Mss:424 1865-1869 A217

The Adams of Adams Sugar Refinery was Isaac Adams of Sandwich, N.H. The collection consists of 2 letter books and a journal.

Bark Addison account books

Collection Identifier: Mss:252 1867-1874 A225
Scope and Contents:

Contain three volumes of accounts with crew members, 1867-1874 and 1 account book of disbursements at sundry places, 1870-1873.

Adler and Childs Department Store records

Collection Identifier: Mss:776 1933-50 A237

Partial records, gathered for a case study, of a department store in Dayton, Ohio which closed in 1950.

Adonijah Upton ledger

Collection Identifier: Mss:871 1764-1814 U71
Scope and Contents: Ledger of glazier Adonijah Upton, of Dighton, Massachusetts, recording debits and credits related to his business, dating from 1763 to 1814. Common charges were for priming window sashes, setting squares of glass, and mending glass and leadlights, in addition to painting windows. Upton performed glazing work on homes, ships, and public buildings. Barter payments were in the form of labor and commodities, such as iron, lumber, molasses, wool, and flax, but many entries indicate his clients...