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Vols. 179-182. Digital

Item Identifier: HOLLIS13193511, Paige box 1
Scope and Contents: The John G. Palfrey (1875-1945) collection of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Papers, 1715-1938 contains the papers belonging to Oliver Wendell Homes, Jr. that were handled by Palfrey, Holmes’ executor, after his death. The majority of the documents fall between 1861 and 1935, though there are a few family records that date back to the seventeenth century.The collection consists mainly of correspondence between Holmes and his family and friends. The six primary correspondents are Lewis...

Volume 1 Digital

Item Identifier: MS Am 1454.29,.31-.35,.37-.39,.55-.57, MS Am 1454.33
Scope and Contents: Includes childhood natural history notebooks, account book from one of Roosevelt’s Dakota ranches, and diaries, notably from childhood trips to Europe, his first full year at Harvard College (1877), the end of his ranching career (1886), the War of 1898, occasional hunting trips (1901, 1905), and his post-presidential African safari and European tour (1909-1910); also a notebook of the Dresden Literary American Club, 1873.

volume 1 Digital

volume — Box: 14Identifier: MS Thr 495, (95)
Scope and Contents: This collection came as part of a larger donation of papers of Parmenia Migel Ekstrom. The papers consist of three major sections: original material related to Ballet Russes, collected by the Stravinsky-Diaghilev foundation; research files, assembled by the Stravinsky-Diaghilev Foundation; and personal papers of Parmenia Migel Ekstrom. A separate finding aid was created for each section of the donation. This collection includes typescripts and manuscripts of memoirs of members of...

Le Gallo-Antilles Francaise-Lichenes (#401-#3600) Digital

Item — Box: 24Identifier: far00005, VII, 12
Scope and Contents: The Dodge Papers contain correspondence, notes, memoranda, manuscripts, drafts, lists, receipts, lecture notes, teaching materials, dissertation notes, grants, memorabilia, financial records, notebooks, field diaries, collection lists, original drawings, illustrations, plates, and photographs relating to Dodge's research and identification of lichens and fungi. The bulk of the correspondence is between Dodge and other botanists and is dated approximately 1916-1990....

Volume 1, November 10, 1785-November 8, 1794 Digital

Item — Box: 1Identifier: HUD 3120
Contents: The manuscript journals contain minutes of the weekly meetings, lists of members and officers, transcriptions of constitutions and laws, and occasional financial information. The text of the journals is in English.

Volume 1, 1740-1800 Digital

Item — Box: 1, Folder: 1Identifier: Mss:766 1778-1899
Scope and Contents: Contains invoices, accounts, and receipts of Moses Brown, Israel Thorndike, John Lovett (1769-1805), and other merchants and mariners, primarily related to privateering during the Revolutionary War, dated 1740-1800. The earliest record from 1740 is an account of soap delivered to Captain Henry Atkins from George Hewes. The remainder include a 1776 account current of Captain Seth Harding (1734-1814) with the Connecticut government for wages and use of the state brigantine Defense; Nathan...

Volume 1, 1744-1767 Digital

Item — Box: 1, Folder: 1Identifier: Mss:766 1744-1828 C
Scope and Contents: Primarily receipts for John Reynell's payments related to ships and crew he engaged to transport his goods, and disbursements, some invoices and documents regarding land deeds, accounts current, and bills of exchange, dated 1744-1767. Included are promissory notes and orders dated 1735-1737, which were later settled, related to a voyage of the ship Pink Betty Hope, as well as a receipt for disbursements of the brig Free Mason and the account of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, merchants Joseph and...

Volume 1, 1770 April-November Digital

Item — Box: 1, Folder: 2Identifier: Mss:766 1744-1828 C
Scope and Contents: Contains invoices, accounts, and correspondence of Reynell & Coates, related to trade of their commodities like flour, cloth, and thread, and rum consigned to the firm by Antigua merchant John Day. There is also an account gunpowder stored in a magazine. Letter from merchants in England discuss the Townshend Acts and disruption of trade due to American non-importation agreements.

Volume 1, 1771 September-1772 January Digital

Item — Box: 1, Folder: 4Identifier: Mss:766 1744-1828 C
Scope and Contents: Contains invoices, receipts, and correspondence related to commodities bought by Reynell & Coates like flour, and imports of kettles and padlocks from England, as well as an account current with London agents Mildred & Roberts, dated September 1771 to January 1772.

Volume 1,, 1772 December-1774 July Digital

Item — Box: 1, Folder: 6Identifier: Mss:766 1744-1828 C
Scope and Contents: Contains accounts current, invoices, and letters to Reynell & Coates, dated December 1772 to July 1774, from London-based Mildred & Roberts and Jonathan Coates. There are also correspondence and invoices related to goods shipped to the firm from Boston merchant Stephen Gorham on consignment, including seal oil and flour.