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COLLECTION Identifier: Arch GA 82.15

Howard H. Stevenson papers

Simmons Family Program, 1998 April 27 Digital

Scope and Contents

Simmons Family Program, April 27, 1998. Video begins with 35 seconds of a documentary on Roy who's parent was Henry Clay, but Roy was orphaned at 8 years old. Content then switches to Roy as an adult talking about his youth. Then video jumps to Roy's son speaking at his 50th birthday and some of the stories of growing up as Roy's son. Finally has a short segment on diversifying stock.

Audio Prospectus for Kurzweil Music Systems Inc,, undated Digital

Scope and Contents

Audio Prospectus for Kurzweil Music Systems Inc., Part of the HBS Case for Boston Associates, L.P. It's a series of musical sounds advertising the array of sounds from a Kurzweil Music Keyboard 250. Voice over explains the history of musical instruments and gives an overview of each sound the keyboard makes (piano, electronic, baroque, pipe organ, etc.). All music is made by one person on a keyboard (with the exception of one piece).

Jill White, 1993 Digital

Scope and Contents

Jill White 890-514 from HBS Publishing Corporation. A Question and Answer with Jill White in a Harvard Business School class on a failed situation. Jill worked for a Spa and Health Club opening a second location, and the business was a failure due to the entrepreneur. Jill gives some advice to students on considering taking on a difficult situation.

Ken Brown, 1985 Digital

Scope and Contents

Ken Brown 888-516 from HBS Publishing Corporation. A question and answer with Ken Brown on Ken Brown Cards/Ken Brown Enterprises with an MBA class. Ken Brown identifies as an entrepreneur and artist and discusses his business creating and selling post cards, his desire for the business, self-employment, supply and demand, and his business goals with functional artwork.

The Campaign for HBS Launch Event, 2002 September 21 Digital

Scope and Contents The Campaign for HBS Launch Event, Sept. 21, 2002; Produced by Mark A. Edwards & Company in Collaboration with Peter K. Ryan. Opening video about going to Harvard Business School: the challenges, struggles, and successes through HBS. Goes into a lecture led by Professor Nancy Koehn, who talks about the people that benefit from HBS, beyond the MBA students, but to the individuals who benefit from HBS graduates. Through five stories and videos Professor Koehn describes specific instances...

DEC State of the Company, 1991 December 5 Digital

Scope and Contents Digital Equipment Corporation, State of the Company, 12/5/91 (2 of 4). Howard Stevenson speaking about Entrepreneurship, first discussing bringing entrepreneurship to Harvard Business School and continuing into asking and answering the questions: Why entrepreneurship now? What do we mean? How do we preserve entrepreneurship? Stevenson defines Entrepreneurship with the HBS definition: "The pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources you currently control." He further discusses...

Kauffman Center Signature Series, Making Tough Decisions: The Importance of Values and Culture, 2000 Digital

Scope and Contents Making Tough Decisions: The Importance of Values and Culture. A video on making tough decisions for entrepreneurs through interviews with Ewing Marion Kauffman, Thomas Bailey, Howard Stevenson, Barnett Helzberg Jr, Scott Cook, and Richard Schulze in three segments. The first segment discusses philosophies and values in creating trust and culture including a clear code of ethics. Part two discusses creation vision, mission, and value statements and following through on all of the statements....

Kauffman Center Signature Series, Attracting and Retaining Awesome People, 2000 Digital

Scope and Contents Attracting and Retaining Awesome People.Kauffman Center video about hiring and keeping good people through interviews with Ewing Marion Kauffman, Thomas Bailey, Howard Stevenson, Barnett Helzberg Jr., Scott Cook, and Richard Schulze. Qualities in hires discussed include competitiveness, passion, energy, inductive reasoning, flexibility, intelligence, experience, people skills, and someone smarter than you. Discussions on keeping people includes discussion on corporate philosophy, honestly,...