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RECORDS: 120101 - 120110 of 121818

Willing and Taylor. 2 letters; 1773., 1773. Digital

Item — Box: 50Identifier: MS Am 1704-1704.9, 1704.11-1704.21, MS Am 1704.3, (217)
Scope and Contents: The material of this collection encompasses over 150 years of American history and many items of interest besides those documenting the life and works of John Gorham Palfrey, who is its central figure. A few of these may be briefly mentioned here. The papers of William Palfrey include letters between John Wilkes and the Sons of Liberty and William Palfrey's...

Willing, Morris & Swanwick. A.L.s. (William Morris & Swanwick) to [Thomas Russell]; [n.p.] 1 Apr 1785., 1785. Digital

FOUND IN: Houghton Library / Collection: John Lowell papers
Item — Box: 9Identifier: MS Am 1582, (775)
Scope and Contents: Contains professional correspondence and legal documents reflecting the careers of the two John Lowells, father and son. Includes depositions, testimonies and memoranda from legal cases; reports and petitions of congresses; and deeds, contracts, wills, accounts, receipts, and promissory notes. Also includes records of the Continental Congress, the Massachusetts Provincial Congress, various Massachusetts courts, and New England town meetings, as well as correspondence and court documents...

Willing, Thomas, 1731-1821. MS.D.s.; Philadelphia, 22 Oct 1791., 1791. Digital

Item — Box: 6Identifier: MS Am 1649.1-1649.23, bMS Am 1649.5, (364)
Scope and Contents: Autograph letters and documents of American political and military leaders and others associated with the Revolution, presidential administrations, and other political and military events. Persons represented include delegates to the Albany Congress, Stamp Act Congress, Continental Congress, and Hartford Convention; signers of the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and U.S. Constitution; officers of the Revolution; aides and secretaries to George Washington; state and...

Willis, G. H., 1945., 1945. Digital

Item Identifier: HOLLIS 9994909, 4-20
Scope and Contents: The papers of Belle Mayer Zeck span the years 1933-2002. However, most of the items in this collection fall between the years 1942 and 1998.The collection includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, transcripts, press releases, articles, news clippings, financial statements, legal documents, telegrams, speeches, translated documents, resolutions, drafts of documents, handwritten notes, personal writings, bibliographies, book chapters, off-prints, video tapes, CDs and...

Willis, John, 1967., 1967. Digital

Item Identifier: MS Thr 411, (2067)
Scope and Contents: The archive includes business and personal papers of George Balanchine from his American years (1933-1983). The only exception is an agreement, signed by Balanchine and a group of young dancers upon leaving Russia in 1924. The archive also includes business correspondence of the New York City Ballet from the time of its establishment in 1948 to 1989. A small part of the archive concerns the operations of the George Balanchine Foundation established three month after Balanchine's death in 1983,...

Willis, (Mrs.) Matthew D., recipient. 1 letter; 1921., 1921. Digital

Item Identifier: MS Lowell 19-19.4, MS Lowell 19.1, (1415)
Scope and Contents: Correspondence is with American and English poets as well as other literary figures. The collection includes letters to Amy Lowell from approximately 1400 different correspondents, copies of her outgoing letters (chiefly after 1913), some correspondence between others, and letters of condolence received by Lowell's companion, Ada Russell, and members of Lowell's family upon her death. Finally, there is a small amount of printed ephemera from organizations in which Lowell was involved.

Willis, Nathaniel Parker, 1806-1867. [ Poem ]. A.MS.; [n.p.,n.d.]. Digital

Item — Box: 1Identifier: MS Am 1928, (26)
Scope and Contents: Autograph collection includes letters from Lydia Maria (Francis) Child, Henry Clay, Edward Everett, Horace Greeley, Andrew Jackson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John Pierpont, and Daniel Webster among other literary and historical figures. There are manuscript deeds, promissory notes, indenture contracts, and other documents created in Massachusetts. Additionally, the collection includes autograph fragments and miscellaneous printed material, including pre-revolutionary specimens of paper money.

Willis, Nathaniel Parker, 1806-1867. Cut signature; [n.p., n.d.]. Digital

Item — Box: 2Identifier: MS Am 2010, (138)
Scope and Contents: This autograph collection consists primarily of letters by American authors and politicians, but includes letters by scientists, philosophers, and historians, and by prominent Europeans, particularly British. A number of letters are to Nathaniel Hawthorne. Also contains a few manuscripts, photographs, signatures, a drawing, and three pieces of money.

Willis, Nathaniel Parker, 1806-1867. The poems, sacred, passionate, and humorous of... New York, 1847. Digital

Item Identifier: EDR 1-590, EDR 423
Scope and Contents: Following are shelfmark numbers of books most clearly associated with Emily Dickinson. They contain her autograph; presentation inscriptions, to and from her; in a few cases Susan Dickinson's ascription of ownership to her, or other evidence of Emily Dickinson's ownership: EDR 8 EDR 469 EDR 21 EDR 23 EDR 33 EDR 467 ...

Wills and Inheritance, n.d., n.d. Digital

Item Identifier: HOLLIS 601633, 11-7
Scope and Contents: The C.C. (Christopher Columbus) Langdell research notes and correspondence span the years 1852-1902. The bulk of the collection consists of Langdell’s handwritten notes and drafts for lectures, articles, and some of the case briefs that would appear in his books such as A Summary of Equity Pleading . The collection also contains correspondence, the bulk of which is between Langdell and Joseph R. Webster and...