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COLLECTION Identifier: Mss:766 1789-1875 R785

Ropes family papers

Samuel Ropes legal documents, 1785-1813 Digital

Scope and Contents

Bonds, notes, certificates, deeds, and other legal papers of Samuel Ropes, including his appointments as the guardian of Sarah Cheever, daughter of deceased cordwainer William Cheever, and as a justice of the peace. There is also United States customs certificate for New Orleans cotton shipped on the schooner Eros.

Samuel Ropes, Jr., letters, 1796-1799 Digital

Scope and Contents Includes letters from Benjamin Ropes and Samuel Ropes, Jr., to their parents and siblings during regarding their respective voyages to the West Indies and South America. Topics include the presence of English and French ships and number of American merchants on the islands, and British interference with American trade in Surinam. Writing from Cap‑Français in September 1799, Samuel relays his impressions of the Haitian Revolution, noting he expects many merchants may be ruined by “this...

Samuel Ropes, Jr., letters, 1799 Digital

Scope and Contents Letters from Samuel Ropes, Jr., to his parents and siblings, relaying news from his mercantile voyages about trade, privateering, and politics. Writing from Granada, Ropes says he expects to sail to La Guaira, Venezuela, and enter the city without trouble, since his ship carried several enslaved people, and under Spanish law he could not be denied entry. Ropes also writes that his ship “had the pleasure of chasing on shore” a privateer schooner on the Orinoco River and that he heard that...

Samuel Ropes, Jr., letters, 1800-1806 Digital

Scope and Contents

Primarily contains letters and papers of Samuel Ropes, Sr., and other Ropes family members, dated 1800-1806, including a sketch about Havana written by Ropes, Sr., and remembrances of Samuel Ropes, Jr., after his death yellow fever in January 1800.

Ledger, 1781-1841 Digital

Scope and Contents Ledger of Salem ship chandlers Page & Ropes, dated 1781-1841, and a separate index. Colonel John Page (1751-1838), began his career as a cooper before partnering with Samuel Ropes to operate a ship chandlery for 40 years.There are accounts of cooperage and outfitting ships for Salem merchants, and some accounts with blacksmiths who provided iron work. Common services included gauging and trimming casks of molasses, rum, tobacco, wine, fish, sugar, rice, and flour, repacking...

Daybook, 1794-1812 Digital

Scope and Contents Daybook of Samuel Ropes recording payments for coopering and outfitting ships including the brig Hope, and schooners Mary, Cynthia, and Polly. There are also entries related to shipping activities, such as Benjamin Ropes’ voyage to France on the ship Martha with cargo of sugar and coffee in 1797, and his voyage on the brig Patty in 1797 with cargo of fish. Other accounts are with coopers and laborers hired by Samuel Ropes like Timothy Ropes, Thomas Hunt, and Cato Ransom. The volume contains...

Journal, 1799-1811 Digital

Scope and Contents

Journal of goods received and sold on commission such as Malaga wine, raisins, gin, umbrellas, combs, tea wares, silk shawls, and nankeens. Included are accounts of Canton goods bought by Mrs. L Peirce, Mary Saunders, Sally Nichols, Hannah Jones, Lucy Derby, Ann Rust, Lydia Townsend and Samuel Ropes.